Broken (The Siren Series #1)

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Chapter Twelve

I fell back on my bed, thinking about what Rhea had told me. I’m a Siren and only a few of my kind remain, that’s what she had said. I kept repeating the words around in my mind until they lost all meaning.

I wonder what Rhea is then, and why didn’t my powers work on her? And why were people coming after me? Was I really in that much danger? These questions flowed through my head. Was my Dad a siren? What about Kate? Thinking of Kate made me feel awful, and I tried to block out the pain. Thinking too much made my head hurt. I turned over onto my side and I caught sight of my clock. It was half past four. I grabbed my phone from my pocket to check any messages. There were none, and I texted Lilly and Becky.

Bored out of my mind. Want to see a movie?

A few minutes later my phone beeped, alerting me to a new message.

Yeah, OK, but what about your Dad?

Oh yeah, crap. I rolled off my bed and walked down the stairs. He was watching TV, (As always). It was a best thing that he didn’t hear Rhea and myself or he would have gone mad, or worse. I approached him, who was intensely staring into the screen.

“Dad.” I started, “Is it OK if the girls and see a film tonight?” I waited for his answer.

He paused the TV and turned to me. “Ellie, I don’t think it’s a good idea, plus they suspend you from school.” he said.

Crap, he had a point. “Please, Dad, plus I wasn’t suspended and I’ll be careful, please.” I waited for an answer.

“Fine.” he finally said. “But not out late, see the film and then back home.”

“Thank you, thank you.” I kissed him on his cheek and I was about to go upstairs and changed when my Dad called me back.

“How you getting there?” he asked.

“Well, I think Lilly is driving.” I replied.

“Are you sure about that?” he said, hinting.

I paused for a second before answering. He was right, but I’d have to deal with it. “Yeah, Dad, I’ll be OK, I promise.” to be honest, I was dreading going back to a car. I walked up the stairs and changed into a tight black fitting top and my favourite dark jeans with my comfy flats. I put some simple eyeliner on and a bit of foundation to cover the bruises. I grabbed my phone from my lazy trousers and texted Lilly.

I can go, so what time are you picking me up then?

My phone buzzed again.

Getting in the car now going to pick up Becky first then head to yours so won’t be long X

I opened my wardrobe and rummaged through the box of purses, and I had quite a few. I picked a small black one with white sequins on the side of it. I placed some money into the purse, along with my phone and a few more essentials, and clasped it shut. I walked back downstairs and waited for the girls to arrive. Dad still engrossed in the TV, not taking his eyes off the screen. They were showing a documentary with wild animals or something, and I didn’t catch the title. I sat down to watch it along with him, but my phone buzzed in my purse. I grabbed my phone and read the text.

Nearly there be at yours in 5 X

I jumped up from the sofa and bent over to kiss my Dad’s forehead. Then I remembered what Rhea had said about the same blood. That’s why my powers don’t work. He’s family. Dad didn’t take his eyes off the screen while I planted a kiss on his forehead. I grabbed my thin black jacket from under the stairs.

“I’m going now, Dad.” I said.

“Have fun and for god’s sake be safe.” he called from the sofa, his eyes still fixed on the documentary.

I stepped outside, closing the front door behind me. The fresh air whirled around me and it was nice to be outside. Being cooped up in the house would have driven me mad.

I didn’t have to wait too long as the two girls came around the corner in Lilly’s bright red car. Lilly turned seventeen a few weeks back and her Dad bought her a car. (Lucky her). I waved to them as I walked towards the car. My hand went straight to the door handle, and for a second, I felt like running away from the metal death trap. I took a few deep breaths and slid into the back seat and strapped myself in tightly. Lilly and Becky turned to me and both smiled like naughty school children.

“What’s wrong, why you are smiling like that for?” I asked.

“Well, we’ve been talking, you’re getting quite the reputation for being a naughty girl, Ellie.” Becky said.

“What’re you talking about?”

“Well, fighting in school and now sneaking out to see a film.” she laughed.

“No, I asked my Dad, and he said it was OK.” I said while blushing a deep scarlet.

“Are you sure, Ellie? I swore I saw you climb down that drain pipe.” giggled.

“Just drive will you and I didn’t climb down anything.” I replied with a brief laugh.

Lilly pulled away from my house and turned around the corner. We went at a slow pace (more so for me), Lilly looked in her rearview mirror to check on how I was doing.

“So what do we wanna’ see then, girls?” Becky asked.

Before I could speak, Lilly spoke. “Please, no horror.”

I sighed. “Fine.”

“Good.” Lilly smiled.

“So what are we going to see then?” Becky asked again.

“Well, there is that new romantic comedy showing?” Lilly insisted.

Becky and I made a gagging noise, which Lilly frowned at. “We will see when we get there OK,” said Lilly.

“Fine.” Becky and I said together.

As we approached the movie theatre, I could see the bright lights they projected into the air, slowly circling the building and up into the sky. Lilly parked the car in the provided car park at the side. Lilly wasn’t a good parallel parker, so Becky got out of the car and guided her in.

I didn’t realise that I tightly gripped onto the door handle until I could feel the pulse within my hand. Releasing my grip on the handle, Lilly opened my door and waited for me to crawl out. I straightened myself while she locked the car with a press of her keys. The massive theatre stood in front of us showing unique types of posters being displayed on the vast walls. The three of us walked towards the building entrance.

I held back, looking at the enormous film posters that were blowing in the wind. One poster had an attractive woman wearing a short white dress, with a gun tucked tightly into her garter. It looked like Rhea. Getting a better look. It wasn’t her, just too much Photoshop. Thinking about her made me remember what she said to me, about what I could do to people. The thought of controlling people made my body tingle.

“Ellie!” shouted Lilly.

I looked over and saw Becky and Lilly waiting for me. “Sorry just looking at the posters.” I said.

“Come on, then.” said Becky. I broke into a quick jog to catch up with them.

I pushed open the heavy entrance doors, and one by one we entered the theatre. They decorated the entrance in a deep blue with a dash of purple thrown in. The cinema used to be an old theatre that they recently converted. Before they changed it, it used to produce plays and operas for the public. I wonder what it would have been like back then.

The girls were now looking up at the screens and pointing at what film they wanted to watch.

“Ellie!” Becky called me again.

I sludge over to them on the sticky carpet. I stood with them looking up at the monitors, deciding what to watch.

“Mm.” moaned Lilly.

“What about this one?” asked Becky.

“No way too cutesy.” I said, “What about this?”

“Too gory.” said Lilly.

“What? No, it’s not.” said Becky.

“Even the trailer gave me nightmares, so it’s a no,” Lilly said.

We decided on an action film with known hot actors, but no gore. (Sadly) The film would start in ten minutes, so we stood in line to get tickets. In front, there were two people queuing up. One of them was a girl who had no manners and had long fake yellowish hair extensions running down her back. She turned around once or twice to get a glance of us. The girl had very thick makeup on and clumpy mascara. It was like she shovelled it onto her face. The guy next to her had to listen to her talk nonsense while they lined up. He didn’t care; he just stood there while she flapped her lips. They quickly bought their ticket and the girl practically snatched them out of the server’s hands.

We were next in line, but something inside called me to do something dangerous. I looked around. We were the only ones lining up, and the woman was alone behind the counter. I had to see if Rhea was right. We told the woman the name of the movie while Becky and Lilly both handed over their money. I pulled out a note and reached out, handing it to her. She took the money, but I clasped it. With my other hand, I slowly caressed her skin. I could hear Lilly and Becky gasp at the side of me. Once I touched the woman’s skin, every nerve inside my body exploded like fireworks. Her pupils went wide and I could feel her desire growing animalistic towards me. I tried to control her feelings if I didn’t get this right she would go out of control. I shut my eyes and then suddenly her thoughts burst into my mind, every desire, every dream she had, I knew them all and right now she wanted me. I trembled with goosebumps while I went deeper into her mind. The woman and I connected with each other, her every memory opened up to me. Using that connection, I fought for control.

“Ellie, what are you doing?” whispered Lilly.

I ignored her and continued. I opened my eyes to see the woman was in a daze, her eyes stared into nothingness.

“I can see this movie for free?” I asked softly.

“Ellie!” Lilly whispered again. This time, she wasn’t happy.

The half dazed young woman turned to her screen and printed off my ticket, handing it to me.

“Ellie, what did you do?” asked Becky.

“That was such a rush.” I said to them with excitement.

“That was dangerous, you could have gotten hurt.” said Becky

I ignored their worries while I walked away, smiling with my free ticket.

I headed towards the food section and looked around. I wasn’t that hungry since I had eaten earlier, but I fancied some popcorn. Lilly and Becky browsed what they offered. Again I looked around, hardly anyone was around but this time, two people were serving. Crap, I couldn’t get away with this again, could I?

“Becky, Lilly,” I called them over. “Can you distract that guy serving over there for me?” I whispered.

“Ellie, you’re not are you?” asked Lilly.

“I will try to get some popcorn.” I said.

“Ellie, that’s stealing.” Lilly said.

“Get us a big fat bucket OK.” said Becky.

Becky dragged Lilly towards the young guy, who looked very bored. They left me with an older man in his late twenties. Slowly walking up to the counter, I caught his attention.

“Hi, yeah could I get a big bucket of popcorn please, the sweet kind,” I said while I got the money out. Like before, I handed it over to him first and my other hand seized the opportunity.

This guy’s hand was rough, and he needed some lotion. I ignored his hard skin and closed my eyes. I concentrated again like I had with the woman, and again I could feel all his desires and his thoughts flow freely. My goosebumps travelled down from the top of my head to my toes. Slowly, the connection I needed came into place. As we connected, I could feel something struggling against my control slowly pushing me away. There was no way I would give up. I pushed harder until my head pounded. Finally, I found what was repelling me, his soul.

With my power, I pushed forward, mentally grabbing his mind. It felt warm and soft. Once I touched it, he was fully under my control. I opened my eyes, and I saw he adopted the same dazed look on his face like the woman before him. He grabbed an empty bucket and scooped up the popcorn. He did this until it overflowed and placed it on the counter. I took the bucket and left.

I called the girls who were still talking to the guy, and it looked like they were enjoying it (especially Becky). Lilly looked over her shoulder and I showed her the popcorn. Both of them quickly ended the conversation and joined me.

“My God, Ellie.” said Lilly.

I smiled at both of them while I took a handful of popcorn.

“Hey don’t eat it all, we all worked for that.” said Becky.

Lilly gave a disapproving look.

“What’s wrong, Lilly?” I asked.

“Ellie, it’s freaky, that’s all.” Lilly replied.

My face dropped. I could not believe what she just said. Lilly practically called me a freak. I stared at her while clutching my stolen popcorn.

“Lilly!” Becky yelled.

She then realised what she said.

“I’m so sorry, Ellie, it just came out. Can you forgive me?” she pleaded.

“It’s OK, Lilly. I bet it can be scary.” I said.

“Now can we watch the movie, I’m dying to see some hunks’.” Becky asked.

The three of us walked down one corridor, passing doors to the other films and glossy film posters. At the end of the hallway we saw the rude girl and her so-called boyfriend, they were waiting to see the same movie as us.

“Oh god, I hope she doesn’t talk through it.” I said.

“That girl looks a right state,” said Becky, “Even I’ve worn less makeup.”

“Ugh, look.” Lilly said, pointing to the floor.

I looked down at the sticky carpet and saw a thick strand of yellowish blonde hair. The girl was shedding her fake extensions.

“That’s just gross,” I said.

“She’s bought a cheap weave, look at the colour. It looks more yellow than blonde.” Becky said.

“Just make sure you don’t get any on your shoes, otherwise, you won’t be coming in my car.” said Lilly.

As we walked towards them, we had to stop talking about her since we arrived at our screening door. The girl turned to us and gave us a fake smile. Her boyfriend stood there eyeing me up and down. He had thick brown hair that fell around his face and had a thin pre-teen moustache forming around his thin lips. For a moment, I felt like a piece of meat and made me shiver and not pleasant way. Before he could do any more ‘looking’ they both went into the screening room.

“Let’s go in then.” said Lilly.

“No, not yet.” I said.

“Why not?” asked Becky

“That guy just gives me the creeps and I don’t want him leering at me.” I replied.

“Oh, OK.” said Lilly.

After five minutes we entered the bleak room. In front of us was the bright-coloured screen showing many adverts. I looked up, scanning the room for the guy and his girlfriend. Both of them were sitting at the back, and she had her phone out. What a surprise. The bright phone lit up her unnatural face, thick with makeup. We climbed the steps and sat a few rows in front of them. I sat in the middle of the girls to share my popcorn. We sat in the dark waiting for the film to start. They showed adverts after adverts, and I was already eating my popcorn before the movie started. The girls took handfuls too. We were whispering to each other during the adverts, but when we saw the lights darken and the film title, we stopped and stared at the screen for the film to start. The film opened with a car chase, (typically). Some known film hunk was speeding down a road while blasting off his gun. Once I got settled into the film, I began to enjoy it.

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