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Chapter 11

I was in a middle of a conversation 3 ways with Drew and Marco. When the main door knocked Sean jumped to attention. And disappeared out the room I carried on talking on the phone. “Tell him or I will” I said wanting to rush the conversation as I didn’t want to hang up before they said and I sensed we needed to go soon. “I’m pregnant” said Kayla’s “a little boy” she rushed on. “Due in feb” she said. I didn’t want to interrupt her but Sean had walked back in the room with a very confused looking Kye. “I got to go I’m so sorry” I said wondering why Kye was here. “What’s happened?”

Marco asked quickly before I hung up I handed the phone to Sean as Kye shot me worried flirty looks. “Nothing bad we got to go through bye dad.” He said the dad bit as a way of pretending we were talking to our dad. “Hey Kye what brings you here? I know I said no for the date. but that didn’t mean you needed to go starker on me.” I joked trying

to keep it light, so he wouldn’t think anything odd of us being here. But then why was he here. “Visiting my aunt” Kye said indicating the Amaris lady who was a trusted guard, and was currently living in this house to keep an eye on me. I remembered her telling me her nephew was going to the school I was going to, when she brought me here. “You? Why are you at my aunts?” asked Kye. Sean came to my aid before I could make up a lie “ringing dad your aunts the only phone that people can’t use to trace with and he’s on a mission at moment.” This actually could fully be the truth. “We were trying to see if we could see him for Christmas.” I said. “Oh are you allowed to?” Kye asked looking happy. His aunt brought in a jug of drink for all of us. “He doesn’t think it’s possible” I said. Sean caught my eyes, I think he was trying to work out how I felt. I shrugged. “Sorry to hear that. “You could always join us for Christmas couldn’t they Auntie Emilee” Kye said looking at both of us awkwardly. His aunt looked at both of us she knew who we really where.

I didn’t know what she would think of us being around her at Christmas, I made her nervous anyway well as nervous as a guard could be. Her whole training that I actually was doing myself told her she should be seen and not
heard by a royal. “We will think about it” Sean said. He didn’t want me getting close to Kye. He was a lovely guard but as Sean had told me. He was too strong to waste and if he fell for me he may get sloppy. Kye’s aunt smiled at us all weakly it was very awkward I realised. “Well thank you for letting us use your phone, we should be going. We need to get back.” I said. “I’ll come to. we need to get back soon anyway” said Kye. There wasn’t any point refusing. He kissed his aunt goodbye and we all went out. “What’s your dad doing at the moment?” Kye asked quiet nosily, when we were in the taxi. Sean shot me a look but again I went for the truth. I sometimes wanted to know what my friends thought of the princess, they were trying there hardest to get strong enough, to be chosen to protect. “He’s keeping the princess safe” I said. Sean looked like he wanted to kill me. “Sam!” he said. “Wow really that’s amazing. The poor princess she really hasn’t had much luck.” Kye said. This made Sean look exasperated, but I agreed with Kye. “Nope not much luck at all.

What do you think she’ll be like on the throne?” I asked wondering if anyone else had the same fears for it, that I did. “It’s not our job to worry about the politic side. Just keeping her safe” Sean said.
Shooting me a look that basically told me shut up. I wondered if he actually wanted to keep me safe, at that moment or kill me. Kye ignoring the 2 of us private twin moments said “I agree with Sean it’s not our place. It is just our job to keep her safe, but I think she’ll be great. She properly will be the most laid back royal as she won’t be snobby like the ones at school.” Both Sean and I looked at him with open mouths. “What?” he said noticing are faces. “Nothing” we both said. The taxi driver wasn’t paying much attention to us. Until we got close to the school I think it may have been his first time there. Human taxis where not allowed on premises so we needed to get out at the gate. Coming up to the school for the first time it would be mind blowing. The old mansion with buildings surrounding it looked like something out of this time zone.

It was century’s old. “Here would be great Sean” said knocking on the mirror separating us. The taxi pulled over and we got out. Sean handed over the money. “Oh I would have paid” said Kye who had fished his wallet out. “Don’t worry about it there was no way we could have got all Sams bags home on the bus.” He said which was a big exaggeration I only had 8 bags. “It’s not that much” I told them. “Yeah it’s not
the whole shop” Kye said laughing. Sean laughed. The 2 of them would actually make good friends if Sean wasn’t so over protective of me. We walked down the school drive laughing and joking. One of the school buses drove past us. And we realised we had all of 5 minutes to get back. We ran the rest of the way. Kye going to his dorm and Sean just coming back to drop my bags of, then he would run to his dorm to. “Buy enough” April asked me laughing as Sean put all my bags in our room. “Don’t ask here that she will make me go back for the rest of the shop.”

Sean said with a smile at my roommate. She was the only person my age who knew who I was. They seemed to have an unspoken bond about it. I pulled out my new duvet set and started making my bed. “I think I should send him back.” I said but Sean had already gone. I was putting the stuff away and I possibly had gone a bit over the top. especially as we wear uniform all the time. “Are you still going home?” I asked. April reluctantly nodded. “Yeah I wish you were coming again.” she said. “Can you get a present to Kayla for me?” I said handing her 3 bags. “What the hell have you brought her?” “Cute baby stuff, and Christmas presents.” I said smiling. “How can I get them to her? It’s not like she
comes into the kennels” April pointed out. I gave her there address and she agreed to take it for me. “You miss them don’t you?” said April looking worryingly at me from her bed. “Yeah there my family.” She came over and gave me a hug. “I wish things where easier.” I said to myself as April had already fallen asleep. It only took me seconds and I joined her in the world of sleep.

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