Broken (The Siren Series #1)

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Chapter Seventeen

I didn’t want to be here. I wanted to be with my Dad back home, safe and sound. What would happen to him? Would he be safe in the house? All these horrible questions attacked me at once and I just wanted to scream. I wiped the tears away with some tissues on the bedside table. I opened up my backpack and changed into my clothes. I picked out a simple white t-shirt and a pair of faded blue jeans. I left the bedroom and walked back down the long lit hall to meet Rhea. The entrance remained empty; there was no sign of Rhea or Sophia. I descended the marble staircase, looking around for her. One door stood ajar in the hall and I peeked my head in, revealing a grand dining room.

A long black solid dining table became the focus of the entire room and surrounded by many white plush chairs with cream-coloured roses filled with many black vases, still following the colour scheme. The walls were painted white and black stripes. At the very end of the room, there was a figure sitting at down in one chair. I walked closer to see it was Rhea. She was reading from a big battered book. She looked up at the pages and smiled straight at me.

“Have you been crying, my dear?” asked Rhea.

I nodded.

“Ellie, please know that you are safe here,” she tried to reassure me. “So what do you think of your room?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s very kind, thank you,” I replied sheepishly.

Rhea closed the book and set it aside. “Please sit.” she gestured to the chair beside her.

I pulled one chair out and sat down. Rhea turned in her chair and faced me.

“Ellie, you know why you’re here, don’t you?” she asked.

“Kinda’.” I said. “I know it’s not safe for me anymore.”

Rhea nodded with agreement. “You are too special. Some people would do anything if they knew a Siren was around.”

“What is so special about me then?” I asked.

“Well, Sirens were powerful beings, Ellie. They can influence anyone they touched and by their voice,” Rhea said.

“I can only influence by touch, though.” I said.

“Yes, but in time, you will learn much more.”

Rhea continued to about the Sirens. “Anyway, they were so powerful that other supernaturals despised them and captured them, one by one. This went on for quite some time. Think about it. If you could make anyone bend to your will, you would be unstoppable. But sadly the Sirens died out, and not even I know why.”

“So there are few left then?” I asked.

“That’s right. But that’s why you are special. Your powers are unique.”

“I don’t want to make people do what I want.” I said.

“That’s because you’re pure.”

“I don’t feel pure.” I mumbled.

I thought. Sirens, my people were used and captured for their powers. Was that why they are after me? What were they going to do with me?

“Rhea,” I asked her. “What do they want with me? Are they going to kill me or just use me for my powers?”

“To be honest, Ellie, I do not know. I will let no one take you, besides, try not to think about It.” she said.

Behind me, a door opened revealing Sophia (Just how many doors does this place have?). She was pushing a pristine silver trolley into the room. Sophia laid the table for Rhea and me and she placed down knives and forks, along with glass cups and a large jug of water filled with ice cubes.

“Sophia, won’t you join us?” asked Rhea. “I’m sure there is enough to go around.”

Sophia placed another plate down for herself along with a knife and fork. She came around to the trolley and put a covered plate in front of me.

Oh god, I hope it’s not foreign food. I thought.

Sophia lifted the lid to reveal a plate full of pasta.

Thank god! I screamed inside my head.

“I had a feeling that you liked Italian food.” smiled Rhea.

“Thank you,” I said. I didn’t want to know how she knew, and I was just thankful I could eat it.

I took my provided fork and dived in. I spun the pasta around my fork and took a bite. The flavours exploded in my mouth. I had never tasted something so delicious before.

“This is unbelievable, who cooked this?” I asked.

Sophia’s face glowed red.

“It’s amazing, thank you, Sophia.” I said.

“Thank you, Ellie, I was nervous cooking it for you, and I even added a few things.” she said modestly.

I took more bites of the delicious food. No one was talking at dinner, they were busy eating, but still, it was very awkward and I wanted to break the silence.

“So, Sophia, how long have you known, Rhea?” I asked.

Sophia’s pale skin turned a shade of scarlet again. “Well, I’ve known her for some years now.” Sophia quietly said.

“Yes, Sophia and I have been together for quite a while.” Rhea said.

“I enjoy being with Rhea, she treats me well.” said Sophia.

“Please don’t embarrass me, Sophia.” laughed Rhea.

“Well, it’ll be nice to have someone new in the house for a while.” said Sophia.

“I hope I don’t cause you too much trouble with me staying here.” I asked them.

“Far from it, now finish your food,” Rhea said.

I took more forkfuls of Sophia’s food while washing it down with some refreshing water. I finished the delicious meal and neatly placed down my knife and fork.

“It was great to thank you.” I said to Sophia.

“It was no trouble at all, Ellie, and I’m glad you liked it.” Sophia said.

“You have quite a healthy appetite, don’t you?” Rhea chuckled.

I took another sip of water to hide my embarrassment. I hoped I didn’t make a pig of myself and picked up the napkin to wipe my mouth. I wanted to know more. “Rhea, can I ask you something?” I asked.

“Go ahead.” she waited for my question.

“Will they go after my Dad?” I didn’t want to know the answer, but I had to find out if he was safe.

Rhea placed her knife and fork down and turned to me. “Ellie, to be honest, I don’t know, but I have people looking out for him.”

I was taken aback. Shocked to hear Rhea did not know what would happen, and that she just didn’t seem to care. It was wrong to come here and leave him all alone. I had abandoned him.

“Oh my god, what have I done?” I drawled.

“Ellie?” Rhea asked.

“I’ve left him to die alone, and he’s all alone out there. I have to go back. Please take me back.” I pleaded with Rhea.

“Ellie, it’s safe for you here, please know that.” Rhea said.

“But are you sure he’ll be safe? I just cannot just sit here and eat like nothing is wrong!” My voice cracked, and I panicked.

“Ellie, please calm down. Listen to me.” Rhea placed her hands on my shoulders and looked deep into my eyes.

“It’s you they are after, not your father. He’s nothing to them. If you went back, you would put him in danger. I’ve got plans in place, Ellie. There are people watching him. Do not worry.” Rhea dropped her hands from my shoulders.

Listening to Rhea’s voice had a calming effect on me. “I hope your right, Rhea. It’s just so hard being away from him.” I said.

I took tiny sips of water. The cold liquid felt good going down my throat. After a few minutes had passed, I was finally calm.

“Sorry.” I said.

“It’s OK.” said Rhea.

“Don’t worry about it, Ellie. We won’t let anything happen to you, or your Dad.” Sophia gave me a big bright smile.

Sophia got up and cleared away the plates and pushed the metal trolley back into the kitchen.

“Ellie, why don’t you get some rest?” asked Rhea.

“Yeah, I feel tired.” I asked her.

“It is getting late and you’ve had quite a day.” Rhea said.

Just thinking about sleeping made me yawn, and I could feel my strength leave my body.

“Maybe I will have a rest.” I agreed.

I pushed away from the table and walked out of the dining room. Rhea’s voice stopped me.

“Goodnight, Ellie, get some rest.” she called sweetly to me.

I turned away from her and continued to drag my tired legs to my room. Remembering how to get back to my bedroom, I turned right at the top of the stairs and walked down the well-decorated hall and into my room.

I quietly closed the bedroom door, and the entire room turned dark. I fumbled my way to the bed (not caring about the lack of light) and climbed on. My entire body was tired, and today’s adventure sapped me of energy. Too tired to take off my clothes, I left them on. The bedding was fresh and so soft against my skin; it felt amazing. Too tired to think, I closed my eyes, and I was dead to the world.

My peaceful sleep was disrupted by, what I could only guess, whispered coming from outside my bedroom door. The whispers were there for only mere seconds and continued down the hall. Flipping over onto my side, I tried to get back to sleep, but something was nagging at the back of my mind. I just wanted to go to sleep. Giving in to the weird and irritating need, I rolled off the bed and walked towards the door in darkness. I pushed down the door handle and peeked out slowly. I could hear more faint whispers from the hall. Quietly, I crept out into the hall and slowly, while not trying to make a sound, I descended to the stairs. Rhea was standing in the main hall, walking back and forth with her arms folded tightly. She was also talking in hushed tones to Sophia.

As I was on the top of the stairs looking down, loud noises were coming from outside the house. I gave a brief yelp as something crashed towards the building. Rhea turned around and looked up towards the stairs.

“Ellie, why are you up this late?” she asked.

“I couldn’t sleep.” I replied to her.

I walked down the stairs to meet up with Rhea. She embraced me in a hug. I was now even more confused.

“Rhea, what are we going to do?” asked Sophia with a worried look on her face?

“You know what to do.” she replied to Sophia.

“What’s going on? What are those noises?” I looked up at Rhea’s face.

Rhea pulled me in tighter and whispered in my ear. “Ellie, the house is surrounded.”

“What?” I quickly pulled away from her and ran to the nearest window. Out in the darkness, there were the same faceless monsters that attacked me. They were standing outside of the main gates, waiting.

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