Broken (The Siren Series #1)

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Chapter Six

My head was foggy as I walked barefooted along a road still in my thin hospital gown. I looked around, and everything was fog. Nothing was visible, except the long dark road that lay before me. Pieces of metal scattered along the ground as I walked through the wreckage of what looked like a car crash.

“Hello!” I shouted out into the darkness. “Did I sleepwalk out of the hospital? There’s no way.”

“Ellie,” whispered an all knowing voice into my ear. I spun around to find no one. “Ellie.” It spoke again.

This time, the voice was calling from down the road. Closer and closer I walked towards the familiar voice. In the middle of the road, there was a figure lying with its back to me. Next to the unknown body was the destroyed car that I knew very well. I rushed towards the body with teary eyes. It was her. I knelt onto the hard asphalt road and slowly peered at Kate. She was lying lifeless on the road. Her face was all bloodied, and her eyes were staring into nothingness. It was my worst nightmare, and I was living it.

“Kate!” I screamed, “Please wake up, Kate, it’s Ellie.” I cradled Kate’s still body. Please tell me this is a dream. “I want to wake up!” I cried.

I brushed some matted hair from her face and closed her eyes. I lowered down and planted a kiss on her forehead. One of my tears fell onto Kate’s cheek. Hoping, like in fairytales, a tear would wake her up, but this wasn’t a fairytale, this was real.

Slowly, I opened my heavy-lidded eyes. Looking around, I saw the room broken and destroyed. The floor below covered in cracks and it had broken the windows. Did an earthquake happen? I tilted my throbbing head towards the chair where Dad was resting. From now on, I would need to be there for him.

I’ll take care of him, Kate. I thought.

I pushed the hospital blankets back and got to my feet. The floor looked as if they had smashed it with a sledgehammer. What the hell had happened? I gently touched his shoulder, and he slowly opened his eyes.

“You should be in bed, Ellie,” he said with worry. He placed a gentle hand on my face.

“I’m fine now, Dad,” I lied, “and what happened to the room?”

“They say it was a mini earthquake, but never have I experienced that before and we don’t even have earthquakes.” he said.

He helped me over to the bed and sat down beside me. His face got all serious.

“What’s wrong?” I asked with a dry mouth.

“Ellie it’s,” he cut himself off and his face deepened with worry. There was more horrible news on its way.

“The doctors said they’re worried about your brain,” he said, “when you were sleeping, they didn’t think you would wake up.”

“But I feel fine now.” I said. “Well, apart from my injuries.”

“I’ll just get a doctor, quick.” he ran off out the room like a shot.

I got back into bed to wait for his return. I felt ok-ish’. I didn’t want people fussing over me. I just wanted to go home, back to my bed.

Dad came back with a junior male doctor. As soon as he came into the room, he pulled a stethoscope from around his neck and leant in. I gave a slight jolt when the cold metal touched my skin. The junior doctor gave a brief chuckle and warmed up his equipment. I noticed he had the bluest eye’s I’ve had ever seen in my life. He had thick light brown hair that I just wanted to run my fingers through and it smelled amazing. For a second, I became engrossed in him.

“What happened in here then?” the doctor asked.

“They said it was an earthquake.” my Dad mumbled.

I quickly snapped out of it when the good-looking doctor took a step back. He replaced the stethoscope back around his neck.

“Sounds all good as far I can tell,” he said as he smiled, showing a perfect set of white teeth that kinda’ sparkled. (I must have imagined that part) He picked up my chart and studied it with eagle eyes.

“It looks like you’re due for an MRI scan.” he said, and he ran his hand through his thick locks.

I did not like the sound of that at all, and he saw my hesitation straight away.

“Don’t worry, it’s like having photos taken of your brain, no needles.” he said.

I swore this guy just walked out of a Jane Austen novel, all he needed was a wet shirt and that would be it (but I wouldn’t say no to that).

He placed the chart back down and left. He immediately came back into the room and said.

“Oh yeah, my name’s, Dr Logan Moss.” he then left again before my Dad could say his thanks.

“So a little good news, then?” I said, but as soon as I felt the knot of guilt hit my stomach.

He just nodded. “I just want you home, Ellie, that’s all.” he tried to smile, but it fell apart. I breathed a deep sigh but knew it was a terrible idea as pain struck through me.

“Ouch.” I said through gritted teeth.

“Are you OK?” Dad asked. He got up to see to me, but I waved him off.

“Just need to take my time.” I replied while rubbing my side.

I wanted to ask about what will happen to Kate? What about the funeral? Kate only had the two of us. Both of their parents were long dead (sadly, I never really knew my grandparents). What about the money for the funeral? These questions would need answers, but for now, I needed to rid my mind of those annoying doubts and focus on getting my Dad through this and myself.

The MRI scan was easy. I just had to lie down in a massive machine and wait while they looked at my brain. Thank god there were no needles involved, but the machine created deafening noises, so they gave me headphones to listen to, (the choice of music was poor, but it beats listening to a loud, noisy machine).

I was wheeled back to my room by a lovely African woman named Bella. She told me many story’s trying to lift my mood, and they were about some patients who came here. Some tales funny, while some were’ gross. There was one about a man came in claiming that he fell onto a carrot. And well, you get the picture. (Yuck). Bella had a laugh that could lift anyone from the darkest of moods.

“Here we go,” she said, pressing the brakes. My body was still weak, but I pushed myself up from the wheelchair. Bella stood next to me for support, but there was no need for her since I couldn’t touch her. I shuffled towards the bed and pulled the sheets right up to my chin.

“Looks like you’ll be leaving me soon.” she said.

“Yeah looks like it, I just want to go home, back to my bed.” I replied.

“Yep, there’s nothing like your bed.” Bella chuckled. I loved it when she laughed and smiled.

My gleeful smile faded within seconds, and I felt the guilt rise in my stomach like bile. I had no right to smile.

“Hey,” she said. “Where’s that smile gone?”

“Sorry, it’s just that I shouldn’t feel like smiling right now.” I sadly said.

“Come on now, Ellie. What happened was an accident. And if your aunt were alive, she wouldn’t want you feeling like this, would she?” the African woman said.

“No, she wouldn’t.” I muttered.

“Anyway, the doctor will be around any minute to see you.” Bella said.

“You mean the one with the bluest eyes.” I asked as my face felt flushed just thinking about him.

Both of her eyebrows shot up. “Ah, so you noticed, have you?” she laughed. “Yes, he sure does get a lot of attention around here. Maybe that’s to your taste, but not for me, sweetie. I like em’ rugged.” she left the room with a laugh that bellowed down the hall.

Lovely woman. I thought.

At that moment, Dad entered the room. He had a sliver of a smile on his lips; I bet that he’d just met Bella.

“She’s quite the character, isn’t she?” he said, nodding in her direction.

“Yeah, she is. I like her.” I said as my Dad sat down.

“How you feeling?” he asked.

“I’m okay, just tired and weak, that’s all. I just want my bed and fluffy pillows.”

“Soon, just need to wait a little longer, that’s all.” he kissed me gently on my forehead.

Just then the doctor came into the room holding a file along with those deep blue sea eyes of his. He came in with a cute smile on his lips.

“Ellie.” he said with a voice with such authority. “I’ve got wonderful news. There’s no significant damage done to the brain.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “So when can I go home?” I asked quickly.

“Not long just need your Father here to sign a few things and that’s it.” the doctor said.

“Can he do it now then? I want to go home.” I pleaded.

“Yeah, sure, if you just follow me we can get them done quickly.” he said. Dad got up and followed the doctor out of the room.

While no one was around, I got dressed. I wanted to get out of the horrible hospital gown I was wearing. It opened in the back, showing my knickers. I opened one bag that Dad brought me and inside were a set of clean clothes that I could change into. I quickly changed into a loose fitting top and a pair of jeans that had a rip on one side of the leg (I didn’t want to throw them away). I buttoned up my jeans with ease and placed on my raggedy shoes.

“Need to buy new ones.” I said looking down at my shoes.

I looked up from my battered, so-called shoes and saw my Dad enter. “Looks like we can go home.” he said.

I was about to sit myself down in the chair but I walked instead, give my poor injured muscles a brief stretch. Dad was first to leave as I took a few slow steps towards the door, but I turned back to see my broken down room. That was no earthquake. Did I do that?

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