Broken (The Siren Series #1)

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Chapter Thirteen

In the film, two people were revealing plot twists and one of them was a woman, a femme fatale. I love the femme fatale on film; they always surrounded themselves with mystery, making me want to know more. I was on the edge of my seat shovelling popcorn into my mouth with anticipation when the girl a few rows back started talking on her phone.

“Where am I? I’m at the cinema. Nah, boring film cannot understand the plot at all,” she blabbed.

I turned around and looked at her, but she was too busy to notice me.

“Agh, I wish she would shut up.” said Becky.

“Yeah, she’s getting on my nerves.” added Lilly.

“Ellie, can’t you deal with her?” asked Becky.

“What do you-” I then understood what she was saying. I turned to Lilly and was about to ask if she minded, but she just nodded her head.

I got up from the seat and made my way to the back of the room. I climbed the steps and made my way towards her. I sat in the empty seat next to the immature girl and she turned to me.

“Excuse me, what do you think you are doing?” the fake blonde asked. “Hold on,” she said to the phone. She was about to open her mouth again to speak, but I grabbed her hand. The girl’s phone dropped beside her and her body went still. Her boyfriend watched with confusion.

The same feeling washed over me like a tidal wave. The tingling sensation flowed up and down my body. I peered into the girl’s mind who didn’t have an intelligent thought inside her head, and her desires were only material. This girl gave off a distinct vibe than the other two, but I didn’t want to lose to her. I slowly squeezed my grip on her hand. Somehow this girl was mentally pushing me away. My entire body rippled with power and I could feel my hair prickle at the back of my neck.

Then like the others before I could see her soul vibrating with energy, but this time, it wasn’t warm or soft. It was cold, like stone. As her thoughts flowed through me, I could feel that this girl was just another Beth. I could feel her hatred for other people and the person who only mattered in the world was herself. More memories flowed through my mind, and I could see the pain she brought to others. Slowly, I squeezed her cold soul mentally. I wanted to turn it into dust, and slowly the fake blonde twitched awkwardly in her seat. But just at the last second, I thought she wasn’t worth it. I released my grip and the girl’s eyes adopted the same vacant stare.

With my hand still grasped on her wrist, I slowly said. “Get out.”

The girl stood up and abandoned her boyfriend along with her phone, and I watched her walk down the steps and out to the exit. I turned to the friend who gave me that creepy look again. He moved closer towards me and I rushed back to my seat in disgust.

“All done,” I said with a smile on my face.

I took another handful of the stolen popcorn and picked at it one by one. I smiled to myself, knowing that I could easily influence people. This curse I was so scared of made me confident, and I liked it. Lilly and Beth became glued to the screen (there was a topless scene) and while they watched the film, my mind was racing with thoughts and I could not keep up with them. A thought slowly crept into my mind, that I should use my power to get what I wanted, but was I that kind of person who would just exploit my ability just for my selfish reasons. I decided that I wouldn’t use my power until I fully understood it. Maybe Rhea could tell me more? Then my mind went straight into panic mode. Everything Rhea said was true, even the faceless creatures in my dreams.

Those things that invaded my dreams were real. A shiver ran up my spine. I could almost remember the smell they gave off, and I tried to shake the horrible thought from my mind when I remembered again that Rhea said they would come after me. Another chill ran up my spine and I squeezed my eyes shut.

No, no, no, no. That will not happen, I thought.

I still had my eyes closed when I could feel someone standing over me. My eyes opened to see Lilly and Becky up on their feet. I looked around to see everyone was leaving.

“What’s going on?” I asked them.

“The films finished.” Lilly replied.

I stared at the enormous screen to see the credits rolling.

“Don’t tell me you slept through it, Ellie?” Becky asked.

“Did I? I must have.” I said.

“Come on, let go.” said Becky.

I stood up from my seat and brushed off the fallen popcorn that clung to me. Lilly and Becky were first to leave, and I followed behind them down the stairs. Both of them held open the theatre doors for me and I thanked them. The bright lights greeted us from the bleak room and I had to close my eyes for them to adjust slowly. I squinted to see Lilly and Becky were trailing in front. Quickly, I picked up my pace and caught up with them. Both of them were talking about the film they just watched.

“O.M.G, he was so handsome.” said Lilly.

“Totally, I just wanted to see him without his shirt on.” Becky said.

I plodded along behind them, just listening while they swooned over the major character. We moved passed the food counter and on tiptoes I looked for the guy that had served me. There was quite a queue forming, but I could almost make him out through the crowd of people. He looked ordinary while he was helping people. I smiled to myself, knowing that he didn’t look like a mindless zombie anymore. As I carried on walking, I could hear two people talking loud. Turning in the direction. It was the cheap blonde and her boyfriend. They were arguing amongst themselves, and I didn’t want to stay in case the girl recognised me. I quickly walked passed them while trying to hide my face.

I walked passed where we bought our tickets. I could see the woman dealing with some customers. She was smiling while serving. Again, she looked normal. Another smile formed on my lips.

“Thank God.” I said out loud.

It relieved me they were back to normal, and I didn’t harm them. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I hurt an innocent person.

“Ellie, are you coming?” Lilly called from the exit.

I nodded and lightly jogged towards them. “Sorry.” I called out.

We exited through the door and the frigid wind whipped around us, blowing our hair up in our faces. I crossed my arms around me while we hurried towards the car park. The wind picked up and the three of us ran towards the bright red car. Becky tried to hold her skirt down, but she was fighting against the wind. Lilly rummaged through her bag to find her keys while we waited.

“Hurry, Lilly.” I said while shivering.

“It’s cold, quick.” said Becky.

“All right, let me just find them,” Lilly dug deeper into her bag. “Got them!” she shouted, and the car made an unlocking sound.

We all jumped in the car. I jump into the back again. But the car was no warmer than outside. I rubbed my chilly hands together to warm myself up and pulled my jacket tightly around me. Lilly stuck the key into the ignition and turned it, and the car came alive with a rumble.

“Stick the heating on.” asked Becky.

I saw Lilly fumble with the heating controls. She was pressing random buttons. She stopped when a loud burst of air shot out of the heaters.

Lilly pulled us out of the car park and we headed back home.

“Uh, girls.” I wanted their attention. “You won’t tell anyone about tonight, will you?”

Lilly looked at me in the rearview mirror. “No, Ellie. We wouldn’t do that.” she gave me a smile that reassured me.

“Yeah, we wouldn’t do that to you,” said Becky, “anyway who would believe us?”

“Thanks, girls.” relief washed over me.

“It was cool watching you do it, though, you could make anyone do what you want.” said Becky.

“I don’t want to make anyone do anything. That was a onetime thing.” I answered.

“Good girl, Ellie, don’t take Becky’s advice.” Lilly said proudly.

“Well, I have thought about it, I don’t think I’m the person who could do that to people just to get my way.” I said.

“Oh, come on, Ellie. We can make Beth do lots of stuff, it’d be fun.” she said.

I thought it over would it be so bad just to mess around with just a few people in school. I cut my thoughts short.

“Don’t you dare!” Lilly yelled.

“She can do what she wants.” said Becky.

“It’s wrong. You just cannot play with people like that.” Added Lilly.

“Oh? But it was OK for you when Ellie made that girl get out?” said Becky.

“Well she was annoying, but there is a difference, you two are talking about seeking people out and messing with them.” Lilly commented.

I felt torn between right and wrong, Becky in one corner and Lilly in one another. There was no way I would side with any of them. I spoke my mind.

“Shut up, you two!” I shouted.

There was finally silence from within the car. I had both of their attention and now it was my turn.

“Lilly, you are right, it is wrong to do such things and Becky, there is a part of me that would love to go to school and make some people pay. But that’s just not me, this thing inside of me, it kinda’ scares the hell out of me, and I just want to crawl into bed and never come out.”

I took a breath. “Everything is getting out of hand since Kate’s death. On the outside, I’m all smiles and sunshine, but on the inside, I’m falling apart.” I could feel my face get hot while tears trickled down my face. “I feel that it’s my fault she died since she was driving me. I just wished that she’d never died. Sometimes I wished that it was me instead.”

Both Lilly and Becky gasped.

“I know I shouldn’t think, but I do. And I’ve got night terrors and sometimes I’m too scared to sleep. Those people in there, you saw what I did to them, and for what? A free ticket and popcorn, you’re right, Lilly, it is wrong, and I’m a horrible person.” I placed my hands over my face and slowly sobbed into them.

“I had no idea you felt like that. I’m so sorry and you’re not horrible.” said Becky.

“Ellie, I’m sorry, never say it’s your fault even if you feel it. It was just an accident.” said Lilly. “If I could, I would give you an enormous hug.”

“Me too.” added Becky.

I wiped my face with the back of my hand. Becky opened the glove box. Inside hid a small pack of tissues. She took them and gave them to me with a smile. I ripped open the packet and pulled some free. I wiped my face and blew my nose.

“Thanks, girls,” I said with a croaky voice.

“Ellie, if you need us just phone us, we’re here for you.” said Lilly.

Becky agreed with Lilly.

“Thanks.” I said again. I dabbed at my eyes with the tissue. How did everything get so messed up in a short amount of time?

I sat back in the seat and waited to go home.

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