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Chapter 17

Sooner than I had wished Kayla and Drew went home. I didn’t manage to talk to them again, before they left. But I knew the wedding plans where in full motion. Friday’s math test went okay; by okay I mean I barely scraped a pass. We had finished the lessons for the day and were relaxing in Taylor’s and Erin’s room, watching Taylor pack. Kye was with us, as it was only 6am and we had the doors open. Kye handed me his sheet with a smile 77%. “What did you get?” he asked with a huge smile I flashed him my 56%. “Wow the only lesson I can beat you!” he laughed. “It’s not like we need maths with our job to be.” Taylor said sympathetically, hiding her 98% quickly in her bag. I thought about that they didn’t need math but I did, I had to keep an eye on the whole Amaris money. I knew I had people who did it for me; I just needed to read it and sign every now and again. But that wasn’t the point. The point was, I felt I needed this subject.

“Can you tutor me when you get
back?” I asked Taylor. “Sure” she said. “I can tutor you” Kye teased. “We all know a lot of studying will get done” Erin teased us. “Hey if I fail math I will have to redo junior year” I didn’t mention that it would be my 3rd time but they all laughed “you won’t fail” Erin said “even if I have to hit you with a math book over and over again” Taylor said smiling. “Where’s Sean” Taylor asked. Her crush was back. I hoped Sean would realise. Hey it would be great if the two of them got together. Same as it would be if Marco and Marianna did. “He had to go town for a few hours with Judah.” I said. He had to go call Marco and Drew but taking me wasn’t an option today. It was easier for Judah just to take Sean and leave me in the safety of school. “When are you jetting of” I asked Taylor “11am” Taylor replied. “Where are you going again?” Kye asked. “Dads currently placed in India and mums with a royal family in Africa. So going to split it half and half 3 weeks with one 3 weeks with the other.” I thought about it, how wrong it was that Taylors parents where devoted, and they didn’t even get a week together at Christmas. “When are they going to see each other?” I asked. “February they both have a week off” Taylor said as though it was nothing. “Do you ever see them
together?” I asked wonderingly. “Of course just not this Christmas.” Taylor said like it didn’t worry her at all. I had never spent a Christmas with my family, except one when I wasn’t even a year old. I only had 2 good memories of Christmas and they were the last 2 years.

One being my first Christmas I decided to stay for a while. It was spent with my boss from a cafe in France. it had been my first time spending Christmas with a family. There kids and grandkids, had all joined and even I had presents. It was an amazing day. The second was, was last year when I had spent Christmas with April my roommate working in the kennels at a hotel a lot of Amaris royal families decide to go to. Then I had enjoyed a brilliant roast in my hotel room with Kayla, Drew and my ex-boyfriend Kayla’s Brother Prince Luke. Almost a year ago Marco had found me. A few days after Christmas I meet my real parents and became a princess. I wondered if I would ever be as carefree as the princesses, I see on movies with the girls. I didn’t actually want to be queen, or even a princess. I actually liked the idea of always staying like this. Maybe I should fail math and redo this year again. The longer I stayed in school the longer I had. Erin snapped me out my own thoughts “earth to Sam come
in Sam” she said I realised she had been talking and I hadn’t responded at all. “Sorry I was thinking” I told her. “You think too much” said Kye “no some people don’t think enough” Erin joked with him. “Hey isn’t that my top?” Erin said looking at the top Taylor was sneaking into her suitcase. The girls started bickering about whose tops was whose it was a regular fight with the 2 of them. My phone beeped and I looked at the text from Sean.

Sean – we are back. Couldn’t reach M. talked D he got home fine.
I thought this was odd but then Marco wasn’t actually expecting the call it was literally because Judah had business in town so could take Sean. I shrugged it off knowing that Marco Marianna and Joe could look after themselves. My phone beeped again.
Sean – are you okay?
I looked at the text the ever worrying Sean had sent and was about to reply when Gina interrupted. “Mr Gikos dorm curfew was 15 minutes ago. I know lessons are over for a while but curfew is still in place” Gina told him in a brief moment of bossiness. She was really actually nice. But for some reason I actually still didn’t
like her. He made his goodbyes hugging Taylor goodbye telling her he would see her in 6 weeks he gave me and Erin a hug as well obviously trying to get longer but Gina was watching waiting for him to go. “I wish you would just go on a date with him already.” Erin said throwing a pillow at me. I shrugged “dads rule no dating. It’s best not to go against it” I said. Kye was lovely and I held him as a close friend, but I couldn’t do it to him. “He wouldn’t know” she teased. I shot her a look “2 words Sean and Uncle Judah” I said both girls laughed. “That’s 4 your maths honestly Sam.” Taylor joked. “Where are my favourite jeans?” Taylor said, “No clue” replied Erin but we all knew she had worn them last weekend and after another fight Taylor had them back. I eventually said my goodbyes to Taylor and went back to my room to say goodbye to April. She was throwing stuff into her own suitcase unlike Taylor and Erin; I didn’t care if she took any of my clothes. “Is this everything you want me to take?” she asked indicating the suitcase, full of stuff. “Any room for me in there?” I joked. She looked at me and smiled saying “I’m sure I could squeeze you in, if you hadn’t brought the whole baby shop.” “I didn’t buy the whole shop.

I only brought half” I replied jokingly. “Are you going to be
okay here, alone? I can cancel and stay.” she said, it was around the 8th time this week we had this conversation. Like always I gave her the same answer “no I’ll be fine.” I curled up on my bed grabbing my guitar and started playing quietly. After a while it was lights out time, and we turned the lights off. I remembered I hadn’t replied to Sean and quickly sent a text.
Sam – I am fine. Sorry late reply.
Sean - What happened why did it take so long?
I sighed. April rolled over and said “go to sleep Sam” I quickly replied to Sean.
Sam – Just roommate stuff. Night.
I put my phone down on my bedside table. I quickly feel asleep.

Aprils alarm woke me up. I sat up, she was still asleep her alarm beeping louder and louder. I throw a pillow at her and put my other one over my ears. She thankfully woke and turned the alarm of. Soon we were hugging goodbye and promising I would stay safe, while she was gone. That I would text her.

Texting her would be easy. It would just be a friend from school texting, not her future queen. I went back to sleep after saying goodbye to her and the rest of the girls going. Soon Erin and I and Hannah were all that was left in our dorm. “You not going home Hannah?” asked Erin smiling at her we were watching TV and we had thought everyone had gone. “Nope never do.” Hannah said looking sad. “Gina’s gone as well so wild parties?” Erin said trying to cheer the girl up. “Is there enough people left at school for even a small get together.” I asked wondering last I heard there was 26 kids out of 400 staying for Christmas break. “There’s always enough kids here for a party” Erin said with a huge smile. I knew a party was now looking very likely. I laughed, “Wont we get in trouble” Hannah asked. “Not if no one finds out” Erin commented. “How would we hide a party?” I asked laughing. “Any of your friends stayed behind?” Erin asked the younger girl. “Damaras only gone for 5 weeks but other than that none of my actual friends” Hannah said. My phone beeped I was expecting it to be Sean and it was a nice change that it was from April. April – Just got to the hotel 

Sam – Good. Give those dogs a huge kiss from me.
April – Will do. Be good. Do not let Erin convince you to have a party.
“Sean?” Erin asked looking at me texting. “Your brothers hot” piped up a very embarrassed looking Hannah. Erin nodded solemnly “Taylor claimed him first though” she said. I couldn’t help but laugh. “It wasn’t Sean. It was April. She said not to let you convince me into a party.” I told her. “If Sean dated could you?” Erin asked with a naughty smile. “I doubt it.” I replied. “But there’s so many guys wanting you to go out with them.” Erin told me. “Only because I am the only girl guard who couldn’t kill them if they asked.” I replied jokingly. I wasn’t even kidding a guy had asked Taylor out, last month and she had given him a black eye. “Yeah but they are so easy to beat up” Erin laughed. “What’s it like to be in guard training.” Hannah asked us. “Okay” we both said Hannah looked nervous. “I’m thinking of starting it next term but I don’t know my parents want me to live a normal Amaris life.” She said I looked at her and wondered why she didn’t want a normal life. I would kill for that. Erin’s phone and mine beeped at same time, Kye had written to both of us.
Kye - What’s your plan for lunch?

It was only 11pm so we had an hour till lunch but then the 3 of us had no plans. I said to Erin “should we invite the boys over with no adult here?” but I asked to late she had already asked him I laughed. “Being a guards fine. But it’s dangerous. You are a bit nervous to be one.” Erin told Hannah nicely. “Even Sams a bit nervous as a guard.” Erin told us. I nodded. “It’s okay. I’ll never be a guard.” I said letting the truth slip. Erin raised her eyebrows, “really?” she asked shocked id never let slip that. “I want to be a vet, but my parents won’t allow it.” I said looking sad I carried on before she could question more. “If I show that I’m trying and just fail at the exam, and then I will be allowed to be a vet” I lied. She nodded “why don’t you just tell them.” Hannah asked. We both looked at her. “Sam’s dad is a famous guard. Her brothers a god in fighting. Her uncles the guard teacher as he’s so good. Even her mums an amazing guards. Sam can’t just come out and go, by the way I don’t want to be a guard I want to work with cats.” Erin said. She understood this more than I did; I wondered if this was how Erin herself felt. Did she want to be a guard or was it because her parents where? “Not just cats. I want to work with all animals.” I told her.

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