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Chapter 18

A few days later, Erin and I were showing Hannah how to fight. When Kye and Jessie arrived. Even if she didn’t become a guard a good self-defence was always important. “Have you seen Sean?” I asked them. Jessie being his roommate I’m sure he would of. “He went to town with Judah.” Jessie said shrugging. This had become a usual thing. I had even noticed my guards were hovering closer. What the hell was going on? Sean kept telling me nothing.

But the fact he kept sneaking of, I wasn’t buying it. I hated them keeping things from me. If something had happened or been threated I would like to know. So I wasn’t taken by complete surprise when things started going crazy. We had lunch sandwiches made by the ghost staff here. We were encouraged mostly to keep out the way so the teachers still here could relax. It was fine with us. “He’s going to town a lot?” Jessie said to me as though I knew the reason for it and he wanted to know. “No
clue. He seems to be keeping a lot of secrets from me at the moment.” I said. “Maybe he’s dating. So won’t tell you so you still cant.” Erin teased me. “If he was dating could you date?” Kye piped up excitedly. “No. and no he’s not dating he would tell me that.” I said. Then a thought reached me. Had he not been able to reach Marco? Was Marco missing? “I’m going for a little walk.” I said standing up. “Want me to come?” Erin asked. “Na its fine. I just need a few seconds to think. Going to go run around campus.” I said shrugging. I left before anyone could even stand up.

I watched my guard out the corner of my eye. He was keeping his distance so it didn’t look like he was following me but he was. I would get somewhere I could chat to him. Then I was going to demand to know what was happening. The school was going nuts trying to get stuff for Kayla’s wedding. Considering the girl wanted low key. I wondered where a gold fountain fitted in. I turned the corner to start heading to my tree area, when I walked straight into a guy. “umfh.” I head I had defiantly winded him. “I am so sorry.” I said suddenly helping him to his feet. A senior I realised when I apologised even worse a prince. Even worse Prince Derek “I’m so sorry your majesty.” I said looking
at him. Hoping preying he wouldn’t remember me. He shrugged it off “no problem Sam.” he said as though girls walked into him all the time. Well the chance of him not remembering me left the window. “I knew it’s a ghost town around here, at the moment. Take it you weren’t expecting to see anyone?” he asked me. “I wasn’t was just getting air.” I told him my guard had stopped a bit further back he could still see me and was giving me privacy I wish he wouldn’t. All it would take was him coming over and saying we had a practice. Then I would get out of this embarrassing situation. “Didn’t you go to the hotel for the holiday?” I asked before I stopped myself. He smiled at me “no I’m going to the wedding here. So my parents are coming here.

It was you last year at the hotel?” he asked sugar I had reminded him about the girl dating prince Luke. I debated a lie. “No that was my cousin.” I said quickly. Possibly too quickly as he raised an eyebrow at me. “Aren’t you bored? Isn’t there only 3 royals still here?” I asked. “Bored is an understatement.” He told me with a smile. I wondered if he would ever talk to me if it wasn’t for the sake we were 2 of 26 kids in an empty school. Possibly he would knowing how chatty he had been in the pool. “You not gone home for winter
break?” he asked me. I had a sinking suspicion that I couldn’t walk away from him without appearing to rude. “Never do.” I said which was the truth I had never had a Christmas with my parents. By the look of things I never would. “So are you water?” I asked trying to change the subject, so I didn’t start feeling sorry for myself. A lot of kids here didn’t get to spend Christmas with their parents. “Yeah I’m water. You?” he asked. I nodded. “You training to be a guard?” he asked me again I nodded. “Why?” he asked. “Why. What?” I asked confused. “Why are you training to be a guard?” He asked as though it really interested him. “Never being able to talk, to the person you’re putting your life on the line for.” He pointed out. I shrugged.

“The royals need guards to keep them safe.” I said it was a line from one of my lessons, I hoped he wouldn’t realise. “I know that. But why do you personally want to?” he asked. He pointed at a bench I sat down reluctantly. My guard seemed to look impatiently at me. “That guards. Watching us?” prince Derek said. “Yeah I have a training session with him. So I can’t talk long.” I told him. “Oh do you always pick on the school guards?” he asked me with a smile. “My uncles the teacher here.” I said as a way of explanation. “Oh so it’s a family job?”
he asked. “Yeah my mum dad brother. Uncle.” I said. “So you have no choice?” he asked looking worried. “I have a choice.” I told him but me expression must have given away that I didn’t think I had a choice at all. “I don’t.” Derek told me. “Well you have a choice to sit on your throne or not.” I told him “no I don’t.” he said sadly. “My dad has basically told me I have to be a king.” He told me. “Is being a king that bad a deal?” I asked. “Someone always wanting to kidnap or kill you? So they can control politics. How is that not a good thing.” He said sarcastically. “You’re always being protected by people that won’t talk.” He said. “Well maybe you should get to know some of the guards who are graduating at the same time as you. Make friends with them.” I told him.

“Maybe you could be my guard.” He said, “You talk to me.” “Only because it would be rude not to. And I’m failing a lesson for doing it.” I pointed out. “They should really drop that lesson.” Prince Derek told me. I nodded politely. “If you could choose any job in the world. What would you do?” he asked me I looked at him confused. “Really tell me any job you would actually love to do. If we were human?” he said. “A vet.” I said before I stopped myself. “A vet?” he asked. “I love animals. I would love to be a
vet. But I can’t I never will be able to.” I told him “because you’re being forced to protect spoilt rich kids.” He told me. “No I’m not being forced to protect spoilt rich kids. Not all royals are spoilt rich kids. Alysa isn’t.” I said before I stopped myself. “You know her?” he said in shock. “I met her a few times.” I lied. He nodded. “I haven’t had the privilege yet. My parents were going to meet her the week after the attack.” He said I nodded. Trying to change the conversation back to safe ground. “If you could choice any job what would you do?” I asked. “I would love to be a guard like you. Or even a doctor.” He told me. “You want to be a guard?” I said in shock. “Yeah something always appeals to me about it. But I can’t even throw a decent punch to match a guard.” He said. “If you’re really that bored, I will teach you how to throw a punch.” I said. “You would?” he asked in shock. “Yeah everyone should know the basics.” I said. My phone rung, by the dial tone I knew it was Sean. I had completely forgotten how mad I was at him, until that moment. Now I wanted to know where he was. I didn’t want to appear to be rude but I wanted to answer my phone. “Go ahead.” Derek said. I pulled it out my pocket.

“Hey Sean what’s up? Where the hell are you?” I said. “Thank god you answered.” Sean said actually sounding relived. “Where are you?” I asked confused. “Are you at school still? Stay with the guards. Whatever you do stay close to your guards.” Sean told me. “What’s going on?” I asked realising the panic in his voice. “Do not be alone. Not even to go toilet understand. Stick close to Erin. Until I get back stay extremely close to Jessie, Kye and Erin. Everyone in the school needs to be close together.” He told me. “Okay Sean but where the heck are you?” I asked, he hung up. “Boyfriend?” prince Derek asked. “My twin brother.” I said, looking at my phone like it had grown horns. “Apparently everyone has to stick together. I think there’s been an attack.” I said as my guard answered his own phone and I noticed him rushing over. “Yeah there’s been an attack.” I said sounding worried. “I should get going. Bye your majesty.” I said. “Oh I’ll walk you back” he said. “Why” I couldn’t help but ask. “A few reasons 1 you’re brother just told you nobody can be alone. 2 you are the first person I’ve seen in a few days. 3 I’m bored. 4 I’ve never seen an unroyal dorm and want to. 5 you’re hot. 6 if anyone can protect me it looks like it would be you.” He said.

couldn’t help but laugh “thanks I think” I said still laughing. He walked me back to my dorm chatting about TV and books and even the teachers not chatting about anything like politics and fighting or the attack that was possibly happening right at that moment. “I wish I could protect myself. I wish I could protect everyone. What kind of king doesn’t know his own people?” Derek said suddenly. “Sometimes we have to go to a certain destination. But it’s up to us how and who we are, when we get there.” I said then I carried on “if you want to be able to fight, you should be allowed to. If you want to know your people you should be able to. Just talk to them don’t let the fact it’s not a done thing and the fact there nervous stop you. You didn’t with me.” “You are better to talk to than a shrink any day.” Prince Derek told me. I remembered Sean’s refusal to let me fight when we first started here how he was too worried to hurt me. “Me and my brother would train you” I told him. “Your brother would be okay training a royal?” he asked sarcastically. “That’s the thing about being the little sister. I never give him a choice.” I told him. He laughed.

We arrived back to my dorm and I showed him inside. Erin, Kye, Jessie and Hannah where sat watching TV. “Hey guys” I said they all looked at Prince Derek. The guard hadn’t said a single world the whole time but 3 where now accompanying us. Yep some shit had defiantly hit the fan. “Hello” he said nervously as though meeting 4 normal Amaris teens was the scariest thing to ever happen to him. “Hello” the other 4 said. “This is Prince Derek.” I said casually. I knew I was coming off to calm. My head was a mess trying to work out what the hell had happened. I caught Erin’s eye pleading for the sensible girl to say something but she was gob smacked. “Anyone want a soda?” I asked nervously not knowing what else to say, before anyone could respond I grabbed Erin’s hand and pulled her into the kitchen. “What’s going on?” she asked moment we were alone in the kitchen “A Prince?” she said still gob smacked. “He’s fine just think of him as another guy” I said, She rolled her eyes at me “easier said than done Sam!” she said still looking in shock. “Come on Erin. Imagine if you were alone here. You said you wanted to throw a party” I told her she rolled her eyes at me again.

“He wants to learn to fight to protect himself. So we can actually beat him up if it
makes you feel better?” I told her. “WHAT?” Erin yelled. “Yeah” I said I’ll do it” I told her. “Oh and he would love that he only wants to do it because he wants in your pants.” She said as a matter of fact. “eww.” I told her. “Nothing wrong with him being able to protect himself. What if he was attacked and all the guards died. he needs the extra protection to get himself out.” It was so much the truth of how I felt, not that I wished for any of my personal guards to get hurt. but I had seen a few of them die. “Okay” Erin said. “okay?” I replied, “Yeah I know I’m not going to win, this fight. I’ve seen you and Sean fight verbally as well as physically, even if I don’t understand a word of it, I knew you always win.” She said half smiling. I couldn’t help but laugh “I don’t always win, and we only talk in other languages when Sean doesn’t want anyone to realise he’s telling me off.” I said. “Yeah that’s what Taylor said.” Erin said smiling. We had a small laugh about my over protective brother. How he would hit the roof when he saw another guy was interested in me. “Poor Kye now having competition” Erin joked. I couldn’t help but laugh. “To bad for all of them I can’t date.” I said. “Where’s Sean?” Kye asked at 10am. Curfew had gone out the window.

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