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Chapter 16 - Andrew POV

I left the hall alone. Ally had already gone with the teacher Kacie. Something about detention with a master Giles looking for her. She had run of in quiet a hurry. I had master Giles I knew how mean a teacher he was. Although Ally’s languages surpassed mine by far. “She didn’t make it to first period. Over slept.” Duncan told me as way of explanation. When Duncan and I were alone he said “I understand Marcos plan slightly. But I wish to talk to him.” I agreed I had a lot to say to my brother. I told him what time Marco would ring my phone and we agreed to meet up in a part of the woods no one goes to. Where he and Ally or should I say Sam practise her other elements.

I walked into mine and Kayla’s room she was asleep in bed. I went and gently woke her. “Hey how was guard training” she said wiping eye dust out her eyes.
“Enlightening” I said. “Find anyone who would make Ally a good guard?” Kayla asked. “You can say that.” I said Kayla looked at me confused. I never was in this kind of mood with her. I was stressed I realised, my brothers plan was stupid and now I knew where Ally was, I wanted to take her home with me. I couldn’t say I had seen Ally out loud. you never knew who might hear. Instead I looked at our fireplace in the room and wrote on a bit of paper. I found Ally she’s a student here, it’s why Marco told us to come here. I handed my note to Kayla her mouth dropped open in shock. “You’re kidding right?” she said. I shook my head, throwing what I had written into the fire. Kayla grabbed the pen from me, and a bit of paper and wrote. Can I see her I miss her so much. She showed it to me. Again I throw that bit into the fire. Her guard is trying to arrange it, but no one knows who she is and we can’t give it away. I wrote. Kayla nodded her understanding.

She was excited now and wanted to walk straight to Ally’s room. it took all her self-control not to. We went and had dinner saw a few royals we knew, the whole time Kayla’s eyes kept looking for Ally. I hadn’t told her she wasn’t in as a royal and she seemed disappointed not to see her. My phone
vibrated with a text, I looked at it. We are going to be in the woods for 2pm, meet us by the tree that looks a bit burnt. I quickly deleted it knowing that Marco had agreed to ring me at 2.30pm ish. so should be perfect amount of time. Kayla and I could get out and walk around campus without too much trouble; I wondered how they were pulling it off. 2pm was our version of 2am. We had never been able to get out at that time when I went here. that’s for certain. Kayla and walked back to the room when I saw her. She was with a group that I recognised. “How are you ever going to pass the exam Kye if you don’t concentrate” I heard her say. Kayla looked at the girl in wonder, I know she realised it was Ally quicker than I had. Kayla looked at me pleadingly she wanted to go straight up and hug her. “We can’t” I said to her almost in a whisper. We watched in silence “If a2 - b2 = 8 and a*b = 2, find a4 + b4.” Said Taylor. “A b b a. take a chance on me” the guy I assumed was Kye said. Ally or should I say Sam hit him on the head jokingly with her book. “64” said Ally writing it down. “72” corrected Taylor writing on the paper as though she was the teacher. “How can someone top of the class at languages and geography find maths and science so hard” Taylor asked jokingly.

“Because Sam is a chatterbox” informed Kye they all laughed. We watched them in silence until they looked up. “Can we help you your majesty’s” asked Sean obvious as a way to get me and Kayla to move on. She looks so different. Kayla wrote on a bit of paper and handed it to me when we got into are room. I smiled still struggles with maths though I wrote. We both laughed. How long till we can talk to her wrote Kayla. 2pm I wrote again throwing are notes onto the fire. We went to sleep for a few hours and woke up at 1.20pm to the alarm. Out of all the years I have known Kayla and the living together for a year. I had never seen her get dressed so quickly, she throw on a t-shirt and jeans. We walked into the wooded area; it was like a ghost town. The sun was shining there was something normal about being in the sun. “Up here” said a voice we both looked up Ally was sat in the tree swinging her legs. “Get down before you break your neck!” I said. “Coming” said Ally and she jumped down from the tree landing gracefully. We both shock are heads at her but Kayla wrapped her in a hug. “I’ve missed you both so much” Ally said hugging us. “What do you 3 think you’re doing.” said a stern voice, I admit I jumped as Duncan walked up putting on the voice of my brother
Marco. “Your late you said 2pm” Ally teased him. the fact was he was on time we were all early. They seemed so relaxed with each other. It was completely different to how I had last seen Ally. Being rushed out of the palace to a safe house. “How did you both get out your dorms? We tried millions of times when I was here.” I said to them. Both of them laughed. “Trees” Ally said as if the word answered everything. “Trees?” Kayla asked confused. “I have a tree outside my window.” Ally told her. “The trees have been adapted, to let us climb out.” Duncan explained. “Don’t you have roommates?” I asked. “Yep.” Ally said. “Sam’s roommate knows. And mine doesn’t ask questions, if he did he knows he wouldn’t walk again” Duncan told me. “Is that why Jessie hasn’t doped?” Ally asked him looking amused. “Na where friends now but it was the threat I used the first time.” Duncan said. “How long are you staying for?” Ally asked us she and Kayla where looking at her scan photo. “Only till tomorrow” Kayla said looking sad. “Its best you stick to your plans” Sean said. Although he seemed to realise how sad Ally was for us going. That was interesting; the two of them had really become close. I noticed Ally seemed calmer and happier than I had ever seen her.

“What do you think
of us getting married here? You being on guard duty so you can join in and not blow your cover?” I asked. “I think that was Marcos idea.” Ally said with a smile. “I think it’s a brilliant idea. We only know you are you because you let on. you could fall everyone.” Kayla said. Ally looked sad “because no one knows me.” Ally said. “That’s not true.” I said. “I heard you with your friends, you were being just you and they all love you.” Kayla said. Ally gave a weak smile. “They like Sam the guardian, not Princess Alysa.” she said. “Whatever name you give yourself. Your still you. Do you really not get it people love you for you? Not for the fact you’re a princess or a guard. you are strong, yourself, not a snob. You’re independent, funny.” Kayla was right and we all knew it. I think it had actually only dawned on Ally. “Your right this whole time I kept telling myself I needed to act like a normal Amaris teen. and the whole time I am actually being me.” Ally said with a smile. “I am a normal teenager.” She said with a huge smile creeping on her face. “An annoying teenager but defiantly normal,” Duncan said to her teasingly. “So you two are in as?” Kayla asked. “Twins to explain why I always am with her.”

Duncan said. “They made you be a 17 year old again? what hard
work” I joked. “You have no idea. I swear the works got harder” Duncan said joking again. He was so different to the stern guard I had seen around the palace. Ally had loosened him up, but by the way he seemed as protective over her, if not more. It showed that the old guard training really did need loosing up. I thought of our guards who we ditched the moment we could. “Have you made nice friends here?” I asked Ally. “Brilliant friends” Ally said with a huge smile. At the exact time my brother rung. “Hello Andrew” my brother said as I answered “I switched him to loud speaker “Hi Marco” we all said. “Oh so you’re together you found her.” Marco said sounding glad. “You could have at least told someone the plan” Ally said. “What were you thinking putting her in here with only 4 guards?” I demanded. “It’s not nice to leave everyone in the dark.” Said Kayla. We were all ganging up on Marco and it just felt natural. “I had no choice. I can’t come to the wedding I would if I could but it’s still not safe. you understand my plan though don’t you?” Marco asked. . “I think I do but I want to check it with you” Duncan said.

He took hold of the phone and took it of loud speaker. “Yes. Yes.” Was all we heard for a while. Kayla started fussing about Ally’s hair “it’s a bit
dark it makes you look so ill” she was saying. “It looks better when I wear my make up with It.” she told Kayla with a smile. “Oh my makeup tips finally pulled of.” Kayla smiled. “Yeah I learnt way too much from you both.” Ally told us. “Especially as according to most the royals here you’re not respectable.” She joked. “Now I really understand why it was rumours you had heard.” Kayla laughed. “Do you think it would be safe for the queen to come? I mean mum?” Ally asked when she had the phone Marco was back on loud speaker. “No and don’t let her” Marco said. “no one can know.” “Okay” we all agreed. “I can’t talk any longer in case were being tracked. But congratulations all of you and I’m glad your all safe.” “Will it ever be safe for you to come back?” Ally asked Marco. “Once you’re safe, I will. I have to go.” Marco said. “I’m sorry I ruined your life” Ally said to him. “You didn’t!” Marco said but then he hung up.

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