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Chapter 15

I couldn’t believe it. I wanted to more than anything but I couldn’t. Drew was sat on a bench talking to the headmaster. Watching us practise. Why was he here? If it was anything to do with me he would have come and seen me already surely. He would have pulled me straight out of here, if I was in danger. Yes I gave my friend too much credit. But this was the same guy who had followed me all over Europe. I caught Sean’s eyes, he was telling me to stay calm. Not let anything away. It was easy for him to think that way.

I wanted so much in the caf earlier to run up and hug Kayla and Drew. I was partnered up with Erin for my first fight. She knocked me straight on my butt. She was taking no prisoner’s today. With a somewhat respectable prince watching, it was a chance to get a future job. I could see that Sean only had eyes today on Drew. But he was throwing Jessie and Kye left right and centre. “Swop over now please.” Kacie announced. “Before you do
that may I have a word with your class?” The head asked. Kacie looked annoyed. She and Judah where normally left to it with us. “Of course” she said indicating for all the class to come over. We did. Sean managed to get next to me. He said quietly in French so only I would hear him. “Ce qui est de dessiner faire ici.” What is draw doing here? Why he said draw instead of Drew I didn’t know? “No clue be quiet.” I whispered back. Judah was watching me carefully. They had no trust of me at all honestly. “Who is staying for Christmas break” asked the head only 2 hands of the seniors went up and 5 juniors including myself and Sean’s. “That’s fine” Drew said and he smiled at the teachers. “Is it okay if I watch the rest of practise?” he asked politely. “Yes that is fine prince Andrew.” Judah said giving a small bow. Was this how I would be treated if I was here as a princess I wondered. God I hope not. “Thank you for showing me about I will be fine for a while I will come find you if I need anything I’m sure you have a lot of work” Drew said to the headmaster. He bowed and left. Wow Drew really knew how to play the prince card. “Xérei poios eísai?” meaning does he know who you are?

Judah asked me in Greek. Quietly when I was close to him where no
one else could hear having a sip of water. “Den eímai sígouros.” I told him meaning I am not sure. I looked at drew he was watching Taylor throw Erin across the floor and set her ass on fire. I think drew must of realised I wasn’t fighting as he looked straight at me. I looked back. “Thélo na tou milíso.” I said to Judah. Meaning I want to talk to him. At the end of class Kacie made us cool down like normal I watched Judah say something to Drew and Drew stayed sat down. The wedding might be here, was this Marcos plan so I could go to the wedding? Everyone started leaving except Sean, Kye and Taylor. I went and joined them “you coming to dinner?” asked Kye. “I’ll meet up with you later. Got to talk to Judah then got to go see master Giles. See how much dodo I’m in.” I told them. “A lot.” Taylor told me with a smile. “I’m sure I can convince him I am his best student, and he doesn’t need to worry about me.” I joked. She shrugged. “You are the best student. Nerd” she joked. “want me to save you both a space?” it was kind of obvious to everyone that Sean wasn’t going to leave me he had gone really protective of me again which made Taylor roll her eyes. Her crush on my brother had evaporated quiet quickly. When she had realised how over protective he got. .

“Don’t worry I’m just going to grab something small in dorm, I wouldn’t eat it anyway.” I told her with a smile. “You still up for studying later?” Kye asked. “Yeah otherwise you both will fail the math exam” piped up Sean teasing Kye and me. “Hey it’s not my fault master Gonzalez decided a math exam on the last day of term was a good idea.” Said Kye, which is true and we all knew that if Kye failed another math exam, the chances were he would fail math altogether. I was barley scraping by myself, but thankfully for me Sean sat next to me in math, and he had learnt it all 3 years ago. So was more than happy to help me when I admitted I needed help. . “Yeah I’m still up to it ill text you” I said. Taylor and Kye left they needed to meet up with Erin and Jessie and the others soon they had already left. Erin moaning she was too sweaty from being set on fire. Guardian Kacie came over after she had finished putting stuff away, “where just waiting to see Judah.” Sean told her. “Extra practise again?” she asked. She had got used to our extra practices, taking it as the fact Sean calmed himself down for lessons. So he needed the after match with Judah to get a real workout. We waited until Kacie was gone then, Sean
let go of what he had obviously wanted to say for the past 3 hours.

“What is Marco playing at?” Sean asked. “He could have let us know you were coming. That’s the whole reason we have the bloody safety system in place.” Sean said looking annoyed. “There hasn’t been a new attack has there? We only talked 2 days ago.” Judah said. Drew was looking extremely confused. “Guys Drew hasn’t got a clue what’s going on he’s here to book his wedding.” I told them. He looked at me more curiously “Ally?” he asked in shock. I hugged him as way of greeting. “What don’t recognise me” I said laughing. He held me at arm’s length. “No actually I don’t you look completely different.” He said. “Now I understand why Marco said to make sure I watched the guards practise. Whose stupid idea was this? what if you got hurt?” Drew said. “It was all Marcos idea” Sean said. Drew looked at him closer and suddenly he seemed to recognise him to “guardian Duncan?” he asked we both nodded. “Sean and Sam here please” Judah said quickly. “What was my stupid brother thinking?” Drew said looking annoyed. “He said he was keeping you safe.”

“He is this is the last place anyone
would think to look for me. as it’s the most unsafe and not with him.” I said. Drew seemed to ponder this. “He didn’t tell you?” Sean asked. “No he didn’t he just told me it would possibly be a safe place to bring Ally for the wedding.” Drew said. “That’s because I can just be a guard at the wedding and still get to watch.” I suddenly realised. “Why the hell are you in as a guard in training? He could have put you in as a lady.” “You have a big point there and that’s something I have brought up with your brother a lot.” Sean told Drew. “I want to be able to train so I can protect myself especially after Germany” I said. Everyone went silent with that Germany still filled my nightmares and I knew Sean wouldn’t forget that attack either. “It’s also safer for her to be surrounded by guards all the time” said Judah. “How’s Kayla?” I asked. “She’s fine.” He told me, “well I will be talking to him about it.” he informed Sean. “You can’t over the phone it’s not safe.” Judah pointed out. . “Can I see Kayla?” I asked all 3 of them. “I’ll try find a safe way for that to happen” Sean said. Judah looked behind us at the sound of someone walking up the corridor ever aware I walked away from Drew with Sean as guardian Kacie came in the room.

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