Dragon's Pet

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Chapter 9

Fools, I think smugly as I watch from my tree above as Rawk and Zoraul, consumed in their anger and recent fighting... slink right past my location. But, I had to give myself some credit as I hadn’t simply climbed this tree, I had flown to the top to erase any scent directly below.

Now, I lick my lips clean of seal blood as I hop off the tree and land in the snow, watching the brothers slink off in the wrong path that I had recently laced my scent through, before trailing back the way I had come.

After eating, I had cleared my mind.

Hunting had been a good opportunity to reconsider my desire to run away from them. To find freedom. Now, after filling my belly, witnessing them fall in a tangle through the air while in battle... I am satisfied.

I am happy I had witnessed their power but I know I am not ready for their idea of what a mate should be.

To pleasure them.

Huh! What a joke! I was a Bellum Minima Dominus - I led my breed into war. I was a leader. A slaughterer. A killer. And a Lady - I must not forget that.

However, I was not a whore or a pet or a sex thing.

I was Minx - I was worth more than their desire.

I was worth a thousand Silver Breeds.

I run through the snow, grinning to myself as I head further and further away from my mates.

As night starts to descend, I know the dim lighting of the new moon will help to hide my escape.

I eventually run at my top speed, through trees and an incline, to the top of a steep hill. I turn and raise my paw, stretching my talons in a wriggle as I gaze out over the landscape. I hesitate, knowing I should continue to run now if I want to escape.

However, I pause and sit my scaly butt down on the soft Tempest snow to let out a little sigh... as my thoughts briefly take a turn towards my earlier predicament.

Being kissed.

Their scents.

Their undying thoughts of claiming me.

They were like unwanted friends.

I wanted them to... to... just leave me be. Why couldn’t mates just respect my wishes? If I wanted to sniff them, I’d sniff them... but...

No. I had to leave. My thoughts were consuming me and even overwhelming my own identity.

I was starting to think as if I’d end up back in their Horde of Venom - trapped in a golden cage.

Oh... Bezzle... her golden yellow scales... what a cute little new born... my heart almost breaks.

Her tiny snoots...

I would miss her...

And teasing my mates.

Infuriating them.

Exploring a safe home... that could... one day... be an actual home.

I let out a hot breath that puffs through the freezing air... while I’m lost in many thoughts... but that is when two golden pairs of orbs flash in the night of the forest, and I’m snapped out of my brief escape from reality.

Now I was the fool. As I sit perched on the top of my snowy hill, two pairs of large golden eyes watch me from the line of trees, not far from me. Not far at all.

Before I can even react, both brothers slink out of the line of trees and head straight towards me. My hopes are dashed - I can no longer escape with their close proximity. I had ruined my chance with thoughts of them and their stupid Horde!

However, I had to be cunning or they’d only laugh at my failed attempt to escape their clutches.

You finally caught up to me, you’re missing the view, I growl low as I ignore their massive bodies closing the little distance... until their scales mist and my vision of the landscape is consumed by their transformation.

While they become mortal, my own clothes mirage before my eyes and fall atop my stunned Dragon head. I shake them off, confused with the appearance of the clothes I hadn’t brought with me. I glare at them on the ground, still a little too unsure of if I should meet my mate’s eyes... if I’d even want to... to see what they were thinking.

Instead, I hear Rawk scoff with amusement while I quickly transform next in a haste, deciding to appear calm... all while avoiding their gazes and their bodies, “What a lovely night,” I say, like a lady as I pull on my bra, facing away from them, “Ah, the beauty of the night’s horizon in the Tempest scum Land,” as I pull on my pants, my gaze is always downward.

It is as my pants are halfway up my ass - that two hands encircle my wrists, halting my progress.

I knew they had stood close... but not that close!

“Ah, ah, that’s enough, little beast,” Zoraul speaks directly from behind me.

“Remove your hands!” I yell out at the top of my lungs in a panic, raising my head, while Rawk suddenly blocks my vision in front and stands flush against me. He grabs my throat and I look up to witness his golden eyes, wide, taunting and digging into my soul. Even his scar looks amused.

“Shut. Up. Little beast,” Rawk growls, “You never shut those pretty little lips of yours. You never conform... you’re a child... in need of scolding - and not just a simple scolding, little one.”

“A beet red spanking,” Zoraul chuckles as he jerks my pants back down to my knees and I gasp - as Rawk smiles widely with sharp, brilliant teeth.

“Welcome to your first lesson in obedience,” Rawk releases my throat as Zoraul grabs my hair from my side as he swivels around me. After bunching my hair up, he pushes my head downward.

“Grab your ankles,” Zoraul murmurs, right above me, “Do it or my brother and I will run you through with our cocks tonight as well... don’t make this any more difficult than it needs to be, darling. We’ll take you slow... if you earn back our respect.”

"Unhand me,” I growl, ignoring his threat while half bent over and fighting against his impossible strength at the same time, “This is your last warning -!”

“Too late,” Zoraul forces my head down further, while I feel one warm, large hand, caress my ass, “Now you’ve just guaranteed yourself a prolonged lesson.”

“For a beast, you have soft, tantalising skin, Minxy,” Rawk laughs, right behind me now as I feel that same hand collide with my right butt cheek, leaving a stinging warmth behind.

Rawk spanked me!

He really did!

“I will kill you both!” I snarl out, struggling to rise but still failing, “I will slaughter you to pieces -! Ow!" I go from snarling with a guttural growl included... to a very abrupt and high pitched squeak as Rawk’s hand doesn’t just spank me this time - it smacks me, hard. I jerk with the pain as his hand leaves and returns to my ass, smacking me a third time.

“You will be quiet!” Rawk snarls over me, “You’re a disgruntled pet... we’re just teaching you a few manners. Do not speak unless you’re spoken to. Do not act unless we oversee your decisions. You wear our Vitium Sensum, you are our student and our pet. You obey. You will submit!” Rawk’s hand spanks me a few more times while tears of humiliation and anger prick the corners of my eyes.

“I will... k-kill you both,” I blurt this out through my clogged up throat, trying desperately to hold onto my defiance.

“Enough, brother,” Zoraul speaks calmly, “It’s my turn... and I will add, Rawk - you should admit to it now, you spoke of our pet, our student and our Vitium Sensum that adorns our mate... you never once said that she was just yours,” Zoraul can’t help but be a smart ass, leaving Rawk irritated and speechless as he steps back and Zoraul takes his place.

While I try to rise, Rawk rounds me and grabs my hair in Zoraul’s place, shoving my head lower once again.

"Down,” Rawk growls.

“Shhh... little one,” Zoraul chuckles as I growl loudly and his hands caress both my naked butt cheeks, “I’m not going to spank you, Minx. I’m going to feel you... stay still... keep her still, brother,” Zoraul is comforting while speaking to me with forced gentleness... but his tone is contrastingly ruthless towards Rawk, which means he is truely being ruthless towards me too, but he is trying to cover it up with a fake gentle tone when I’m the recipient of his promises.

Which meant... Zoraul was a terrible liar.

Or he just thought I was a fool that would buy into his feigned kindness.

I growl from my throat louder, unable to move as I’m held down... until I feel a finger directly between my legs... it lifts... and it makes contact.

It barely brushes the outside of my pussy, it barely teases me - in fact, it boldly slides right in - through sloppy, built up wetness within my folds.

"No!" I squeal out, as Zoraul digs deeper, squishing his finger insider to the hilt... he wiggles it while laughing, smugly, to himself.

“Oh, yes,” Zoraul chuckles deeply, “...as wet as a mate should be... I wonder what caused such a spillage?”

“Taste it,” Rawk growls, suddenly, while still holding my head down, “Tell me what she tastes like.”

“My pleasure, brother,” Zoraul takes his finger out of me, and my body relaxes briefly - while my heart beats faster uncontrollably - until he just replaces his finger with another finger from his other hand... which he just shoves straight back inside. I gasp as Zoraul growls in approval, tasting me while filling me at the same time, “Sweet... sweeter than you’d guess for a little demoness. Her nectar is something to drink readily, brother... perhaps we should bring her back to the Horde... tie her legs apart and take our turn drinking from our midnight snack... until we are both satisfied that she knows her bounds?”

“I will not allow you!” I scream as Rawk suddenly releases me after I’ve been pushing up violently as best as I can.

Now, I jerk up too fast and I fall off Zoraul’s finger as I also pull forward... and I slip, face planting into the snow.

It is one of the most disgraceful moments of my life, as I twirl around in the snow while struggling to pull up my leather pants, growling while thrashing through the snow.

“Dating is not rushed in my eyes!” I yell out, unable to meet their gazes as I jump to my feet, and Rawk just grabs my wrist in his hand, pulling me back to his side while smiling down at me.

I meet his eyes now briefly while my cheeks slowly go from pale... to very, very red.

Just like my ass.

“You still think we’re dating?” Rawk asks, smiling, “How adorable.”

“That she is, brother,” I spin to see Zoraul smile from my other side, “But even more so... she’s a delight to taste.”

“As you have made known,” I blurt this out towards Zoraul, "Stop saying it or... or I’ll... I will bite your... your cock off! There will be no more disgusting desires forced upon me. You p-put your finger... inside me,” I whisper this, all broken and nervous.

“And you loved it,” Zoraul answers me dismissively before glancing at his brother, while raising a brow.

While I am deeply affected by my lesson... they are calm and nonchalant.

How typical.

“I have a better idea,” Rawk eventually responds while Zoraul just glances me over with a smile that suggests he thinks I am a very cute pet. In the most condescending way - and its completely natural too... which makes it all the worse.

“I’m all ears, brother,” Zoraul turns to Rawk, who looks calculating and final.

“Tonight, we seduce our pet again... from scratch,” Rawk faces me after getting an approving nod from Zoraul, “Little one... do not struggle, stop!” Rawk yells at me when I try to jerk away, “We will begin again... back at the Horde... we will bathe together this time. All of us. Not just you and I. You can swim at your leisure... and it’ll be to our pleasure... in the end. But this way I can promise you some freedom - of a few feet,” Rawk is now the condescending piece of shit that Zoraul was moments ago.

“You both take me as fools, don’t you?” I ask, as my cheeks still blush and my core feels... weakened.

For some reason, my natural instinct to fight well was hindered by this strange warming of my blood... which only seemed to intensify as I watched my mates... co-ordinating my seduction together. Zoraul, still licking his finger clean... Rawk... not able to take his eyes off me.

Oh, Sky Gods... what had I done to deserve such suffering?

“We are wiser,” Rawk explains slowly and mockingly, “To say the least, little one... you are an untamed wild thing that requires much discipline. But first, I intend to tire you out.”


“Well. You can try,” I answer, while I slowly curl my lip up, showing a sharp fang, “And. You. Will. Fail.”

“Prove it,” Zoraul adds, taking a step closer and leaning down to look into my eyes, levelling our gazes, “Prove your resilience and stamina... let us bathe in a pool of healing water. You have our word that we will not force you to do a thing as long as you do not bite... thrash... struggle... or insult us,” Zoraul seems playful until he adds in these last conditions, “You have our word, little one. Come bathe with us. Compliantly. And we will not touch you... unless... you wish to touch us first. How about it? Sounds like a fun game, doesn’t it? You’ll have our company... and only our touch if you require it.”

“I did not ask Rawk to spank me or for you to put your finger... inside my... my...” I whisper this again, truly ignorant but also confused why my stomach rolls with desire as I reimagine the scenario, so fresh in my mind.

“It was your punishment, pet,” Rawk answers for me, trying to sound serious... but his eyes give away his amusement... probably because they can both see my aura and my conflicting desires, confusing my need to be free.

“Yes. It was a lesson,” Zoraul confirms, “That’s all that was... a lesson for you to reconsider your words and actions. Have some respect for your mates. We only have your best interests at heart. As long as you conform to your position. Do you understand, Minx?”

I exhale a breath... and then inhale another.

“I will have to bathe and think on it,” I answer, after pausing and pausing again now, as they both look at me, amused and happy that I am within their control again. Now, I add, “I do enjoy... your scents... that is all I will admit,” I stick my chin up before turning to Rawk and gulping down my strange new feelings, “Unhand me now, mate... please?” the last word is barely uttered.

“What was that?” Rawk asks, slowly, in a drawl of absolute control... as they had regained it for now... and they both knew it.

“Hmmm?” Zoraul also asks me to repeat myself.

“Unhand me,” I say.

“The other part... ” Rawk truly must consider me a child with this question and I feel like one too.

My cheeks go from red to an embarrassed pink.

“Please,” I snarl it out and as Rawk lets my wrist go, I jerk back so hard... I slip again. Oh, Sky Gods - not again! I’m waiting for my head and my butt to collide with the ground... but I’m stopped inches from it by a hand at the small of my back. When I open my eyes, Rawk is holding me... because he caught me swiftly. He just shakes his head, exasperated.

“Are you always such a fool when you don’t get your own way?” Rawk can’t help but ask rhetorically, as he leans back up and helps me to my feet. I pull away slowly this time, pretending to brush snow from my leather pants as I glance up, past both brothers... and I turn... and I look up at the sky and the new moon.

“What a horrible night,” I say, contradicting my previous statements about it being beautiful.

I wait for them to mock me.

Instead, I seem to have irked Rawk.

“To hell with flying back, I will take us there now,” Rawk snarls, seemingly fed up by my antics.

I feel a hand grasp my elbow and I glare over my shoulder to see him also grasping Zoraul’s arm with a scowl.

And then our vision dissolves... and collides back together again - into another solid setting.

We are back in the Horde of Venom... and we are back in the spring baths.

“A third date?” I ask, feeling a little woozy.

“We no longer date, pet...” Rawk growls next to me, standing back with his brother, “We rule and command. Now undress and get in the water. You may swim.”

“Excuse me? If you speak to me like that, then...” I turn to him, my temper rising... until I see a knowing look in Rawk’s eye... and when I glance to Zoraul... he shares the same look of anticipation.



They were baiting me.

They wanted me to lose this game they set up... because if I lost - they’d have their way with me.

But if I obeyed... I’d regain some freedom of body.

Of mind.

Of simple space.

I shut my lips and slowly smile, before I turn and mist out of my clothes. I close my eyes briefly, sucking up my pride as I stand naked by the pool... and then I open them... and I dive into the water of the large natural bath.

Yet again, the Sky Gods were testing me. This time, they were testing my patience and my fury.

I decide to keep it stored away.

Only the Sky Gods and Sprites would know when I needed it next.

I then find consolation in this silly little thought while surrounded by the peace of the water; that I would not continue to waste my breath on my mates... because if I did, they’d not only win this game... they’d also feel themselves important.

I had tried many tactics. Fighting. Submitting. Running.

Now, I had a new plan.


Let’s see how they fared - when I pretended not to care at all for their game... or their pathetic hearts!

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