Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 7

I wake up with my cheek pressed against a golden bar and drool dribbling down my chin as I wake from a timely nap. I had been dreaming vividly about how to act as a lady. Even in my dreams, I had been planning how I would soon outsmart my mates.

As dirt seems to whiff through the air and tickle my nostrils, I sneeze three times and jerk up right, scrambling upwards onto my butt, wiping my nose. I watch as the dirt over the cave floor shifts before my very eyes outside the confines of the cage.

I look up as a distorted mirage turns into a squatting Rawk. His grey leather pants stretch across his knees while his white tunic hangs tight across abdominal muscles, which are startlingly visible through the fabric.

“My, how strong you are,” I force out, coughing into my hand as I realise my new tone is still laced with an uncontrollable growl. I pretend to clear my throat before I run my hands through my mangy purple hair, hoping to look presentable.

I glance up into Rawk’s amused golden eyes, unblinking as he holds my gaze and an eye brow slowly rises to meet my recent statement.

The black facial scar lifts with the movement while I sit up to kneel with my hands on my knees.

I straighten my back and keep my chin high.

“Did you come to awaken me?” I ask calmly.

“I was just… admiring... your quiet and still form, my pet,” Rawk murmurs, hesitantly choosing his words last minute as his gaze runs over my face, searching my features, “Your belly is full and you are well rested. I assume that is why you are tame for the moment. That is good. Are you ready to get out of your cage, breathe some fresh air… and join my brother and I outside? We shall watch the fall of the Tempest sun over the horizon while we speak to you about the Vitium Sensum that now permanently adorns your left wrist. It will be a date for all of us… together, as we agreed.”

Rawk gets straight to the point, standing from his squat while I also get to my feet at the same time, while nodding and biting my tongue.

Rawk pauses and his eyes narrow in suspicion in response to my silence… and then he side steps towards the cage door in slow motion.

“I will warn you clearly, that even if you attempt to execute a surprise attack against me, little beast – I will restrain you within moments,” Rawk watches me intently, “I do not believe for a moment that you are truly tame after mere hours in your cage,” Rawk states this even clearer, while I stand before the cage door politely as he swings it open.

“We made a deal,” I force out logic instead of the rage simmering beneath. It was more than rage – it was fear too. And excitement. Including curiosity.

I just hoped I managed to pull off my new attitude of proper propriety, even for one date – to win some respect from both brothers.

“And our deal still stands,” Rawk stands back now that the cage door is open and he holds out a hand, ushering me out.

I confidently walk forward and I look around for Bezzel but she is gone for the moment.

“Is Zoraul…?” I ask gently.

“…outside,” Rawk growls the answer I expect, while clearly still distrusting me as he reaches out a hand to test my reactions further.

He could have grabbed me, but he offers me his palm, upright and towards me.

“A pet sniffs the master’s hand,” I say slyly, while leaning down to breathe in his scent.

For a brief moment, I inhale a pleasant rough aroma of pure male. I stay like that, smiling internally as my smooth choice of words, gains me my one wish; to smell Rawk’s scent.

It is bold, like Zoraul’s scent. While Zoraul was more smooth and entrancing like a trick, Rawk’s scent was all encompassing and purely dominant. These were their shared pheromones.

I now lean up, open my eyes and reach out my hand while keeping my eyes downcast.

I place my palm in Rawk’s hand and wait for us to transition to the date location.

When nothing happens, I look up to catch his gaze.

I am confused.

I wait for him to speak, but with a neutral and lethal look of distrust, he continues to stare at me.

Rawk simple watches me, like a confused but calculating predator, while I am under his judgemental gaze.

For about a minute, I take in his glare – but he doesn’t budge… nor blink.

All the while, my patience begins to thin.

But I must not break under his all-knowing gaze.

I had to be a lady.

A true lady!

I bite my tongue.

“You are distressing yourself with your forced obedience. Although I do admire the effort – I know it will only last so long… unless you can prove me wrong, little pet? Can you make me believe your sudden need to obey?” Rawk asks eventually and slowly, while his mouth twitches up in the corner into a small smile.

And then he blinks and the world turns before I can answer.

I close my eyes, until I feel the still air turning to a biting cold. I open my lids and find my toes curling off the edge of a cliff, my feet sunken into snow.

Behind me, Zoraul reclines wearing his normal attire including a coat. While leaning on his elbows, his silver hair wisps out behind him.

When his golden eyes reach mine, I smile down at him.

“It is good to see you, fellow Dragon,” I nod and drop to my knees, shuffling through the snow, I turn and slip my legs over the cliff. I look up… and my breath catches in my throat.

The horizon is lined with silver snow, the sky is white and grey but it sparkles with twinkle gems as the last of the sun rays, brighten those very twinkle gems which catch my eye. It is a magical site. Truly. I can see white hills of forests, barren rock and frozen lakes. The Tempest Mountains line either side of the view, making it even more spectacular.

“Beautiful,” I whisper, “Like a sunset you can only dream of witnessing.”

I hear a movement in the snow and I turn to see Rawk recline on the snow with his brother, me in between.

While they are separated, I see them meet each other’s gazes and then I feel their combined looks on my back as I turn towards the horizon again.

“This is truly a memorable moment,” I continue to speak clearly and with lady like precision, “This, I could get used to.”

“Is she sick with Dragon Flu?” Zoraul asks Rawk.

“I have been wondering likewise,” Rawk whispers back.

I stay silent and close my eyes, breathing out my frustration.

I ignore them – also like a proper lady.

Breathe, Minx… show them you are not just an impulsive meat slayer.

“Oh, how the twinkle gems warm my heart,” I keep going on, trying to distract them, “I do enjoy a good weathered sky.”

“Minx…” Rawk growls out from behind me, “On dates, you give the other participants a moment to respond.”

“Oh, how silly of me,” I add, shuffling back from the edge, I make sure I am level with both twin brothers. I turn to either one, smiling with my fangs sharp and bright, “I am listening intently to your tales – I do love stories.”

I say this random fact in hope to steer from the topic of my Vitium Sensum.

“There will be no stories told,” Rawk drawls, “Only facts. From now on, you take orders and direction from your mates. We will guide you through the process of obedience training. You are not our wife – you are our mate. We expect pleasure when we demand it. We expect whatever we ask for, when we demand it. You will give, willingly, what we ask for. Or, if you do not understand or you refuse – we will teach you otherwise through lessons,” Rawk explains, “See, our way is simple.”

I look away as my forced smile quickly fades.

“We are not fools, sweety,” Zoraul sing songs, “Although, right now… you appear to be so.”

“I - …” I gulp and snap shut my lips, as my stomach rolls and my muscles tense in preparation for a brawl.

“See her aura, brother?” Rawk murmurs, “A sudden intense anger, a need for violence… and barely suppressed impatience. She only hides it to try and trick us.”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, let us enjoy the silver horizon,” I snap before Zoraul can reply to Rawk.

And I admit…

…I am on my last leg of bluff.

I feel like a fool.

I feel like an idiot.

I feel exposed.

I wanted to convince them I wasn’t a simple bred beast – yet now they just thought I was a terrible actor. The snow was bound to stain red soon with my frustration. If they did not say something nice, I was going to fail in keeping my patience in check – I would blow up, and it would not be pleasant for them.

“She sniffed me today,” Rawk tells Zoraul, “…and her aura was a deep purple of intense pleasure.”

“Something similar happened to me a few hours ago as she stumbled into my chest – our pheromones do affec–”

“Please shut up,” I growl this, cutting Zoraul off abruptly while I now glare at the horizon, “Both of you. Please.”

I tense up as the snow tumbles over my hand as Rawk leans forward, into my view.

I watch him as he turns to me, holding my gaze, he slowly reaches up his hand… he places it against my neck… and he holds my throat as he pushes me back into the snow.

He does this quick so I cannot react in time.

My purple hair streaks across the snow as Rawk suddenly gets onto his knees, spreads them beside me… and he leans down to hover his arrogant and irritated face over my own. His burnt silver hair hangs to frame my shocked face as he continues to clasp his hand around my neck.

“You will not ask my brother and I not to speak – you do not command us,” Rawk speaks quietly, “You listen to our every word and obey us. There will be no other way. If you fall into line, all the pleasure in the world will be yours, my pet.”

Pleasure? Freedom was pleasure and hunting was pleasure!

How was obeying two arrogant Twin Leading Breeds, pleasure?

What a joke!

“Whether I obey you and Zoraul or not, does not influence the fact that I find pleasure just fine through the slaughter of my prey,” I hiss back, also quietly threatening, “I have been slaughtering and hunting by myself since I was a babe. I already know all the pleasures o-”

Stop fooling yourself, little one. You did not know the pleasures of our scent, until you experienced such feelings today... Minx… am I wrong?” Rawk asks, “You experienced intense pleasure.”

I hesitate, shocked by his strong knowledge of my own feelings, although I shouldn’t be because that was a Silver Breeds’ speciality... reading the blastard feelings of others.

Taking that into consideration, I have no other option other than to play dumb.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about –!”

Rawk’s eyes hold mine steady as they fire up with a sudden idea. All the while, I can practically feel Zoraul’s amusement at my predicament... being held down in the snow, completely at their mercy... and completely embarrased.

He knew it.

Rawk knew it.

But they didn’t care.

“If scent is not enough for you to acknowledge the pleasure of our bond... how about I allow you a taste of your destiny?” Rawk murmurs boldly, and while he cocks an eyebrow, I don’t have time to understand his meaning until he is acting.

Rawk leans in all the way.

First his nose brushes the tip of mine, and hot Dragon breath floods my cheeks… spreading over my mouth. This is just before velvet soft lips crush against my own trembling ones.

In the shocking moment, I inhale a sharp breath… and I taste the smell of Rawk.

I taste his pleasure… and my own.

It is such an odd and all consuming sensation.

I close my eyes as Rawk lifts his lips torturously slow off my own, after lingering a moment too long to make the emotional impact on my curious soul even greater. Once my lips are free, Zoraul growls something in annoyance and my heart skips many beats in my chest.

A few moments later, I open my eyes to see Zoraul now hovering above me, his fingers trailing over my trembling lips, his eyes aware of my confused gaze.

“I shall seal my promise with you, just the same,” Zoraul drawls with a smirk, “You are both of ours… forever, little one... it is your place to be at our side - for our pleasure... it is your divine purpose. You will fulfil our needs... won’t you, darling?” as Zoraul leans into kiss me, again I am shocked into stillness.

His words are extreme, and even though I know it’s for dramatic effect... I am strangely effected.

My heart clenches, seeming to betray my independent thoughts.

For a breif moment in time... I drown in the vision and the fantasy and the almost reality... of being nothing but theirs.

As I think this, Zoraul’s lips gently brush mine… and then he presses a few more light kisses against my lips to calm my troubled breaths before he leans up. I watch them both intently with sudden internal denial to ignore my feelings, as each brother share a strange... knowing look.

They were meant to be rivals and now they were confused because this moment was a strong bonding opportunity for them.

As Rawk places a hand on my thigh, Zoraul reaches out and places a hand on my other thigh too, almost unaware of his own mirrored action as... they do bond. Right before my eyes, I see it... I feel it.

I lean up onto my elbows, just remembering to breathe right about now.

My mind is quickly clearing.

And I feel threatened. And extremely vulnerable.

And extremely open... I was not ready!

I was not ready for these stupid feelings flooding through me!

In fact, these feelings were quickly starting to infuriate me beyound belief!

I was independent. I was a fighter, a warrior! I was Minx!

They were changing what I always knew to be... my core beliefs... they were... they had almost changed.

But even that split moment was too much.

It was unacceptable. Incomprehendible. Completely overwhelming... these feelings... it was close to insanity. Their pheromones had clouded my senses!

I was stronger than that!

“Well,” Rawk eventually tears his gaze from Zoraul to look down into my terrified and equally furious gaze, “It’s not so hard being a mate, is it, little Minxy? So, be honest... how did you enjoy this first... date?”

Even Rawk smirks with that last term; date.

Pssht. It was nothing but a joke to him and Zoraul.

They weren’t dating me - they were trying to reform me!

I pull back across the snow until their hands drop from my thighs.

I stand up, brushing snow from my leather pants... then I turn to each twin.

My hand swiftly rises to meet lips, and my fingers brush my throbbing mouth.

I had wanted them to kiss me again.

I had wanted to smell them again.

To taste them...

But I couldn’t let them win! If I gave in, I would become a real pet.

And these feelings were as terrifying as they were real to me.

I close my eyes and I banish the new feelings - and instead I fill myself with extreme infuriation, as a result of my need to defend my identity!

I was Minx! I was not an obedient pet!

“Argh!” I suddenly scream at the top of my lungs as I snap open my eyes and I kick out. My bare foot strikes under Rawk’s chin -sending him backwards into the snow. I then launch myself at Zoraul, I grab his hair as he jumps to his feet and I pull on it hard, “You bastards!” I roar as Zoraul tries to back off but I do not. I shove him in the chest with as much strength as I can muster.

His feet slip in the slippery wet snow... and Zoraul tumbles dramatically off the edge of the cliff.

I take a few steps back, I stand, heaving out heavy victorious breaths as Rawk holds his chin in one hand, slowly leaning forward with a new fire in his eyes – a burning fire... a need for revenge... for my punishment.

And as for Zoraul… I smile… he had slipped off the edge of the silver horizon.

And my senses were back.

Fuck being a lady – they didn’t deserve my kindness and right now… I more than wanted to be a beast!

In fact, I craved it.

It was beast or pet - two options.

And I refused to be one.

So I must be the other.

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