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Chapter 19

When Sean never responded to my texts and phone calls by 11pm, the next day. I was starting to worry. “Have you seen him?” I asked Jessie and Kye. Kye agreed to help me search campus for my brother. I hadn’t managed to talk to my other guards yet. I would need to, if I couldn’t find Sean soon. I ran into Sean’s room he wasn’t there. “Where is he?” I almost screamed I was worried Sean and I had grown really close; I knew he wouldn’t leave me. “Judah” I said and ran down the dorm stairs and out the building. I ran as fast as I could to the guard training rooms and there rooms upstairs. I ran straight into a very stressed looking guardian Kacie. “Have you seen my brother or Judah?” I almost yelled at her, stressed. She took a few deep breaths and said “no but I got a call. You need to stay in your dorm where you’re safe Sam” she said looking at me with knew knowing. I looked at her “estce que tu sais qui je suis?” I asked meaning, do you
know who I am? Remembering that Kye couldn’t speak French and Judah had said Kacie could. “Oui votre Altesse. Judah m’a dit avant de partir, je dois vous garder en sécurité” ” she said which means Yes your highness. Judah told me before they left; I have to keep you safe. “What’s going on?” Kye asked looking at us like we had 3 heads. He knew we were talking so he couldn’t understand and I knew he was swearing at himself for taking Spanish rather than French. “Où sont-ils passés?” I asked meaning where have they gone. “Pour sauver le Prince Marco et votre équipe, ils ont été enlevés” she said which means to rescue Prince Marco and your team they have been kidnapped she said. My jaw literally hit the floor. Kye was looking at both of us not understanding a single word we were saying except the Prince Marco part. “Vous devez rester avec les gardes de votre plus en sécurité ici que partout ailleurs. Trente gardes ont fait pour sauver le prince Marco, il va bien se passer.” She said which means, you need to stay with the guards your safer here than anywhere else. Thirty guards have gone to rescue Prince Marco he will be okay. I nodded not knowing what to say “I would like you all to come into here. Where I can keep an eye on you all” she said in
English. “Okay mam” I said knowing the reason she was doing this. “All of you. I’m even moving the royals here as well, until the school is back up and running and all the guards are back” again I nodded. “Je peux te parler Drew?” I asked meaning can I talk to Drew. She pointed me into the office. “Ring from my phone no one will question a call coming from me today. I have been ringing everywhere today.” Guardian Kacie said I nodded and went in the room. I need a few seconds” I told a still very confused looking Kye. “Alone” I added and I shut the door with me in the room.

Drew answered on the 3rd ring. “Have you heard anything?” a very frightened Drew asked. “What’s going on?” I asked him. I could hear him thinking of a safe answer to tell me without frightening me too much. “Tell me the truth Drew I need to know” I said. “Marco has been kidnapped. We only know he’s alive as they sent a photo of him, with your double trying to get a ransom” He said quickly, as though if he didn’t say it he wouldn’t. “I will pay it” I said. “So will your parents and mine. But even if they did the chances of getting them back is next to none.” He said shaking me. I started crying I couldn’t help it, “we will get them
back” he said seriously. “We used a physic and got the location the guardians will get them back” he said. I didn’t know what to say “Ally I have to go I need the line free for people to ring. I am on my way to come and see you as soon as I can.” he hung up. I went out the room tears streaming down my face Kye actually hugged me innocently. Kacie stared at me not knowing what to say or do, I realised I now made her nervous. “I will go get the girls and tell them we are moving in here” I said. “No you can’t you need to stay here.” Kacie said now looking like she didn’t want to let me out her sight her duties wouldn’t allow it. “Some more guards will arrive in a few minutes.” she said, but she was careful not to say they were for me. But we both knew they were, I nodded. When the 26 students where in the guard practise room Kacie looked at us all. The 3 royals where sat together not knowing what happened. I was shocked to see that only prince Derek was over the age of 11 the other 2 could have only been 10 and 8 maybe 9. I had hardly seen the younger school it shared a campus but they didn’t take specialist subjects and thus we never mixed. I was also shocked to see a lot of them where lower school. In total out of the 26 of us who stayed behind, only 12 of
us where older than the age of 13. “What’s going on?” Derek asked Kacie. I was surprised to see him being caring towards the younger kids. He really was a mystery to me one I would like to unlock when Marco was safe and I had time. 6 new guards arrived then including 2 of my personal ones who had stayed on campus. “Miss River Bae can you accompany the guards to my office” said Guardian Kacie. I stood up and followed them out with all 25 eyes of my fellow students hammering into me. When in a room alone, the guards bowed to me “have you heard anything?” I asked my guards ignoring their bows. Marcos safety was more important. “Yes your highness.” One of the new guards said. “Sam” I quickly corrected. Then realising if I suddenly had guards it would be weird for everyone.” “Protect the little ones I’ll be okay” I told them both seriously.

They didn’t look happy with this but my 2 nodded. “It is important we don’t blow Sams cover.” One of the guards told them. “I can protect myself a lot better than they can.” I said my 2 guards agreed with me. Much to the new guard’s annoyance. I went to leave and I suddenly realised something “wait your mums close guards” they nodded politely “does she know where I am? Is she cross I haven’t talked to
her since Germany?” they both stood in silence. Silence for those questions I realised there etiquette training taking over answering those questions wasn’t for my safety so they didn’t have to. I sighed and went out the room shaking my head. If Erin and Taylor actually ever got to be my guards. I would not allow them to treat me like that without setting both there asses on fire.

I went back to where my friends were sitting. The new guards seemed to watch my every step. Erin raised an eyebrow at me, as though asking what was this all about? I shrugged at her, not knowing how to put it all into words. “Well unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstance. You are all, moving into the guardian dorm here, with teachers.” Guardian Kacie said. No one questioned it to my surprise. But then no one would question anything a teacher like Kacie said. Again Erin’s eyes caught mine questioningly. I wondered if Kye had told her about mine and Kacie’s conversation he couldn’t understand. When we went into are room that had been assigned, I was rooming with Erin. She cornered me “what the hell’s going on. All Kye could tell me was, it has something to do with prince Marco and you were both talking in a weird
language.” She said looking worried. “French is not a weird language. Kye really needs to learn more languages.” I said not actually answering her question. Buying myself time. “Says the girl failing maths” Erin said with a smile. “Hey I didn’t fail” I pointed out. “You’re trying to get me of the subject; do you know what’s up or not?” Erin said realising I was trying to distract her. She had put her hands on her hips and was back to looking at me worriedly. “All I know is Sean’s gone to rescue Marco.” I said believing this was close to the truth. Although I didn’t understand why he had left me here.

“Why did Sean go why couldn’t we!” Erin asked looking happy for Sean, but disappointed that she couldn’t have gone. I shrugged “I think it’s just because he’s been trying to reach Marco for a few weeks.” I said slipping that we actually knew Marco. I was swearing at myself in my head. “You know Prince Marco? That’s really impressive!” Erin said looking like this was the juiciest bit of gossip I had ever let slip. I wished Taylor was here rather than Erin, Taylor never pressured for gossip. “I don’t know any more Erin. I’m as puzzled as you” and it was the truth I didn’t know why Sean had gone. I didn’t know where Marco was. I just prayed everyone was okay.

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