Her Hidden Wolf

By Rxse Gxld All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance


In the werewolf world where only males can shift, here comes Allura Carson. She finds out about her odd abilities and realises that there is more to her than her parents let on. Allura is on the journey to find out about her past and heritage. And if that isn't enough, add a hot possessive Lycan Alpha mate to the mix and you have a novel about heart-break, betrayal, pain and most importantly Love.

Chapter 1

Allura sat upon the large rock that overlooked the huge body of water. She watched the way that the trees and vegetation surrounded the pond and how the sun kissed the water goodbye as it went down, casting a soft glow onto the water. A gentle breeze blew yellow leaves onto the water, carrying them away forever. A soft sigh left her lips as the wind passed through her auburn hair.

“So beautiful.” Allura murmured, enjoying the silence the forest had provided. She used her heightened senses and somewhere far away, Allura heard a bird tweeting. Suddenly a howl echoed throughout the forest and an alerted Allura sat up fast. The howl had belonged to her older brother Alcander, whom was calling her for dinner. Allura quickly got off the boulder and ran, jumping over logs, trying to get home before father does.

Such a shame females couldn’t shift, Allura thought bitterly.

Finally after a few long minutes, Allura reached her backyard, only to see Alcander standing there in a crisp white shirt with beige pants and his auburn hair was in a neat quiff.

Alcander had smelt his sister before seeing her. He turned his head in her direction and burst out laughing at the sight of his little sister. She walked closer to him and his similar green eyes followed her movement, taking in her look. She was panting slightly and her face was flushed red from running, she also had twigs in her hair.

“You look like shit.” Alcander commented, pulling a twig out of her hair.

“I’d like to see you run a mile while being in human form.” Allura spat.

Alcander chuckled because he knew his sister wished she could shift like all the male wolves.

“Go clean up. Dad will be home soon, we have guests coming over so dress nicely.” Alcander pulled Allura into the house, through back door. Allura reluctantly dragged herself up the stairs and entered her room. She bathed and dried herself before throwing on a knee-length white lace dress. She combed her hair and left it in its natural curly waves. She walked down the stairs and heard voices coming from the dining room.

Once she entered, she was greeted with the sight of Alpha Damien sitting at the head of the table with his mate, Luna Penny and their son James. Her own father, mother and brother were seated at the table.

She bowed her head, “Good Evening Alpha. Luna.”

“Hello Allura.” The Alpha greeted. Allura went to sit next to her mother whom was sitting next to the Luna but Alpha Damien stopped her.

“Please sit next to James.”

Allura was confused but complied and so she sat between James and Alcander.

“You look nice.” James whispered to Allura, leaning in a little close for comfort.

“Thanks.” Allura whispered, causing James to grin.

James then looked over her shoulder and his face became solemn. Allura’s brows furrowed in confusion before she turned to face Alcander whom was previously wearing a scowl before he quickly masked it and sent a smile her way. Allura though could tell it was forced but instead of focusing on the tension between the two males, Allura continued on with dinner.

Dinner went on casually as the adults conversed between themselves, occasionally throwing a question at Allura.

“So Allura.” The Alpha started, “I heard that you like to go into the woods.” He stared at her with those scary brown eyes. “You know it’s not safe for little girls like you.”

Allura’s blood boiled at the statement as she couldn’t help but feel offended, she didn’t need anyone to protect her. She as perfectly capable of defending herself seeing as Alcander had trained her. Fisting her palms under the table, Allura tried to calm down before she got in trouble for saying something that would get her chained to a pole.

“With all due Alpha, I think I can handle myself just fine.” Allura replied curtly.

A warning growl erupted from her father.

“Allura...” Her father began.

“No. No it’s alright Maximus. After all we will all be family soon.” Alpha Darien smirked.

Allura’s brain whirled in confusion.

Family? What do they mean? How would they be family? Then it finally clicked, Allura’s eyes widen. That is why she was to dress nicely and sit next to James.

“You can’t- You just can’t! No!” Allura shook her head and stood up, sending the chair flying back.

“Yes. You will be James chosen Mate.” This time it was her father whom spoke.

“What about MY MATE!?” She yelled, feeling her eyes sting, “I don’t want James!”

“You will mate with my son and be the dutiful mate you are!” Alpha Damien demanded, feeling annoyed with the young girl’s antics.

“But I’m not his mate!” Allura shouted. She looked toward her mother and brother to see if they could help but was met with sorrowful eyes.

They knew.

Ignoring everyone’s yells, Allura tuned them all out and ran up to her room.

She locked the door and let out a strangled scream. She felt so frustrated with everyone. How could they force her to mate with one whom is not hers?

Her mind went to her brother. He knew what her father and the Alpha was planning to do but he didn’t tell her and for that she felt betrayed. Allura fell asleep that night on the cold hard wood floor listening to the banging on her door.

Allura woke the next day on her bed, confused on how she got here.

Alcander must have put me here. She thought.

Looking around her room for any abnormalities, Allura found her door broken down and placed in a odd position. She got off the bed and entered her bathroom. Allura looked in the mirror and saw a girl with auburn hair sticking all over the place like a rats nest, her pale, freckled face was stained with tears and her green orbs were puffy and red.

Hoping out of last night’s dress, she entered her the shower and came out a few minutes later. After drying herself with a towel, she threw on black leggings with a black hoodie with a tank top under.

Allura silently thanked the moon goddess that at 18 years old she was done and out of school. Not in the mood to face her family, Allura slipped out her window and jumped down. It was only two floor high and even a mortal could jump down and survive. Allura began running into the forest, to her favourite spot.

She had sat on the rock for hours, going over the fact that she may never have her freedom. Soon, however, Allura heard a howl in the distance. She had recognized it as her brother’s but instead of going to him, Allura was glued to the rock, staring at the water.

Ten minutes had passed and Allura head the sound of paws hitting the ground, it was getting closer and she didn’t need to turn around to know it was Alcander.

After all he was the only one whom knew of her favourite spot. Not like her father or mother cared to ever come out and check on her.

“Allura . . . .”

“You knew.” Allura whispered, tears building in her eyes as the emotions she tried to hide came crashing in.

Anger. Confusion. Fear. Disgust and Betrayal.

Alcander felt all of those emotions coming out of his little sister, but the feeling of Betrayal, made both him and his wolf whine. His beast wanted out, he wanted to comfort their little sister and protect her from any danger.

“I’m sorry Ally. I couldn’t say anything.” Alcander apologised and took a seat on the rock.

“How’d you find me?” Allura frowned, changing the subject.

“I could have smelt you a mile away.” Alcander chuckled as his beast peeked through is eyes and eyed their little sister.

Allura rolled her eyes but couldn’t help the smile growing on her face. A few minutes of silence passed as the two almost identical siblings stared at the water both in deep thought.

“I am truly sorry about what happened Allura.” Alcander said quietly.

He only wanted to get his sister away from all this.

Allura couldn’t stay angry at Alcander for long, maybe because he was more a father figure than her own father.

“He used his Alpha tone on me.” Alcander felt like he had to explain this to Allura.

After a pregnant silence, Allura whispered, “I know.”

Allura and Alcander sat on the rock, talking and enjoying the silence.

“We should head back. There is another pack coming in 2 hours.” Alcander got up, “And you are required to be next to the soon-to-be-Alpha.”

Allura felt sick hearing this but instead of causing trouble like she usually would have done, she nodded stiffly and they head back together.

When they had reached their backyard it was already night time. Allura got something to eat, seeing as she had skipped Breakfast and lunch. She was also thankful that her parents were at the pack house, seeing as her father was beta.

Allura got dressed into a black, off the shoulder, mid-thigh dress and slipped on her black heels. She left her hair in its curly loose waves and finally she was ready.

Allura though couldn’t rid herself of the curiosity that had burned itself into her brain about which pack was going to be joining them, she was particularly interested in why she didn’t knew of this before. It usually takes a few days of notice before another pack could actually pass through or come into another Alpha’s land. Unless there has been a sudden emergency and the Alpha needs to pass through the land quickly.

Anyway, Allura met Alcander –whom was slightly nervous- in the living room. When he saw her, they began their 5 minute journey to the pack house.

“So what pack will be coming here?” Allura asked, glancing at Alcander from the corner of her eyes.

Alcander tensed immediately. He had feared that she would ask this question, yet he was mostly scared of her reaction when she found out.

“Uncharted Power Pack.”

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