Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 8

Rawk’s POV [Point of View]

After basking in the last light of the day with my brother and mate - everything seemed to be going perfectly, until Minx’s dirty foot had collided with my chin, sending me back into the snow before I caught myself from further embarrassment like my brother. Zoraul had been hurtled off the edge of the cliff by one violent shove from our mate.

Now, Minx stands proudly, snarling and ready to attack.

“I will never be a mate - it is a promised lifetime of servitude and I will not serve,” Minx snarls this out while abruptly misting and transforming into her purple tiny Fire Spitter Dragon Breed.

“Ah, the little beast is back,” I snarl back as I get to my feet, my eyes swimming with her aura - pulsing with power. She was indeed, connected to plenty of magic, gifted by the Sprites. However, she was lacking control.

But the greatest curiosity of all, was her lack of understanding of the benefits of offered control. She thought of it as torture - but I knew otherwise. My own mother, was under the hand of my legendary father and she respected his guidance and loved him with all her might. Silver never doubted Storm and trusted him with her life.

I now knew, Minx knew nothing of the pleasures of control. She knew nothing about the pleasures of protection, of mates... of sex.

She was a wild little beast, intent on violence and slaughter only - because she knew no other way.

It only made sense, her upbringing was that of a pet to a Silver Breed Princess - Amadahy the Warrior. Minx had been by her side for some years, Amadahy was a bad influence. She had a big mouth, a terrible attitude and a liking for anything out of her control. Amadahy even despised being a princess.

Now, Minx was hell bent on being the same, clearly.

She knew no other way.

Except in the moments of her seduction. She had released control briefly to my brother and I. Her aura had changed to utter delight - she had been in bliss. However, with that, came vulnerability.

She was scared of being vulnerable to Zoraul and I.

Which meant I had to gain the little beast’s trust. No matter the humiliation.

I am a lady and a proud beast, I have decided I like to be both. I am also a polite slaughterer of meat and I will be no slave to Tempest scum, I have made my decision early. I will leave this place, Minx growls, lowering her snout while venomous fire seeps from her nostrils, her green eyes focused upon me like I am now the prey, do not stop me and I will not decapitate your head from your body, Rawk... not that your body will miss such an ugly scarred thing -

Minx can not finish, instead she let’s out an abrupt squeak that is equivalent to a frightened snort - or a snoot - as the snow shakes from the ground below my feet.

I hear the clamp of claw on stone as Zoraul cuts into the cliff with his talons - launching himself up over the edge.

When comparing sizes, he is like a monster compared to the pipsqueak Fire Spitter before him and it almost looks comical.

The black scar across his stomach and wing appear more obvious in the twilight, while he raises his head and watches Minx cautiously.

She has arched her back and swishes her tail as she jumps from foot to foot, dancing side to side.

She bites out into the air, growling loud and ferociously.

Heed my words, Minx warns, I will not stay, let me leave and there will be no more violence.

“Is your breed not of honour?” I ask and I am manipulating her with my question - I admit, but I ask it quietly and reasonably.

Who are you to question me? Minx snarls out, while I raise a hand and stop her gently but firmly.

I try to ignore the fact she had kicked me up the chin moments ago for no god damn reason other than to be a pest!

“Our deal, little beast,” I narrow my eyes as she gives in to listening to my statement for now, “Do not forget it. Two weeks of your time - for the combined presence of both of your mates. Zoraul and I,” I continue to speak slowly and clearly, “Perhaps stealing your breath was a move too bold, for one so young and naive,” I can’t help but be a bit cruel as I smirk, witnessing the sudden vulnerability and innocence of her aura. She is about to go on, so I quickly add, “...shall we go hunting instead?”

Zoraul lowers his neck and tilts his massive scaled Dragon head to pass me a look of utter disbelief.

Even I can agree to punishing the little pipsqueak, Zoraul growls, she is a pest right now more than a mate.

A disgruntled child, no doubt, I answer back.

Do not speak without me! Minx sounds genuinely hurt as she notices us communicating without her as our eyes glaze over, I thought this was a date?

I break the private link with my twin to quickly gaze at Minx with a raised brow.

Zoraul happily replies for both of us.

Yet a moment ago, little one, you were proclaiming that you would leave, Zoraul rubs this in, appearing hardly fazed by her threats.

Minx shuffles back a step with the mention, lowering her ears and giving away her guilty nature, before she raises her head and huffs out a long breath of smoke.

She pauses and then sits on her butt, twitching her tail through the snow.

I will agree to go hunting, she answers mischievously.

I can’t help but smile - as does my brother, who grins with glorious white sharp fangs.

She is easy to please, brother, Zoraul growls, amused through our private link.

She is easy to pleasure, I agree, but also easy to anger, I answer casually while not taking my eyes off Minx.

She had a strange beauty about her Dragon Breed, tiny but beautiful, pretty but lethal.

I believe we will find out how to work with our little pet, in time, the answers will come, Zoraul shares this with me calmly.

On the contrary, while Minx may take mere weeks to work out - as for my own twin, I still doubt your intentions daily, I can’t help but snap at him as I remember his betrayal of me almost two years ago.

When I had found this Horde of Venom - in need of ruling, my brother scoffed and turned his back on me to pursue the life of a Shadow Assassin. I had never spent a day without him by my side and it was the first time he refused to follow. But he had thought the same about me in return. When I had refused to follow Zoraul, he had been equally offended.

It was the first time we disagreed about our paths and the betrayal was scarring. I had suggested we reel Minx in sooner to keep our bond, but then Zoraul had been infuriated that I would ‘make that decision’ without considering him first. Call it a strange argument, but it only got worse from there. He left and did not speak to me for over a year while I took over the Horde of Venom on my own.

Now - Zoraul was back and I was fully sceptical of his intentions.

Do not flatter yourself, Rawk, Zoraul thumps his tail against the cliff in irritation as he stands up and starts to turn, stretching his wings, you’ve always had a stick up your ass.

“Like you have not yourself?” I snarl at him aloud - just as a wall of snow collides with my body and my unsuspecting face. I spin violently to see Minx looking away, pretending nothing happened while the snow under her tail is all but shovelled off the ground and now gracing my unsuspecting form.

Let us fly, Zoraul, Minx trots forward, her wings stretched out as she ignores the fact she just whipped snow all over me.

When I glare at Zoraul, he glances back at me with a knowing smirk.

She is one smart cookie, that’s one thing we can be sure about, Zoraul teases me, before directing to Minx, why yes, little one, we will fly - like you made me fly off that cliff.

I have no idea what you refer to, let us slaughter many prey, Minx proudly jumps from the ledge while I swipe the snow off my face.

Zoraul lifts off and Minx dives fast and low.

She has left her clothes behind. Scowling, I walk over and pick up the child’s clothes before I decide to follow.

Zoraul was a smart ass and Minx equally so.

I transform into my Dragon, misting away the clothes for use later on.

As I stand, about to fly off to catch up - I hear scuttles of movement behind me.

I turn and see my Horde of Fire Spitters crawling out of gaps in the rock, trotting over with their nostrils down.

They all inspect the smell of the snow where Minx was once threatening my brother and I.

They all nod at me in respect while passing on many comments.

...A beautiful Fire Spitter...

...your mate is of golden heart and purple passion...

...what a violent beauty...!

...oh, she is simply wonderful and kind...!

...our little Bezzel approves of the new Lady...!

...she is our Bellum Minima Dominus...

...we are fated to be under your wings...!

Enough, I snap to shut them all up, my mood souring under their delight and my irritation, tell me something useful. How do I make her submit to my rule?

As each Fire Spitter pauses and glances at one another, they sit back and all grin at me in unison.

And then they all burst out laughing with spits of harmless fire like it is the greatest joke.

I can’t help but lower my snout and snarl, closing the distance to remind them of their place in my Horde.

You will not mock your Lord, I remind them with a deep drawled warning.

However, Bezzel’s mother - a brilliant yellow scaled beauty - takes no note as she steps forward with a raised paw.

Dearest Rawk, you are young for a Dragon Lord. Wisdom is earned and -

In my moment of intense anger, I turn away, snapping the air up in my jaws as I swing around and launch off the edge of the cliff, ignoring Bezzle’s mother.

I was done being educated in my way - I had been taught well and no words would change the knowledge I had gained in my upbringing under a Legend.

I was born to be a Master of Feeling - Minx would become my Student of Feeling - and she would grow to learn and love her place as my student.

I would pass on my wisdom to her.

It certainly wouldn’t be the other way around!

Nor would I take advice from Fire Spitters who too easily forgot I had the wisdom of my father at my back. He was older than all of them combined.


Fire Spitters!

I scoff as I fly into a current of wind - they were nothing but trouble!

Zoraul’s POV

Minx was a beauty as she soars through the wind currents like a tiny speedster. She does tricks while laughing and eating up what she loudly thought of as ‘twinkle gems’. Of course they were simply snowflakes but they were extremely special to her. Simple things seemed to make our mate happy.

I have snorted many times in amusement while flying behind the little beast. She is an incurable smile and the warmth in my chest. I love our little mate, even as she shoved me off the cliff, I loved her even more.

She was ideal - brutally passionate and smart, too. Well I wouldn’t mind some trickery, it was all for the purpose of entertainment.

Taming her would be all the more fun.

However, while my brother Rawk wished to mould her into a compliant little Lady - I wanted to see her vulnerable, passionate - even violent... as long as she gave herself to me. I wanted her to trust in my love and my discipline. I would protect her and love her for eternity, as long as she respected me as a mate.

Sure, she could violently slaughter a hundred beings in war, as long as she came back into my arms at the end.

That is all I wished for.

Of course, nothing would be better than to have Rawk back at my side too - but he was betrayed by my prolonged absence. Yet, being the fool he was, he had refused to look any deeper past the action I took. He didn’t understand why I left and he thought I was a coward for turning my back on the prospect of a Horde to rule; which was my eventual fate, destined by the Sky Gods.

While a Horde to rule was a prospect for my future and my destiny, I harboured this unexplainable rage. If I was ticked off, I was literally uncontrollable. But I was also weary of inflicting unnecessary pain on others.

I did not believe I was ready for a Horde - I wanted to master my own emotions, which were extreme in their own way.

Now, I must admit, seeing Minx float through the air, dive and glide and thrash around like the happiest little beast - I am feeling far more complete.

Minx was my bind to sanity, it seemed. While, Rawk?... he was my other half and I could not feel whole without him either. It was just something I refused to admit to the arrogant fool. He considered himself wise and he was wise - just too arrogant to be aware of his own mistakes.

A seal! Minx calls out, halting mid air, she hovers above a frozen river, wiggling her bum mid current before incasing her wings into her body and diving towards the river.

We had been flying a good few minutes and I was watching closely to make sure Minx did not attempt to run nor fly from her fate.

That was one thing I was certain of - under no circumstances would I allow the silly creature to resist myself or my brother. She was in denial of her pleasure when Rawk and I were around and -

Always a deep thinker... yet always a slow learner... Rawk chuckles through my mind just as he glides in directly below me, his scarred Dragon face smug as he pumps his wings and sores up into me. We collide, which throws me off balance and I fall a few hundred feet, you haven’t changed, Zoraul, Rawk grins mockingly down at me from above.

I was contemplating how to seduce our little plaything a second time, brother, until you boldly intercepted like a brute, as always, I growl in response, as I regain my flight and decide to glide by Rawk as we circle one another. When I glance down, Minx is on the frozen river, munching on a seal - blood splattered and marking her location as I discuss the next move with my brother.

Rawk smirks as he eyes me instead with a clearly violent type of intent.

Or perhaps we shall give her a reason to choose me, rather than a stupid coward, Rawk growls the threat, his eyes running over me - deciding where to attack first.

You will refrain from being an idiot in this time o- I try to snap at him to warn him off, but Rawk has already decided that we should fight. He cuts me off as I try to reason.

Let’s see how much you’ve learned in two years, brother, Rawk provokes me while flying below me again and then up, aiming to grab my tail.

I simply mirage and fly back around to knock my head under his wing, nicking the sensitive flesh where the nerves connect the wing to the body.

I am faster, stronger and brighter than you, Rawk, I snarl as Rawk swings around and snaps at me while I lunge onto him with the air current.

As our talons clash and our Dragon heads strike together - we fall from the sky.

Rawk manages to get a claw into my stomach while I smack him with my talons - just as we crash into multiple trees by the river.

We stay interlocked as we roll down a hill, smacking into the ice, we crack open the frozen river before we both sink into freezing cold liquid temperatures. Only now do we part ways. I shake off the water as I climb out the right bank while Rawk has climbed up the left river bank.

I bare my teeth in irritation and he just watches me with a lowered snout, his nostrils flaring.

He was angry - and he had always had a habit of attacking me when he was angry, which in turn simply pissed me off everytime.

For a brief moment - I forget about my twin and remember Minx. I turn my head to locate her.

I freeze.

Our pet! I snap my head to Rawk while he is now gazing over the river, searching for Minx. My sudden and suppressed rage consumes my soul quickly as I see his dismissive stance and lowered lids, as if this isn’t his fault... but somehow mine. I abruptly stand and lunge over the river in a wide arch, striking down my brother into the snow, I slam him back down into the river bank with my talons and my snout level with his while he snarls violently back up at me, the pipsqueak has vanished! I snarl at him before I lean up and growl low and deep in my throat, glaring into Rawk’s burnt golden gaze before stepping over him, to turn to the red stained ice at least a mile down from our location.

I shake off any more water from my scales before they start to freeze and then I run forward, smacking away and snapping any trees back out of my path while Rawk snarls behind me as he rolls to his feet.

When I close the distance to Minx’s last known location, I sniff the air and look around the territory.

Well? Rawk asks as I turn to him with infuriated golden eyes.

Thanks to your ill placed timing of your rage, brother - she is gone.

She can’t be far, Rawk just drawls with dismissive humour.

Then let’s find her - and why don’t we tell her the tale of our scars, I add this solemnly with a stricken gaze, after all, Rawk, she does love a good story.

Rawk just scowls and slinks ahead, crushing trees while completely ignoring my suggestion.

Fucking typical.

Well I embraced the legend of our second hatching - he preferred to pretend it never happened - which was half of our god damn problem.

He refused to remember how we first died as fledglings - when we ripped into one another... the day our father became the legend that he was. Blood Cursed seven centuries ago, he murdered his entire Horde, his first mate; our first mother - and he watched as we mauled one another to death.

Neither Rawk and I ever told Storm or Silver that we remembered every detail.

Rawk and I suffered in silence for years, only staying strong with one another, because our pain was shared pain.

But the moment Rawk turned his back on me, he turned his back on our story - and I had to remind him of how we survived. We were destined to live - not to die or live seperate, not after how we were reborn. Yet now, the Sprites had thrown in a slight obstacle, we clearly needed more than one another now to stay sane. We had too much rage and too much pain for each other... we needed a mate to fuck senseless.

To drown in the pleasure of owning a little beast that we could tame - if we played our cards right.

Pleasure - it’s what we craved to heal.

And, Minx, after all, was a little demoness - so the only way to outsmart her and claim her sooner - was to reunite.

Once Rawk became aware it was our only chance of success, the moment he and I bonded once again... Minx would have no chance of escape.

Together, we were unstoppable - even death could not stop our fate to live. Hence, I intended to live fully and with great regard for the path the Sprites and Sky Gods deemed for my brother and I... and our little pipsqueak. She was interwoven into all of this and her part was crucial.

Minx would be our pet and our amusement, all while keeping us sane.

Perhaps when she understood that - she would somehow grow to love us.

But... something told me she wasn’t going to come easy.

I have a moment of clarity as I think this.

If Minx wouldn’t come easy... perhaps we shouldn’t be so dismissive of her taunts and violent attacks...

Brother! I call out to Rawk as he strives ahead, searching for Minx. He pauses and I sit on the snow as he turns to face me. Rawk is a little more relaxed with me now briefly, but he is still stressed that Minx is gone, Do you agree? I think it is time we punished our little demon mate... I grow tired of her defiance. I’d rather see her squirm in pleasure than play these silly games that she has us buying into so willingly; simply to go easy on her.

Rawk tilts his head as he considers what I have suggeted and he eventually blows fire at me - friendly fire - in total acceptance, I was thinking the same thing, Zoraul. We will punish her united.

Don’t you worry, brother, I grin as I growl in approval, I’m all in for that... instead of fighting one another - we will spank her ass red.

Agreed, Rawk smirks, Now let’s find out little pipsqueak so we can teach her a few manners.

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