Creation of Hurricanes

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Folk tale about the creation of hurricanes

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1

Once there was a beautiful goddess, whose name was Zena. She ruled over the ocean and the winds. Her father was Malotte, god of battle and war. Her mother was Tessaria, goddess of love and beauty. She had many siblings; Tarot- god of wisdom and knowledge; Fruer- goddess of the arts; Fugina- goddess of the moon and animals; Derakot- god of hunting, traps, trickery; Demakot- goddess of agriculture and farming. Zena was much beloved by all. She was worshipped by fisherman and mothers whose kids would play at the beach. She was a mild temper goddess. She was very kind and nobody hated her.

One day Zena went to walk upon the earth. She strolled along the beach when she ran into a mortal man. The man looked at her and apologized profusely.

“It’s alright,” Zena told him.

“I’m so sorry my lady Zena,” the mortal replied.

Zena sighed. “What is your name?”

“Xander, my lady,” he replied.

Zena much liked this Xander. She took to coming to earth at least once a week to visit with him. They developed an easy friendship. That friendship soon turned to love. Zena would sneak of without her father’s permission more and more. They would meet in a secret cove they had discovered and share stolen kisses. They would sit there for hours on end, talking and laughing, cuddling with each other.

One day her sister Fugina caught her as she was sneaking. Zena was forced to tell her the truth about where she was going. Fugina promised to not tell their father. Zena was grateful and went on her way.

One day a mortal woman called Maylene saw Xander sneaking out. She followed him and saw he was meeting Zena and that they were kissing. She saw when Xander proposed. She was furious, for she had wanted to marry Xander. She couldn’t think of anyone who was prettier than her. Just then Xander moved and Maylene saw the woman’s face. It was the goddess Zena.

Maylene knew what she had to do to get Xander back. She went to the temple of Malotte and prayed to him, begging for a meeting. Her wish was granted.

Maylene met Malotte and told him of his daughters treachery. He was absolutely furious. Maylene told him of the cove where they would meet.

The next day as Zena and Xander we’re talking about eloping, Malotte barged in. His face was bright red with anger.

“So it is true,” he bellowed. “You have been sneaking off to meet this mortal and now you are planning on marrying him.”

“Father please, I love him so very much,” Zena begged.

“I forbid it.”

Zena started to silently cry.

“Guards, take this man away and kill him.”

Zena was now full out balling

“It’s okay my love,” Xander told her.

The guard brought his sword up, about to execute Xander, when suddenly the ocean started moving, and the wind picked, whistling and moaning. The wind and ocean combined to make the first ever hurricane. The hurricane knocked over the guard and took the sword, dropping it in the ocean. Everyone one else was thrown to the ground, except Zena and Xander.

“Don’t touch him,” Zena growled.

The guards that were still conscious backed away, as did Malotte. The hurricane then stopped and the ocean settled.

From that day forth, hurricanes would be created if one of Zena’s loved ones were hurt or injured.

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