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Chapter 12

The man had his knife to my throat, everyone was speaking German around me the house was on fire I knew this was a nightmare even in my sleep but I was screaming trying to escape. I kicked out screaming all my training leaving my head I was back to being the fragile princess and I couldn’t fight in the high heels and dress I screamed again forcing myself awake. I woke trying to catch my breath. I went over to April’s bed. She was fast asleep. It was 9am Sunday. A time I would just be going to bed if I had kept in my normal schedule no wonder, Sean didn’t want to do day night day night. I pulled out my phone it would be breaking curfew going out now. But I could always meet with the other guards, that where in charge of my protection and do a bit of practise in the woods. After that nightmare there was no sleep left in me. I debated texting Sean. But I knew he was possibly asleep. He needed his sleep. He needed his strength. I worked out
the bedroom and went downstairs. A few of the younger girls were awake watching TV still. Well bedtime wasn’t till 10am so it wasn’t that big a deal. I sat next to a blonde Amaris sophomore who I knew was called Hannah. “Hey Hannah hey Paula.” I said to the 2 girls watching TV. “Hi Sam.” They both said. I looked at what they were watching it didn’t appeal to me. “Do either of you know the rules for Sunday swimming?” I asked wondering if I could go swimming now. I would even settle for going to climb trees. Or running laps. Anything to settle me down. Both girls were part of the swim team.

A team I wasn’t actually apart of due to the fact it left campus occasionally and of course Sean didn’t want that. “We can go on Sundays anytime. As long as we have permission from a teacher.” Paula told me. “Okay I’ll get permission. Is Gina still up?” I asked. “Yeah I’m still up.” Gina said from the doorway I hadn’t heard her. I still didn’t actually like her, but I decided to smile nicely and act like I did. “Please may I have your permission to go swimming? This whole day night day night thing has knocked me of schedule and I need to get rid of some energy.” I told her with a polite smile. “Sure but you’re not allowed to go swimming alone when no one else is
in there.” Gina reminded me. “That’s fine I will wake my brother up.” I said with a smile. “That’s so mean.” Piped up Hannah jokingly she was always a nervous girl. She wasn’t training to be a guard, or a vet in fact she was training to be an accountant. I remembered. “Well what’s a brother for except to pick on” I said with a smile. “Can I go swimming too? Instead of Sam’s brother I’m as bad with sleeping earlier after shopping.” She asked Gina. “That’s fine with me.” I said smiling at her and Gina it really was I didn’t care. “Yeah that’s fine.” Gina said shrugging. She wrote us a permission slip so Hannah and I went swimming. Paula an air element said she would rather go to bed. Which was fair enough swimming laps isn’t for everyone.

When we arrived at the pool I had expected it to be empty. There were a few royals, which we avoid even thought they were being stupid. There guards sat by the side of the pool. I noticed by the fact there was guards actually with the students one at least had to be the next in line. I had texted my guards to tell them where I was going. As expected matt ainme.“The royals scare me.” Hannah whispered. I wondered if I would scare her if she knew who I really was. Or the fact she knew me before, would make her not be scared of me. “There just kids like us Han.” I told her with a smile. “Come on let’s have a race and let them just mess about.” I told her. She smiled as we slipped into the pool. We raced a few times the royals ignored us. When we reached the side of the pool Hannah beating me she really was an amazing swimmer. She said “that royals going to drown in a minute.” I looked where she was looking. The royals were being stupid. Diving in where they shouldn’t be. “Their guards will help them if needed.” I pointed out. “Their guards are fire elements.” Hannah pointed out. She had a point. Fire elements hated water but they would dive in if needed. “Don’t make me talk to them.” I said. “Talk to the guards.” Hannah said nervously. I climbed out the pool reluctantly. ” Hannah whispered. I wondered if I would scare her if she the pool and quickly grabbed her. Before anyone else could react I had her on the side of the pool. The guards were quickly over. They all fussed over the girl. I went back to Hannah. “idiots.” She into the pool.” Hannah whispered. I wondered if I would scare her if she knew

I would have thought all the royals would leave but one didn’t. He came up to me. “Thank you.” He said. Hannah looked extremely nervous. “No problem you majesty.” I said. “Don’t I know you?” he asked looking at me closer. I looked at him oh for goodness sake it was one of Luke’s friends from the hotel last Christmas. Prince Derek. His blue eyes caught me in a stare. They were as blue as the water around me looked. “No I just have one of those faces.” I told him. “Aren’t you Prince Luke’s ex?” he asked. “No way.” I said in a panic like that was out the question. He shrugged it off. Hannah raised an eyebrow. Obviously telling by my tone that I wasn’t telling the full truth there. She wasn’t a gossip spreader thank god. But I knew she would ask me if I had dated Prince Luke. Prince Derek ran his hand through his wet brown hair, nervously. “Well thanks for saving Lady Lindsey.” He said. “No problem. I’m sure your guards would of.” I said indicating his guards waiting for him. So he was obviously the royal they had come to keep an eye on. “Yeah they would.” He said. “If only I could get them to talk to Me.” he said. I looked at him it was something I had felt so many times. “Yeah well we have training not to.” I said. Hannah shot me a look. “You do?” he
asked. “Yeah and If you keep talking to me your majesty, I’m going to get into trouble.” I told him.

“Oh so you’re a guard in training?” he asked. I looked at the guards they were all staring at me. Well this wasn’t very embarrassing. “yeah.” I said, “Maybe one day you could be my guard if you’re as good at protecting people as you are at quick thinking.” He said. “Thankyou sire” I said. “Derek” he said holding out his hand. “Hello prince Derek.” I said politely. “That’s when you tell me your name. So I can tell Lady Lindsey who saved her.” he told me, he added the telling lady Lindsey quiet late. “Sam. You should have told me you were coming swimming.” Erin came in saying. “I’m Sam.” I told Prince Derek. Erin saw who I was talking to as she slipped into the pool. “Well I will tell Lady Lindsey that.” Prince Derek said, again running his hand through his hair. He swam and got out the pool he hadn’t left, when Erin said to me, “I can’t leave you 5 minutes without you getting hit on.” “He wasn’t hitting on me he was just being nice.” I told her. I knew he had heard Erin’s comment because he looked back at us. “He was hitting on you.” Erin told me. He left just after she said it. I rolled my eyes. Hannah looked at me, “he really was hitting on you.” she informed me. “Come on
girls I’m not allowed to date.” I reminded them. “You know the rules for guards and royals.” Erin reminded me. “Yep. Don’t worry he wasn’t hitting on me.” “He was and who would blame him. You’re cute.” Erin told me. “Well you’re hot.” I told her “can we drop it okay?” I said. “Take it that means no mentioning to Sean you have another admirer.” She laughed I pushed her under the water.

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