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"you may not want to be treated as a princess, but that does not mean you are not one. You should not need to fight it is my job to protect you." " I am not a princess. I am training to be a guard." Book 3- I have not finished editing. Samira is a guard or so everyone sees. but she is hiding a big secret. Sam and her twin Brother Sean. are currently attending a boarding school for Amaris children. they both hide huge secrets. and with the princess Alysa somewhere safe, or so everyone thinks. both Sam and Sean might finally have a chance of a normal life. well until the world goes nuts again. as long as princess Alysa stays safe. Sam can enjoy a normal life. to bad no one seems to want to let Alysa live. Sam is getting there actually enjoying school when the world again goes nuts. Alysa will always be safe as long as Sam is but to many people are finding out about her secret and to many people are getting hurt. Sam wonders if she is the only person who can stop a war. if the Amaris go to War it will all be her fault. princess Alysa should never of been hidden, everyone agrees with that. but what Sam feels is that Ally should never of been found. until Ally takes the thrown Sam will make sure no one finds her. even though Sam doesn't want Ally to be Queen. in fact Sam would quiet happily just disappear and live a normal life. taking Ally with her. gone for ever but always safe.

Fantasy / Adventure
Katy Rayne
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Chapter 1

I looked at Duncan my guard. His new black hair and new brown eyes looking exactly like mine, they had made him look younger than he was as well. We both looked completely different from how we had just a few short weeks ago. As extra protection they had put us to school as twins, so he wouldn’t graduate before me. He looked a bit too much older than me to be classed as my twin I thought, but the school had brought it. Why would anyone lie and put a 19 year old back into school as a 17 year old? They had put us in as juniors, which was actually quite funny as this would be both are second time doing are junior year at a high school. I had only ever done the junior year but that was beside the point. I looked in the mirror in the headmasters study waiting to meet him. My new shoulder length straight black hair which was expertly dyed to look like it wasn’t dyed was a complete change from my old strawberry blonde mass of ringlet curls that went down to my middle.

My new brown eyes almost like chocolate gave me a look of someone completely different. My green eyes that everyone used to say where the colour of jades where gone. I really did look different. It wasn’t just my looks that were different; I currently had to be a completely different person, different name, and different backstory. I was worried but I knew it was all set up and no one would suspect that this girl sat in this office was the Princess of the Amaris. Why would a Princess who was in protection come without guards, to a school full of her own people, who wanted to kill her. She would have to be crazy to do that. That’s what I was, crazy. I was shredding a tissue in my hand with nerves Duncan looked at me. “Sam relax” he said I looked at him and tried to calm my nerves, by taking a deep breath. Just keep breathing Ally, Sam who ever I am. You want to be a normal kid. Time to start acting like one. I gave him a small smile. Duncan was on guard looking around the room for any danger, not that there was any at all and hopefully there wouldn’t be.

At least for the 2 years that we planned to hide here. “Me relax you relax Sean” I said, half reminding myself of his new name, as well as him. Today wasn’t even weird, in was
usual for Amaris to move around at the beginning of a school year. Strangely everything had happened so that with a few weeks delay we were starting the first day of school on a new school year. Duncan/Sean gave me a weak smile it was time for both Princess Alysa and guard Duncan to disappear we were now Samira River Bae and Sean River Bae twin 17 year olds. The Headmaster came in, I looked at him. He was somehow the plumpest Amaris I had ever met. We normally are all skinny and tall with supermodel/movie star looks. I am petite compared to most Amaris; it was how when I was hidden from everyone, it was easier for me in the human world. As I didn’t get much attention. Some people would say I’m pretty. But I’m not drop dead gorgeous like most my kind, in fact I’m rather plain. Trust me to be the plainest Queen to be in all Amaris history. I could add that to another reason why I shouldn’t be Queen, the list was getting longer by the minute. 1. I know nothing about being Queen, 2. I was raised in the human world and until recently I feared my own kind, my own people. 3. I still fear my own people. 4. I’m useless at politics. 5. I’m a fussy eater I would rather die of starvation than eat what the palace cooks cooked me. 6. I’m possibly the only Queen in
history that refuses to drink straight from a human. I was still listing all the things in my head, when it became obvious I needed to pay attention to the Headmaster.

I saw his greying hair and his blue eyes hidden behind huge spectacles. He was staring at both of us and I heard Duncan I mean Sean say, “are parents unfortunately couldn’t come with us, but I think you will find all the transfer forms and the telephone call was enough.” he looked at me as if to say I would need to compel him if he didn’t agree. He couldn’t, only the princess of the Amaris could compel her own people he could only compel humans. One of the few things I was learning about myself as time went on. I missed my old simple life, even as I thought it I had to stifle myself from laughing. My life had never been simple. Raised on the run, to fear my own kind. Not knowing who I was. Never staying still for more than a few months. Incase people found me and killed me. My life really had never been simple. It was only now I knew a whole race of people depended on me, did I feel the full weight of my life. My life sucked. Even now sat in this man’s office, at a school I had wanted to go to since Luke told me about Amaris schools. Did I fully understand, even then my life held no security. People
still wanted to kill me badly. Yep my life sucked. “It’s all fine but normally parents at least look around the school first.” The headmaster told us. “Our parents are just too busy at the moment, with their jobs”

Duncan/Sean told the headmaster. I could tell he was trying to get my attention. I really needed to pay attention to the room rather than my own head. “Unfortunately a few of their, demands we couldn’t comply with, due to rules of campus” he carried on. Duncan/Sean looked worried and said “which ones.” “We cannot put you in the same room if we changed the rules for you everyone would want it” said the headmaster. He had a point and I looked at Duncan, both of us realising if we demanded that we always stayed together, it would be more suspicious. “That’s fine” I said. It was the first time I had spoken to the headmaster; he looked at me obviously trying to piece me and Duncan together. We were a bit strange even I admit it. For Amaris we had tans for a start. From are 3 weeks laid on a beach in Hawaii, hey I am a princess and I’ve been stressed, I deserved at least a tiny bit of peace. It had taken a lot of effort to get Sean on the beach.

Being raised as night as his day, Sean really struggled with my times. It was strange as now I was
going to have to go back onto the night day. Okay sometimes the vampire stereotypes really annoy me. But here’s the thing, I may look like a human but I’m not. I am a part of an ancient race, similar to what people think of as vampires and witches. We are called the Amaris. This means ‘child of the moon’. I am not immortal and the thought of drinking blood from a human makes me sick. I should drink it yes, but I find a blood bag nicked from a hospital less cringe worthy. Although I hoped I wouldn’t have to nick it here. According to Duncan blood should be available 24/7. I mix my blood into coffee or coke and food so that I can convince myself; I’m not drinking or eating it. Most of my kind seems to like the vampire image. Not me I think it makes us sound barbaric. We are slightly barbaric, as you can tell by the fact that oh my life. “Is it possible for us to both have our own rooms?” Duncan/Sean asked, I think he thought if we couldn’t share together. It was safer for me to have my own room. “Unfortunately we are short of.” Duncan and I looked at each other not knowing what to do about that. Then the head master said “thankfully we managed to do your fathers roommate demand for your sister if you couldn’t be together.” after a few
seconds I remembered that was April, Marco had tried to arrange for me to be with an Amaris I thought of as a friend, even if I hadn’t seen her in almost a year. Well would be a year at Christmas so it was only 9 months, but it felt like a million years. Smiling I said “that is fine.” He handed us both a timetable “this is your lesson plan school starts at 9pm and finishes at 4am. As you would find it did at your previous schools.” the headmaster said we nodded. It was a cover we had transferred and even had fake transfer papers so all was fine with that. “Breakfast is available from 6pm in your dorms.” He said. Again we nodded “lunch and dinner are in the school cafeteria.” “Thankyou sir” I said being polite. “well I cannot keep you all day and you need to go get fitted in uniform lessons start back up in 2 days and I hope you enjoy your time here, at Bennett Gaia” he said then he looked at our notes “oh it doesn’t say what your elements are?” he suddenly realised. I looked at Duncan/Sean I hadn’t thought what my element was going to be. “I am fire and my sister is water.”

Duncan/Sean told the Headmaster. Saying the one he had seen me use the most. I can use all of them, in fact I am stronger in all elements than a normal Amaris is in there specialised. Water was the
one I usual called on, just for the fact most people around me used fire and I liked to put it out. They seemed to set a lot of things on fire. In fact I was surprised fire users didn’t have to come with warning and insurance. Warning likely to set sofa on fire there highly flammable. Warning likely to burn down a castle. Warning, warning. All my people should come with warnings. Especially my guards. The Headmaster nodded and wrote it down. I would have to remember that my water needed to be strong. But not to strong and my other elemental magic, needed to become really weak. Although not disappear. We said are goodbyes to the headmaster and got taken to be fitted for our uniforms. We could wear are own clothes during weekends, we were even allowed out into the human world on weekends. Although Duncan/Sean, Marco and Marianna had extremely discouraged it. They said I was safer in the school compound. Where my only threat was the other students. Yep fun. I wanted this, I kept reminding myself.

We went to the uniform fitting room. In there was a few girls and boys my age and younger all getting fitted. None of them even gave us a look; they were all so busy in their friendship groups. I saw by the pins on their uniform that the girls my age where royals, would I one day know all these girls. I wasn’t in school as a royal not even as a lady I was just a normal Amaris. We sat on a bench waiting are turn. “Are you okay Sam” asked Duncan/Sean. “I’m fine Sean we can do this.” I told him not believing it myself, but hoping my words would feel me with confidence, they didn’t. It looked just like siblings talking to each other, not a guard talking to a Princess. I was thankful for Duncan being with me. I really did need to stop thinking of the new Sean as Duncan my guard. Sean, Sean, Sean, my brother I said in my head repeating it over and over again so hopefully it might actually sink in.

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