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Chapter 13

I pressed the off button on my alarm. April must have done it to. When we woke up it was 10pm and we were so late for classes it was unbelievable. “APRIL GET UP.” I yelled at her panackelty, “What’s up Sam?” April mumbled from under her covers. “Well what’s the punishment for being late for class?” I said. “Detention running laps, why?” she asked suddenly sitting up. She swore loudly. I didn’t comment I had sworn loads in loads of different languages whilst I threw on my clothes. Dragged a hairbrush threw my hair. “Don’t rush we will already have detention.” April said though she was rushing to. “I blame going mall.” I told her. “It’s not the malls fault.” April said. I looked at my phone; I was wearing my pinafore dress today. 4 texts from Sean then 4 missed calls which were what finally woke me. I quickly rang him so he wouldn’t come bust my door down. “Don’t kill me I’ve just woken up.” I told him. I heard him swear in French. “Get here quick I
will cover for you.” Sean told me. “It’s okay I will take the detention. April over slept to.” “Pour l’amour de Dieu.

Je vous reçois à la fois un nouveau réveil pour noël.” This means for goodness sake. I am getting you both a new alarm clock for Christmas. I laughed and running out my room replied. “A new alarm clock would be good. But I think we both need a drum kit banging.” I hung up. 5 minutes later I ran into my magic lesson. Mistress Ocean didn’t even seem to notice. She was unsuccessfully managing to keep control of the class. “Should I even ask?” Erin asked as I sank in the seat next to her. “Alarm clocks are evil” I told her she laughed. “At least its mistress Ocean. You shouldn’t get in to much trouble. But didn’t you have languages first?” “Yep.” I told her. “Ouch you probably have an essay to write now.” She told me. “That’s fine I’ll take master Giles punishment.” A girl from the front of the class room came over. I recognised her as Lady Lindsey from yesterday. “Are you the girl from yesterday? Sam?” she asked. I nodded politely. “Thank you.” She told me. “You’re welcome Lady Lindsey.” I told her bowing my head politely. “What the hell did I miss before I came to the pool?” Erin whispered to me when she left. “I just jumped in and grabbed her when
she hit her head.” I said shrugging. There was only 10 minutes left of the class.

“Samira River Bae, a word please.” Mistress Black said in geography. I walked over to the table. “It says you were absent from your last to classes. Any reason why?” my teacher asked. It was the first time she had ever asked to talk to me. In fact she didn’t seem bothered about the non-royals normally. “I am so sorry mam I over slept.” I told her. “Then I’m sorry but I will have to give you detention with Guardian Kacie after school finishes.” She told me. “That’s fine mam I understand.” I told her. She sent me back to my desk. But she seemed to take delight on picking on me for the rest of the lesson. It became obvious how much I knew. “Wow Sam you swallow a map?” Taylor asked me. I was sat next to her and Sean. Sean had basically told me of in French. Taylor had sat there trying not to laugh, the whole time. Sean knew she understood. “I can’t believe you both slept through your alarms.” Taylor told me. “You have about 9 go of in the morning” “at least it gave you all a chance to catch up.” I told her jokingly. “Samira what is this island here.” mistress black asked me. “Seychelles mam. An island
nation, Seychelles is located in the Indian Ocean, northeast of Madagascar and about 1,600 km east of Kenya. The archipelago consists of more than 116 islands. The granitic islands are considered the oldest and hardest granite in the world. The 3 main islands are” “thankyou Samira that will more than do.” Mistress Black said with a shocked expression. “Know it all.” Sean whispered. “If only I could do that with maths.” I told them. They laughed.

“You okay Sam? You look like you’ve just seen a ghost?” Taylor asked me we were sat in the caf. It was lunchtime and I had just spotted someone I couldn’t believe was here. What was Drew doing here? Had my cover been blown? Had Marco died? No if he had Drew wouldn’t be quietly sat catching up with the royals at their table. Neither would he have brought a heavy pregnant Kayla here. Sean looked around the room obviously searching for threats. His eyes suddenly took in Prince Andrew and Princess Kayla. “Nothing. I’m fine I just. It’s nothing. Don’t worry.” I told her she looked at me like she thought I was going mad. “Do you want me to ring the nurse?” she asked. “Sam’s fine she’s just tired.” Sean said quickly. Taylor looked at him,
confused. “You both look like you’ve seen a ghost.” She told him. “No its okay. I just remembered we have a maths test tomorrow I’m going to fail.” I told her dragging myself away from my worry’s to why Drew and Kayla would be here. “We got an extra study season tonight remember. You’ll do fine.” Taylor reassured me.

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