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Chapter 14 - Andrew POV

Kayla and I actually liked the idea of getting married in the hall at Bennett Gaia. “Does he really think that he could bring her here for the wedding?” Kayla asked for the millionth time. We were sat in the limo on the way to the school to have a look around. I had spoken to my brother a few times since the call with Ally, he still wouldn’t admit that she wasn’t with him but the fact that when I asked to speak to her he couldn’t put her on the phone it was obvious. He had seemed very adamant that we checked the school out and watched the guards practise. So we had decided to do it. If he could make it here for our wedding. We would get married here if it was a dump. Although we both knew it wouldn’t be. “Do you think it would ever be safe for her to attend a school like this?” Kayla asked. I thought about it “no” I said sadly. “I wish she had managed to stay in the human school.” I admitted to Kayla. The
limo was going up the schools drive Kayla was in a beautiful dress looking ever the regal Princess. I was in jeans and a Jumper. This was my old school no point in dressing up, most of these teachers here would have been mine and knew me. It would take more than mess dressing like a prince to convince them I had changed.

The truth was I had. I wasn’t the playboy royal I had been. I wasn’t the laid back royal I had been. I was soon going to be a married man with a son of my own. Kayla looked out the window she was in one of her rambling moods with nerves she hadn’t been around this many Amaris royals her pregnancy and we were kind of the bad royals at the moment. It was 10 pm and the outside was empty everyone being in class. “You may not like it here but it’s worth looking.” I said to Kayla. She looked out the window. “I’m sure I will.” When we arrived our guard opened the door. We personally didn’t normal go anywhere with guards, but lately our parents had started to insist on it and with threats coming in on Kayla’s and the baby’s life, it was understandable there wants for us to have one. Well two. “Thankyou” we said as we climbed out. The headmaster was stood waiting for us. “Your majesty’s” he said as a way of greeting bowing. I
wondered how often we bowed to his students though I couldn’t ever recoil seeing much of him whilst here myself. “Hello Francis.” Kayla said handing her hand over for him to kiss. She maybe going against tradition in one way but she knew how to play the princess when needed. He escorted us straight away to look at the hall. “You are both free to go do whatever you would like.” I told the guards they bowed and disappeared quiet quickly. Kayla squeezed my hand the guards annoyed both of us, they wouldn’t talk. It was going to take a while for them to be comfortable with us and to be honest I understood why Ally would always be annoyed at her guards. It was like being followed constantly.

We looked at the chapel it was as amazing as I remembered; Kayla looked at it “wow we had nothing like this at my old school.” She said staring around the room. “It was created at the same time the original buildings where.” The headmaster told her she nodded. “About guards for the service” I said. “A lot of the students and guards go home for winter break. But a lot of the guards in training whose parents work stay throughout the year. So they can be added to the numbers, gives you extra protection and them job experience.” the headmaster said. “Do you know how
many are staying this Christmas?” Kayla asked. “I can find out for you do you know how many royals you are having? and there personal guard numbers?” He asked. Kayla and I looked at each other. “We are actually hoping for a very small wedding. Understandably we want to rush things and don’t want people having to change their plans last minute” Kayla told the headmaster, with an innocent smile. If she was ally I would say she was compelling her way out of trouble. But Kayla of course couldn’t compel the headmaster. “It is just going to be a few family members and a few royals. Not the whole council just close friends.” I told the headmaster. In fact we had actually got are wedding guests down to 40 including Ally and Marco. “Will Queen Jennifer be attending?” asked the headmaster. Possible wondering how much security and how much at risk the school would be in.

“Unfortunately no” I said. “King Robward plans to but it is currently not safe for Queen Jennifer or Princess Alysa to attend.” Kayla said. We couldn’t let on that we personally knew Ally. it was something no one knew. We both hoped that Marco would find a way to sneak her here, or at least make it himself. After looking around the church and the hall it was lunchtime. “I
wish to see a few guard lessons before I leave” I said to the headmaster. It was not unheard of and he nodded possibly thinking it was more stuff to do with my wedding. Or I was looking for new guards for myself. “I can ask whilst we are there who is staying for Christmas.” He said. Kayla looked at us both watching guards train wasn’t her idea of fun. “I am going to retire for a few hours after lunch.” She informed us. We were escorted into the lunch hall by the headmaster. “I think we were go catch us with some of the royals.” I told him politely. He nodded and departed saying he would accompany me to the lesson after lunch. We ate lunch with the royals. One thing I hadn’t missed about school here the food. If Ally ever did get to come to a school like this, she would starve I thought to myself. As I pushed stew around my own plate.

Kayla had retired to the guest quarters of the school. Claiming to be checking them out for how many people they housed. But we both knew she was going for a nap. When we walked into the guard training room the seniors had started but the juniors where just coming in from the changing room.

They were chatting away to
each other; in a way I wished they would one day use with Ally. I watched 3 girls obviously teasing each other. I heard a few snaps of their conversation. Something about April and alarm clocks. It reminded me Ally’s friend goes here. Maybe I could catch up with her, make sure she was okay. I watched the girls practise there push ups and laps. And the boys of course. It soon became obvious, well to me anyway. That one of the boys was watching me. The look on his face said he wasn’t impressed. I watched him throw others across the room. I watched the girls fight seriously, all signs of their friendship gone as they throw and hit each other.

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