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Chapter 10 - Marco POV

The months had been hard, not knowing if princess Alysa was safe and not being able to contact her. Nothing had happened in months I knew from my regular contact through non-conventional ways with the palace that nothing had happened that side either. We had all managed just to disappear or at least we hoped we had. If it was safe I would have gone and taken her back to her parents by now but that maybe what they were after us letting our guard down. The plan for Marianna to join her had been side tracked by the fact we didn’t know any details or anything and we couldn’t risk breaking there cover. I hadn’t contacted my brother as I didn’t want him to know I had left her as well. I felt so bad about leaving her even though it was the only way. The only way for her to have a life, to be safe, to be happy. We were in a safe house in a small town in japan. Marianna was laid on the sofa watching an anime that I didn’t have a clue what was
going on.

Joe was teaching the young guard who was pretending to be Ally how to play poker. We were all normally busier than this trying to find the people in charge of Princess Ally’s death threats but until one surfaced we didn’t have much details we hoped he would find us we would be waiting. The phone rang. The special phone only 2 people had the number too. The special phone I had hoped would ring but also dreaded would for months. Marianna was next to me in 2 seconds so was Joe. We were all afraid for bad news. I answered. “Hey m?” Ally’s voice said. In a way that was asking if I was m and sounded worried. “It’s me are you both okay?” I asked worriedly. “We are fine everything’s fine with us.” She said quickly but the us caught me of guard who wasn’t it fine with. “What’s going on do you need us?” I asked her quickly listening intently. “No we are fine. Do you know how my parents are?” “They miss you and wish you were with them but they are fine.” I said and I heard her sigh of relief. She may not know her parents very well, but she did want to deep down. “It’s almost been a year since we found each other.” She said I could hear the mixed emotions in her voice even this far away from her. “Have you seen or heard anything about your parents
and family?” she asked sounding embarrassed. I knew her and Drew where close. I just assumed it would be to ask me to ring him to see how he was, which I would on her demand. But didn’t see the reason for the embarrassment in her voice. “Have you spoken to any of them since we separated? Or heard anything?” she asked. “No” I said wondering where she was going with this. “Can you ring Drew its important” she said. “Does he know where not together?” I asked wondering where this actually was going. “Yeah and he’s not happy.” She said sounding embarrassed still. . “Yeah and he’s not happy.” She said sounding embarrassed still. “Oh Duncan wants to talk to you” I heard the shuffling of the phone and her say quietly “where were you when I needed you with the other call.” “Hello sir” said Duncan, ever the polite guardian I wondered how the two of them where coping together.

“Everything okay with the 2 of you? How is everything going?” I asked worried. “Fine sir no one suspects and A is close to actually passing her exams before Christmas.” He said. Then I suddenly realised we hadn’t made any arrangements for Christmas break which would start next week. . “Christmas” I said it like it was a swear word. They would get 6 weeks Christmas break that we
hadn’t thought of we had thought of the 12 week summer but not the 6 week Christmas. “Can you stay there for Christmas break unless I can get some plan in place?” “Yes that’s fine.” He said sounding quite embarrassed there was something both weren’t telling me. I heard the phone shuffle back to Ally. “Is there a way to do a conference call and keep both numbers blocked?” I heard her ask someone not me. “Hold on m” she said and I heard beeping. Then the phone was ringing “are you still there?” she asked as the ringing happened. “Yes” I said wondering what was going on. Then my brother answered the phone “hello?” he asked full of worry. “Hey Drew it’s me again and Marco.” Ally said. “You are together.” I heard my brothers sigh of relief. “Not exactly” said Ally. “What’s going on” I demanded at both Ally and my younger brother. “That’s exactly what I want to know to” said Drew addressing me I realised. “Andrew tell your side of the story. I haven’t got long. I got to be back soon or I will be in trouble” said Ally. I looked at the clock and realised she was possibly breaking curfew to be making this call. Andrew also seemed to understand the need to move on; by the fact she had called him his name. Rather than the very informal nicknames, they all
seemed to use. “Kayla and I our due to get married Christmas day.” He said sounding happy and sad at the same time. “Why so soon? Have they finally decided you two living together unmarried is scandalise”

I asked with only a small hint of humour I heard the phone shuffling and silence followed from all of us. “Tell him or I will” said Ally though she said it forcefully she said it with a lot of love as well. “I’m pregnant” said Kayla’s voice “a little boy” she rushed on. “Due in feb” she said I knew she was going to say February, but Ally had interrupted swearing. “I got to go I’m so sorry” she said. “What’s happened?” I asked quick before she hung up Duncan came on the phone “nothing bad we got to go through bye dad.” He said the dad bit and I knew are private conversation was no longer private. Their side hung up. “Marco what’s going on” asked Andrew sounding very worried. “I wish I knew. How the hell did this all happen?” I asked tiredly. “I don’t even know what’s happening” my brother said sounding exasperated. “Is there a way for the 2 of them to come” I heard Kayla asking Andrew possible not knowing that Ally was gone from the conversation. “Unfortunately I don’t think there is unless” I said. “Unless?” Andrew asked. “I’ll let you know.” I said.
There was one way it was possible not the best way but it would get at least one of us to the wedding if I could. “When and where the wedding?” “Christmas time not sure where yet Kayla’s mum wants the court” “what about the old banquet hall at your old school it was beautiful” it wouldn’t be unusual royal Amaris got married there a lot due to the beautifulness of the place and the added security I thought as I said it. “Insist on a small ceremony” I told him “go check it out over winter break see how safe it would be for me to bring Ally there” I didn’t tell my brother she was there already but I heard him and Kayla actually talking about it. “It would be one of the safest places for the queen to come as well.” I heard her say to him. “You need to personally check the security out there.” I told them. “Okay ill ring them when they’ll be awake. As it is middle of the sleep time.” Andrew said sounding like he was seriously thinking this through.

“Do you think that would be safe enough for you to bring Ally to?” Asked Kayla. “If you kept the numbers small and insist on training guards as backup it will hopefully be safe, but check it out first.” I said “I will” said Andrew sounding like it was the first good idea he had heard in a while. “If Ally rings you do not tell her in case it can’t
happen” I said. “We won’t” they both agreed. “Kayla and Andrew congratulations by the way on both your engagement and baby.” I said hanging up. “A wedding and a baby?” Marianna said looking like this was good gossip. “Alysa’s not?” Joe asked looking worried. “Of course not that would be Andrew and Kayla.” I said putting my head in my hand sighing. “It was easier not knowing anything” said Marianna. She didn’t know how much I agreed with those words.

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