Kings and Guardians

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Rain, a fairy who has lost his memories and doesn't even remember what race he is, and Xyadron, a dragon warrior meet on a stormy night. Will these two be able to work together? Rain Clovershy, a young man who's lost his memories and was taken in by the king and queen of the human kingdom and accepted into their family and have been trying to help him regain his memories. Xyadron Ichor, a young dragon warrior from the dragon kingdom meet one stormy night as Xyadron's family raids the castle looking for a certain item. Now it's up to Xyadron to help Rain recover his lost memories and for Rain to help him recover the other half of the missing relic. Can the two of them work together or will everything fall apart? Are the king and queen of the human kingdom going to try to get Rain back? Is there more to the humans wanting Rain and the relic? Will they be able to find it before Rain and Xyadron?

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1: What is this boy?


We stood silently among trees and foliage, right on the border of the Human’s Kingdom with the castle in clear sight from where we stood. My clan and I stood around my father who stood in the center of all of us. The sky was slowly turning dark from the slow crawl of rain clouds coming over us.

“My children and family,” my father spoke and we all turned to face him with full attention. “As always remember that this is a raid and we have to do what we must, but always remember family comes first.” His voice rumbled low amongst us, “If something bad happens, you all know what to do and if you see a family member in trouble, help them.” he looked around at all of us. My family was very large, we made up the Ichor clan. Essentially we are still the biggest and most well-known clan of dragons within our kingdom. We are not royalty but we are the most respected clan of Raiders and Fighters. We’ve produced the best fighters for generations, my father being the most respected at the moment. Not everyone here was my own immediate family. A large chunk was my cousins with their children, and then there was my siblings and me. We were all vastly different in how we raid, how we fight and what magic we might know but we are always identified by the various shades of red hair that carries out in my family.

Expect for me. I somehow managed to have grayish white hair when I was born, but my scales and eyes are the red pigments that are usually a hair color. I’m often referred to as white blood, I usually am given the assignments and positions to protect my family. As white blood cells would do in the body. Having white hair has been seen before in my families bloodline, but its been long since seen. I was the first in a very long time to be born with this white hair and red eyes and scales.

“Dad we knooooooow.” One of my older brothers, Lenek, whined a bit before smiling. “We always come out safe.” he stood up from his squatted position on the soft dirt.

My father chuckled to himself and shook his head slightly, looking back up with a smile on his face. “Of course.” he held his hand up, his palm facing us with his index and middle finger pointing upwards. “As always, wait for the signal.” everyone fell silent again.

Everything around us was dead silent. No birds or other creatures, no sounds of leaves rustling from the wind. A loud clap of thunder run in our ears when the sound of a loud deep bugel followed after the clap and my father dropped his hand to point in front of all of us. We all turned and darted out of the trees we were hidden behind and went towards the human’s castle. We all split in different directions, I was apart of the group that usually flew to higher grounds to cover more area and we then split off from there.

I landed on the edge of a balcony and slowly made my way closer to the door leading inside. Looking around the edge to peer inside, there didn’t look to be any guards or any humans on this floor. I slowly and quietly went inside and followed down the hall. There wasn’t much on this level except for some random artwork and decorative things along the walls. There was a large set of double doors at the end of the hallway. Getting closer to it, I got close to the door and listened for any sound from the other side. Nothing. Grabbing the handle, I slowly opened the door, soft creaking following after. The room was dark and full of various expensive looking items. Huge vases, candles, furniture, clothing, rugs, and so much more. It was a storage room and I’m assuming that’s why there’s nothing else outside in the hall, it was all gathered in here. I walked around the room, moving dust covered tarps off of larger items. Walking over to dressers and pulling out all of the drawers and looking inside of them.

“It has to be here somewhere….” I mumbled to myself. Moving more tarps and things around.

As I searched this room, I could hear fighting and the storm outside going on. I didn’t hear much else going on within the castle expect for anything going on outside. I walked over to a barred window and looked outside at the battles going on below. A strike of lightning lit up the dark room with a loud clap of thunder shortly after. At the same time of the clap, I was hit in the back with a thin plank of wood and it snapped once it made an impact with my back. The Thunder slowly grew quiet as I stood in front of this window and slowly turned around to look at what was behind me.

When I saw who hit me, it was a young man with short deep red hair nicely combed to the side and pale skin. He had rich purple eyes against that red hair and wore a light colored vest over a light button up shirt with dark pants and knee-high boots. He was staring at the chunk of wood still in his hands and then looked up at me with wide eyes. “Uuuuh,” he spoke or more so just let out a noise instead of words.

“Did you really just hit me with that?” I looked at the other chunk of wood that now was on the ground between us then back up at him.

“Um…y-yes, yes I did. I thought it would at least knock you down, but I guess…that wasn’t really what happened.” he smiled nervously and let out a quiet sheepish laugh.

I looked beyond him as he was standing there embarrassed at himself. There was an open set of doors on the side of the room I haven’t searched yet. “Found it.” my eyes went wide when I narrowed down on a familiar gauntlet sat on a table on the inside of the space this man must have been hiding in. I moved around the man and went to go grab the gauntlet until I felt the human grab my tail and pull me back with all of his strength. I looked back and growled at him, “let go of my tail before I hurt you.”

“No!” He shouted and stared back at me with a glare.

Turning around I extended my hand to grab the boy but when I turned my tail naturally was going to go behind me, but the human let go of my tail at the right moment and ran off behind me towards the gauntlet, spinning around now having to get my tail back around me so I don’t trip over it, He had grabbed t and held onto it tightly. I took a long stride towards the boy and grabbed onto the back of his shirt, making him yelp in surprise. “Hand me that gauntlet! It doesn’t belong to you, human.” I growled and pulled him back into my chest, using my other hand to reach around him and attempt to pull the gauntlet from his hands.

“N-No it’s not safe. You can’t have it,” he mumbled and turned his body away when I reached for the gauntlet in his arms. He kept turning his body away from me or just constantly kept moving and fidgeting against me so I couldn’t grab him or the item in his hands.

Growling low in my throat, I spun him around to face me and let go of his shirt. Wrapping my tail around both of us, I held him close to my body with arms free while he was pressed to his sides and my chest as he held the gauntlet. “How could you know it’s not safe?! What could you know of dragon culture and history? You’re a human.” Pulling down my face mask, I showed him my fangs and put a hand on the gauntlet but he still held on tightly. “Let.Go,” I growled even lower this time.

“No.” is all he said and he frowned at me and glared up at me.

Feeling my body tense up and anger starts boiling in my veins. I let go of him with my tail and grabbed his face with my left hand, grabbing the gauntlet with my right and growled, bringing the tip of my tail that was covered by a blade to his neck and held it there not touching his skin yet. “Let go, and you live. If you don’t I will kill you.” I stared him down, “you’re lucky I didn’t kill you when you hit me in the back.”

“Try me, I’m tougher than I look,” he smirked up at me then looked down, stomping on my foot and digging the thick heel of his boot into my foot. I growled in pain and let go of him and backed away so his foot was off mine. I looked down at my foot then up at the boy and he turned around so fast and sprinted down the hall.

“Wait to damn it!” I yelled and took off after him. He was fast but I knew I could catch up to him.

The sound of metal clunking around came from the other side of the hallway, right where the balcony I came in through was at, the sound of an older man’s voice spoke from where I couldn’t see, “Young master?! What are you-” The human boy stopped and skidded on the floor so he could round the corner. I sped up towards him and when he stopped to look at me, I was already upon him. Hooking my left arm around his waist, I pulled him into me and went for the balcony. “HEY WAIT!” a guard spoke.

“Woah, WOAH WAIT WAIT!” The boy I grabbed yelled when I put a foot on the balcony railing and stood up on it.

“Hold on tight, human.” I leaped off the balcony and fell down towards the ground. The man screaming in my ear even when I stopped our fall and safely lowered us to the ground. I lifted him over my shoulder and ran from the castle. I couldn’t carry him like this and fly, so I could only run.

“ARE YOU INSANE? YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY INSANE AREN’T YOU?” the man continued to yell in my ear.

“This would have been easier if you gave me what clearly isn’t yours!” I yelled back at him and ran towards the edge of the forest where we were set up earlier. I passed by my own family and other dragon clan members. They all shouted at me and what I was doing with a human on my shoulder. I paid them no mind and kept heading towards the direction of the dragon territory. When we got deep enough in the forest between and away from the battle, I dropped the human on the ground in front of me. Standing with my feet on each side of his body, I pointed the sharp blade attached to my tail at the front of his neck. “One last chance, kid. Hand over the gauntlet.”

“N-No, I’m not giving it to you. I was told to protect it and that’s what I’m going to do.” he curled his body away from my tail and held the gauntlet closer to his body and keeping his eyes on my tail.

Growling and slowly getting frustrated with him, “protect it from what?! The race that created it? The people who made it to protect OUR race, not yours?!” I squatted down over him, “Do you even know what that can do? It’s literally useless in your protection.”

“I-I don’t care if it is. I was told that something was going to happen if a dragon gets it,” he mumbled and looked up at me as he clutched the gauntlet in his arms. I gritted my teeth together and stood up. My tolerance for this boy is slowly going away and I’m trying not to kill the poor kid either. I cracked my wrists and fingers, causing a crackling noise to come from my body. My anger boiling so much that it was causing my lightning magic to react. The boy tensed up, “Please don’t hurt me.” he flinched and turned away from me and pale lavender colored wings with white swirl of detail came from his back and wrapped around his front, shielding him from my static.

I backed up from the what I thought was a human boy and kept myself away from him. “What the hell?” I mumbled, my hand going up and behind me to grab the hilt of my spear.

The boy started screaming, “w-what is happening?! Why do I have wings?!” he dropped the gauntlet to look at his own body.

I stood there staring at him. “He didn’t know he wasn’t human…,” I mumble to myself and slowly take my hand away from my spear. I looked down at his feet. I took a stride towards him and lowered down and picked up the gauntlet and ran around him.

“Hey, give that back!” he stopped focusing on himself and yelled from behind at me.

I kept running until I felt a strange sudden wing come up from my feet and catching under my wings and tail causing me to raise up off the ground. “What the hell?!” I yelled and suddenly the wind was gone and I fell back to the ground on my side, landing on my hip first. Groaning I made sure to hold on tightly to the gauntlet and rolled onto my back. I wasn’t off the ground very high but I forgot I could fly and didn’t use my wings to my advantage from being startled. Father would be so ashamed of me. “What are you?” I turned to look back at the kid, groaning because my hip hurt like hell. Falling in the wet dirt would be softer but it really isn’t soft at all to land on.

“I-I don’t know, but I’m not letting you take it.” He ran over to me and put his hands on the gauntlet trying to pull it away from me.

“And I’m not letting you take it either.” I swept his feet from under him and caused him to land on top of me, where I shifted my weight around so I was now on top of him. We rolled around and fought in the mud until I finally gave up, letting him have the gauntlet but tossing him over my shoulder once again and carrying him back to my home with all his struggling and complaining. This man made the walk back to my territory difficult and annoying to walk with his constant fidgeting and rambling.

We made it home and there were very little people out walking around. Everyone must be resting at home after everything. The boy finally shuts up and stopped moving when he realized where he was. I walked to my home and when I reached the door I pulled it open and stepped inside. Chatting within the home stopped when I came in and walked through everyone to the center, I learned to the side letting this red-haired boy sitting among other red-haired dragons and they all stared at him. “Xyadron?” mother spoke as she stared at the boy before she came over to me. “What happened, who is that?” she put her hands on my face, “why are you covered in mud?”

“I don’t know his name, I thought he was human. He isn’t.” I leaned into her palm. “He’s annoying as hell, and has the gauntlet dad wanted us to find.”

“WHAT!?” almost everyone roared in unison and looked to me and back at the boy.

“Do with him what you please, I feel disgusting, and I’m going to clean up. Have fun, don’t kill him.” I gently took mother’s hand off my face and walked past everyone to the back of our large home.

“W-Wait, is that really it? Why do you even want it anyway?” the boy mumbled from what I last heard.

I walked back to my room and stripped off most of the dirty armor off my body, leaving it there to clean for later. I grabbed a rag and cleaned my face, Walking back to the living space, I saw everyone still huddled around the boy as he sat very still in the center of the room with the gauntlet close to his chest. Father stood at the door, staring at the boy’s back.

Father’s face looked shocked, confused, and mildly pissed off. He looked up and narrowed down on me. “Xyadron….who is this?” he spoke low. Causing the boy to flinch.

“I don’t know his name. I didn’t ask.” I mumbled and looked away.

“Why is he here? In our house.” he seemed to be getting more pissed. I didn’t answer and looked down at my feet, “Xyadron Bacsul Ichor.” he said my full name and in a very low deep tone.

Standing up straight and looking directly at him. “He came at me when I was searching a storage room, he was hiding in it. I found the gauntlet but he had taken it before I could. He eventually ran and guards from the castle were coming to get him I assume. So I resorted to just….kidnapping him because I didn’t know what to do about the guards. I tried to take it from him, but he’s persistent. Then he had wings….and we fought in the mud. I ended up bringing him here with the gauntlet....” when I finished my speel, I looked down at my feet again.

Father sighed heavily and pinching his nose. “Boy.” he walked around the boy and sat down in front of the boy with his legs crossed in front of him, “whats your name?”

“R-Rain Azure Clovershy.” his voice cracked and he shifted his legs so they were now blocking him from father as he held to the gauntlet even tighter now.

“I am Atsiu Ichor, I am currently the head of this clan. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” He extended his hand out to Rain and smiled at him.

Rain leaned a bit away from him and then slowly took father’s hand in his and shook his hand, “its a pleasure to meet you as well, sir.” he still held onto the gauntlet and held it close to his body as he held father’s hand in his.

They broke apart and father then put his hands on his lap. “Rain, do you know what that gauntlet you are holding is used for?” he asked calmly and held his smile on his lips.

“Exactly, no. But I was told to keep it safe and that something would happen if a dragon had it.” he put his hand down as well and spoke softly to father, his eyes looking down at the gauntlet in his hands.

“Well, let me tell you what it is and used for.” Father shifted himself around to sit more comfortably also taking off any of his weapons and other various things and handing them to mother. “That is an ancient dragon relic, its something that’s been with our kingdom for years. It is something that is handed down from warrior to warrior. It is given to the strongest dragon here, from any clan. What you are holding, at the moment, is suppose to belong to me.” Father smiled at Rain. “But, that gauntlet you are holding is only half of it. There is another but when both given to that select person they will be the strongest dragon here until it is passed down again.” his smile slowly faded, “that has gone through generations in my family, but at one point, one of our ancestors was power hungry and we had to hide both gauntlets, but my family was not allowed to know where they were hidden or partake in hiding them.”

“So why should I hand this to you?” He mumbled a bit and stared at father.

Father had a soft smile on his lips, “because I want to fix my family’s history.” he looked up at mother then around at all of us, his children. “My sons and daughters, they know better than anyone on what is strength and what it should be used for. I taught them that strength is used to protect family and the ones you love.” he looked back to Rain, “and I want to show our kingdom that we can protect our people and that we have rid toxicity out of this family. I do not know what you’ve been told, but I can confirm with you now if you give that to me...nothing bad will happen.”

“Do you promise?” Rain asked softly, keeping his gaze on him.

“Yes, I will take you with me to lock it up safely until the other is found.” Father smiled at him proudly.

“Okay.” He slowly handed father the gauntlet.

Father gently took hold of it in one hand and his other grabbed Rain’s arm softly, “thank you.” he nodded his head and took the gauntlet with him. Keeping the front part of the gauntlet to his body so he was showing Rain he would not put it on. He got up and helped Rain off the floor, “Xyadron, you’re coming with me and Rain to the cellar.” he turned to me with a smile.

“Excuse me?” I asked and leaned off the wall I was pressed to, “why?”

“Because you brought him here and you will help. But first.” He paused and looked at the rain, “take him to the washroom, he has been sitting here covered in mud.” he then walked over to the mother and kissed her on the cheek. “Can you get our guest something to change into, my love?”

“Of course, darling.” She tilted her head up at his kiss and smiled, handing back father’s things and coming over to us. She put her hands on Rain and he stood stiff and felt up his body. “You are very small.” she smiled and laughed lightly at him. “When you undress, leave the clothes there, I’ll bring you something to change into.” she took her hands off him and left the living space.

Sighing, I grabbed Rain’s arm. “Follow me.” I tugged on him gently, then let go of him and walked down the hall. We walked down the hall silently until we hit the bathroom. “Everything you need will be in there. I’ll wait out here and when you are undressed, ill take your clothes to get washed.”

Rain looked stiff and surprised still. His eyes wandered the hall and then focused on me. “Okay, thank you,” he mumbled, watching me momentarily before walking in.

I waited a couple of minutes and heard the water pour, “Can I come in?” I shouted just a bit for him to hear me over the water.

“Yes, you can,” He spoke calmly and I walked in. Walking in a bit more sideways so I didn’t accidentally look at him as he was washing up. I gently grabbed his clothes and was about to leave before he spoke again. “What about you? Are you going to shower?”

Instinctively I looked up at him so I could look him in the eyes as he spoke to me. I stared at the thin boy in front of me. He wasn’t as small and delicate as I had thought, given I found him in the castle and he did not look like a well-trained fighter...or trained in anything physical. But he had some definition to him. My eyes roamed his body a bit before I realized I was staring at a naked man. I turned my head to the side a bit and looked down, “Ah no, sorry. I may be called to do other things and it’d be pointless for me to wash up if I have to help get dinner.”

“Oh, okay. Well, you’re always welcome to wash up with me to conserve water if you don’t have to go on a hunt,” he mumbled a bit and had looked down at the floor before looking up at me again.

Coughing a bit, “thank you for your offer. Please take your time.” I bowed my head a bit to him and walked out of the washroom. Mother stood in front of me with fresh clothes in her hands and a raised brow and a smile on her face. “Yes?” I asked quietly.

“Your father wanted you to stay and watch him, given you brought him here. “ she took the dirty clothes from me and but the clean ones in my arms, “but you are filthy and it is your turn to hunt with your brother.” she tapped her foot and hummed to herself.

“I don’t mind going on a hunt or staying here.” I mumbled to her before going to the washroom again, “your clothes are here.” I placed them on a clean spot on the ledge we use to drape clothes.

“Thank you,” he looked over his shoulder and smiled at me, “If you need to go, once I’m done I’ll sit in the hall and wait if that’s easier on you. I promise I won’t touch anything.”

“Oh child, no one here will hurt you or be rude to you.” Mother spoke out from behind me, “you are a guest here. Not an outcast or prisoner.” she smiled and then slapped my back and walked down the hall, yelling back to us “Tonight child, you’re family.”

I chuckled a bit and turned to face Rain again, “she’s right. You don’t have to worry about anything here.”

“Thank you so much.” he smiled softly and stepped into the shower.

“Of course. If I’m not here, mother will get you.” I stepped out of the doorway and walked down the hall to the living space again.

“Xya!!” one of my older brother Spike, his name was actually Kalrir, but we all called him spoke because of his abilities to grow spikes from his body. “You wanna go hunting with me?” he bounced on his toes.

We all have different magic and abilities from each other even though we’re all family and the same blood, plus all of us having red scales and hair throws people off, minus myself with my white hair and red scales. I had three older brothers and two younger than me; Tayga the oldest of us was immensely strong, Dyrris the second oldest can produce acid from his body, Lenek was the fastest out of us and had wind magic, Kalrir could make spikes, I controlled lightning, and the youngest boy Rezzan could create a hazy mist, The youngest boy Noirvos ironically could breathe and control fire. I have one older sister and two little sisters; Lellei was the oldest girl, but younger than Lenek who was her twin could create strong winds, Chelle comes after me created pheromones from her body to attract and manipulate mostly men but sometimes, other women, Eizi came after Noirvos and can heal others and usually is left out of fighting for that reason. My family was much larger than the nine of us, we were just the kids of the clan leader being my father. I had many other cousins, in just the Ichor family line that could do other things as well. Anyone who had the Ichor blood within them was a major part of our clan, we all come together as a family to do raids on other kingdoms or do missions for the safety of our region and protecting the rest of our people.

Looking at mother as she came up behind me, “Anything specific?”

Mother hummed and looked back at the washrooms, “if you can get a couple boar or something large would be nice, we do have the guest with us and he’s just so small I worry for the boy.” she placed her hands on her cheeks.

“We can do that, we’ll be back with dinner soon.” I smiled down at her went to our weapon rack grabbing my spear and tossing Spike his bow and arrows.

“Bye guys! Be back soon!” Spike walked backward out of the door after me, waving with both his arms above his head. We both went out into the forest behind the village. Spike went up into the trees to get a better aim and look around as I stalked on the ground hiding behind a thick bundle of bushes and waited for something to pass by. I caught a bit of smaller prey as we waited on a boar or buck to come along. I was working on tying up all the smaller things together on a single rope until I heard the snap of Spike’s bow and the rustling of leaves from above, a boar squealing off behind me. Popping up with my head over the top of the bushes, Spike hopped down from his tree spot, “I think I got a big one!” he grinned and made his way over to where I assume the boar laid.

“Is the one enough you think?” I stood up, brushing off some grass from my legs and making my way to him. Spike had a huge smirk on his face as he looked up at me. Staring down at a large adult boar then over to spike, “You’re carrying that one back home.”

“W-wait you’re not gonna help?!” he yelped and stood up.

Turning around and walking back towards the village, “Nope, you tagged it, you’re bringing it home.” I chuckled and waved him off.

“Damn it Xya!” he groaned and then I could hear him struggling behind me. We slowly made our way back to the house, Spike stopping and taking a breather here and there because he was carrying the boar on his back. We got inside and Tayga helped Spike get the boar off his back and into the kitchen where mother and the girls were. “I’m taking a long shower.” Spike groaned and shuffled past everyone and went to the washrooms.

Setting our weapons down first and then taking what I caught in the kitchen, I was shooed out quickly and the pelt we had separating the kitchen from the living space was closed behind me. Looking over I saw Rain sitting in a chair with a warm drink in his hand, “are you feeling alright after your shower?” I asked and took a step closer to him, he sat a bit away from my brothers and father, but not enough to make it seem like he wanted to be away from everyone.

Rain looked up at me and smiled softly, “I am, thank you for being concerned.”

“Does anyone else find it odd that he looks like he belongs in this family more than Xya?” Noirvos spoke and was staring at Rain, eyeing him up and down.

The tips of my ears drooped down as well was my wings and tail relaxing behind me, “Father can I punch him?” I looked over at father who was sitting at the table with a few papers.

Father perked up and looked over at us, “Xya don’t punch your brother, Noirvos be kinder to your brother.” he sighed and chuckled.

Rain chuckled softly, making us stop bickering and look over at him, “It’s alright, I know how it feels to stick out, I always stuck out at the castle too.”

“Did no one else have your red hair?” Noirvos asked, staring wide-eyed at Rain, “are you part dragon that we just don’t know about?”

I waked up and flicked Noirvos in the head and held onto his horns, “Leave him alone.” I shook his head a little, “I’m sorry for his questions, Rain.” I held onto Noirvos’s head a little longer and stared at Rain, “One last important question, do you know where you’re sleeping?”

He blinked and stared up at me with wide eyes, “Um…i can just sleep out here I don’t mind. And I don’t think I am. I don’t really know what I am anymore to be completely honest,” he looked down at his cup and a smile made its way back to his lips.

“What?” father spoke and got up from his chair, laughing as he made his way behind Rain and put his large hands on his shoulders, “we’re not going to force you to sleep out here where you’re uncomfortable.” he patted rain’s shoulder again, “we can’t offer you a room to yourself sadly, having too many kids will do that to house.” he laughed even louder this time, “but Xyadron, you have room for him in your room yes?” he looked over at me with a smile.

“Ah, yes I do, sir.” I let go of Noir’s horns and put them on the back of his chair. “But shouldn’t rain determine if he’d like to sleep with me?”

“Sleep with you?” Tayga spoke, his voice wasn’t as deep as father’s but it was close behind. He had a smirk on his lips, Dyrris stared at him then back to me mimicking the smirk on Tayga’s face on his.

Slapping my forehead and groaning, “It should be up to Rain if he would like to sleep in the same room as me…” I mumbled and pulled down on my face, feeling a blush cross my cheeks.

“If that’s where you would be to sleep I don’t mind. I’m not picky and happy to sleep wherever.” Rain looked between all of us with curious eyes.

“Good, then it’s settled, you’ll be sleeping with Xyadron.” father ruffled up Rain’s hair and patted his shoulder gently. “Xyadron, go shower as well, you know mother will throttle you if you’re still dirty for dinner.”

“Yeaaaaaaah,” Spike came up behind me and poked my arm with his sharp nail, “Go shower Mr don’t help his brother carry dinner home.” turning around Spike was frowning a little at me as he had a towel draped over his head and only his loose cotton pants on. He made his way over to Rain and then plopped down on the floor beside him.

Rain looked down and smiled at Spike, “Would you like to sit here? I can get up.”

Spike opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by me, “No it’s best to leave him on the floor. He gets excited easily and could randomly make spikes off his body.” Spike huffed and frowned, puffing his cheeks a little, making everyone else laugh. I laughed and turned around to head to the washroom, “I’ll be back soon.”

Hearing everyone laugh behind me I proceeded to my room to grab clothing that I would normally wear at home when we have nothing to do. Grabbing a pair of loose worn out tan pants I went to the washroom and grabbed a towel on my way there. Stripping off my dirty raiding armor, I placed it all in a pile on the floor to be properly washed later. Using a small wooden bucket that we had placed on the floor and filling it with cool water, I then dumped it all over my head and washing off any dried dirt that got under all my armor and stuck to my clothing. I ran my hands through my white hair and slicked it back, taking the long tails of hair that framed my face and touched my collarbone in my hands and getting out wet cakey mud. Once I was all mud free I got out of the shower and grabbed my towel, patting my body dry.

“Xyaaaa!” mother called out, “Dinners ready!”

“Coming!” I shouted out and quickly started to get dressed before I headed to dinner.

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Mrs Bailey : I absolutely loved this stories about the Vogel Brothers and would recommend this to anyone who loves reading about vampires

annisawitasari: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. It's difficult to find badass female MC on werewolf story. Blame it on Moon Goddess and Fate. The plot is ridiculously amazing, you can't guess what will happen on the next chapter. Thanks for sharing this amazing book.

Cray_Z_Reader: This author is so amazing, I love their work. It had the right amount of fantasy and romance, I think I’m in love with this book. I recommend anyone who has a taste for fantasy and romance to read this book.

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ashleycart2005: The grammar in the story was off... but the overall story was good, I enjoyed it very much and grasped onto every word I read. The story has a moral meaning and is very touching. I hope there is a second book from this were one can find out more about the family.

Lucy Childs: Really enjoying the writing, and the storyline Love the pack doctor idea, something different.

annisawitasari: I'm not a fan of series story. But with this badass MC,i don't mind reading 1 or 2 more stories. The author is playing with matebond and fate. I love how the author twisted them without breaking the characters and my heart 😋..

PurpleStar: I like how Willie is such a sweet person and that she's brave too. Snow is a cool guy. I feel lie cares for Willie even though it doesn't seem like it. I really don't like Felton he needs his but kicked badly. Keep up the great work you do! 👍🏾☺

S_Stafford: I will definitely be going to Dreame. I want to read what happens.

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