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Chapter 2

“Samira River Bae.” Said the lady who was fitting clothes indicating I was next. She held a tape measurer and so I walked over slowly. Trying to calm my nerves, my heart was beating so fast. I was really doing this. I was really going to be a normal teenage Amaris. No one watched me, no one cared who Samira was and that was the point in this. I stood still holding my breath in as she measured me. Fearing breathing would shatter all this. “Do not hold your breath. Breath normally please, otherwise it will be too tight.” I let go of my breath as she measured my stomach and hips then she measured my calf lengths my skirt couldn’t be too short after all this was a respectable school. As she handed me my uniform I looked at it. 3 red kilt type skirts, 3 red tartan pinafore dresses with red ties with the exact same tartan pattern all blood red.

When I got handed 3 red blazers 3 red jumpers 2 red cardigans I thought the outfit was a bit much thankfully I was handed grey shirts. I might be a princess. I might have
been forced to wear a dress in the palace, but I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I wanted trousers, why couldn’t I have trousers. When I’m queen I will make sure girls get offered trousers. End to the skirts and dresses. If I’m queen I reminded myself. I was constantly having a war inside my head. On one hand being queen was a huge fear; on another there was so much I wanted to change. The barbarians being just one. Then I got handed my pe kit red shorts thankfully not tartan though they were the same colour blood red. I got handed a plain white polo shirt and a red swimming costume. I also got handed red jogging bottoms and a red hoody for guard training. Then I was sent into the changing room. I looked at all my uniform “can I not have trousers?” I asked before I went in she shook her head looking annoyed I had asked. So I went in and tried it on. I came out as told and she checked all the measurements using her tape measure. She nodded then sent me back in to try on the next stuff. I got bored of this really fast, but finally it was over. she was happy with my uniform, I handed it all back to her, knowing that it would have my name sewn into and then would be sent up to my room. That was in the welcome to Bennett Gaia pamphlet we had
been given when we first arrived here 2 hours ago. I missed the beach already. I wondered if lying on the beach could have been my safe house. No I wanted this. I wanted to be normal. I wanted to have a life, something that had been stolen from me. What would I have been like if I was raised like I should have been, would I be one of those giggling royals? I could see chatting over there. I watched Duncan/Sean try on his clothes he had nowhere near as much red as I did he had black trousers white shirts with the same red blazer and red jumpers with B G in a crest with Bennett Gaia written underneath. And of course with the same tie. I sat and waited for him taking in everyone in here, not many people had arrived yet some would still be at home. I hoped April would be okay with me as her new roommate. I really needed to get a grip soon, or I was going to give myself a stomach ulcer with all this worry.

We walked up to my dorm first. “Do you not want to see your room?” I asked him he smiled at me “I will later” he said. I looked at him knowing he was doing this for my safety but the whole idea of this was so we could live normal lives, but then we were meant to be twins. It would be understandable for us to want to be
together all the time. Wouldn’t it? I walked into my dorm trying to keep myself breathing here goes everything. We looked around, there were posters everywhere of bands human and Amaris bands the like. It looked like someone had gone nuts with blu-tack. I looked at Duncan questionably, I had never been to an Amaris school, and he had was this normal? By the look of shock on his face I realised it wasn’t, quiet quickly. This was an unroyal dorm it was also obviously not manned very well by adults. If it was the dorm matron was obviously very laid back. There where group of girls chatting on black sofas, in the room listening to the music channel on the TV, that I was shocked had cable. It was amazing how rich my people seemed to be. Considering as far as I could tell none of us actually worked much. I could only guess this was the main living area of the dorm, it was a small dorm each dorm only housed 15. I smiled at the girls nervously but none really payed much attention to me though some checked Duncan/Sean out. The dorms where like little houses dotted around a large open campus. It looked more like a few mansions with houses than a school.

We walked out the room into a hallway; of the hallway was a study room. It had
computers round the walls on tables and more tables and chairs empty in the middle of the room. The room was full of bookcases and books on all of subjects that they taught here. I suppose so we didn’t always need to go to the library for everything. If this was just one dorms study I was interested to see the actual library. The tables where all dark wood and the chairs matching but with red pillows. The room was quiet dark I thought for studying, but then we were in an Amaris school I suppose. We went through another door and it was the kitchen this was as red as all the other rooms, even the counters were red and black. I looked at Duncan/Sean “they love red here don’t they?” I said possibly stating the obvious but the red was already getting abit much for me. “It is a bit much” he agreed with me. We stood in silence me looking around trying to figure my life out. I seemed to be thinking way to much today. I really should just find my room. Climb into my new bed and bury myself and disappear. “What’s your room number” Duncan asked after giving me a while to think of my new life. I wondered what he was thinking. I pulled out the papers the headmaster had given me and looked at it “7” I said with a smile. We went upstairs there were 10
rooms. “Ones for the adult in charge” Duncan/Sean explained to me. I nodded my understanding as I pulled out the key I had been given and unlocked my bedroom door. All my stuff we had brought with us was here already but none of Aprils, so I knew she hadn’t arrived yet. I looked at my new laptop and all my new stuff a brand new life. A real life. But I wasn’t the real me. The real I, the girl I had been in Paris was long gone. I didn’t even know who I was anymore.

Some queen I’m going to be. I will add that to my list of why I shouldn’t be Queen. Reason 7 I don’t even know who I am. We couldn’t shut my bedroom door the head master had basically said that we could go in each other’s rooms, as long as doors where kept open. Even though it seemed strange with twins, that was a school rule and we decided that it was best to follow the rules. I looked around my room there was 2 desks opposite each other. 2 wardrobes the same way and 2 queen size beds opposite each other, with matching bedside tables it was all very surreal as if the room had an inviable half way point. It was all the same dark wood as the study was. With red wall paper. Red was really going to drive me nuts I thought. “Are you nervous” asked Duncan/Sean looking at me worriedly. I
was going to deny it but then why, he looked as nervous as I felt. I could see from the sweat on his head that he was nervous. “Yes. But I can do this” I said with a smile. He helped me unpack my stuff not that I had much. “Should I go meet the girls?” I asked him once we had finished and I was sat on my bed him on my chair retuning my guitar for me. It was something I had used to play to get money growing up. Hey I was a girl of many skills. Come on I convinced doctors to bring me blood bags and forget about it, from the age of 13. The guitar was a way I could express my feelings without actually saying how I felt. The amount of busting I’ve done all around the world would surprise you. It surprises me. I was wondering if us hiding in my room was the best idea. “I’ll have to go soon” he said looking at the alarm clock, I had set up on my bedside table. 6.30am he could stay here till 7am, at the latest. And then we had to be in our own dorms by 7.30am, in are personal rooms and beds for 10am. “Hello” said a lady walking in I realised this must be the dorms matron.

“Hello” we both said. “Samira or April?” she asked looking at her clipboard she seemed so young. No wonder the dorm looked like it did I thought. If she didn’t know April did this mean it was her first year
here? I saw Duncan/Sean accessing this as well. We had gone on last year’s teachers, how many new teachers were here? How screwed were we? At least I had 3 guards on the guards here, personally transferred to keep me safe. If there was an attack on the school I was there priority. “Hi I’m Sam” I replied calmly, trying to keep myself calm I gave a weak smile. “And who is this?” she asked. “My twin brother Sean” I told her looking at Duncan/Sean. She nodded understandingly. “I am your dorm supervisor, Gina any problems, any at all come to me. Boys are not really encouraged to go in girl’s rooms and doors must be kept open when they are, but as your twins I’ll let this rule slide only slightly.” we both smiled and nodded at her “thankyou” I said smiling a nice smile this time. Gina seemed a whirlwind of hair. Her black hair matched her gorgeous features. I could only guess that she had a bit of Chinese in her, she was pale even paler than normal Amaris. But she shone with power. With spirt, with life. Although there was something about her that made me feel uneasy. I told myself I was just extremely nervous. I couldn’t make opinions on someone the first time I met them after all. She looked at my notes “you prefer blood in bags?” she asked
questioning it with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes mam. I don’t like the salty taste of human skin.” I told her it wasn’t a lie although that wasn’t the reason I don’t drink from humans. It was the excuse for my weird blood preference, but then I had been promised a few others where the same. I wasn’t a complete freak. Some Amaris argued that all Amaris should only drink from bags. it wouldn’t be to unusual for an Amaris to not drink from humans especially guards, they drunk from bags a lot they needed to they couldn’t leave there charge to go suck a human after all. Duncan was used to bags just as well really. “Gina please, mam makes me sound like my mother” I saw that Gina possibly was only a few years older than me, maybe Drew’s age my friend that I missed like hell, already. Especially now I knew he and Kayla where expecting a baby. A baby I was going to be godmother to, if it was ever safe for me to go to his or her baptism. That was. I nodded wondering how she got this job. I was trying to stop myself thinking about Drew and Kayla; I missed them like hell when she said. “Your roommate should arrive tomorrow. Hopefully you two should get on. If there’s any problems let me know.” Gina told me. “That’s fine I’ve roomed with April at another school.”

I lied; April
had told me she had been at another school for a few years. Before this one, so it wasn’t like that could instantly be proved wrong. Especially by a new teacher. Once I talked to April hopefully she would back this up, if ever questioned. “What is your element” Gina asked me “water” I replied. “So is your roommate. That’s very handy, she’s a senior so can help you with most of your homework.” She smiled at me then looked at Duncan/Sean “and your element?” she asked I thought quiet nosey “fire” he replied looking though he wondered when this conversation would be over. Gina might seem nice but something about her had my stomach in knots. I really should have eaten better than the bag of chips I had on are way here. “Twins with different elements” she said with a smile. “Do you know many twins?” asked Duncan/Sean wondering if he should of said my element was fire. “No but I always thought twins would have the same element.” She admitted. Both Duncan and I shock our heads. Really for an adult Gina was abit clueless. “Only if we were identical twins which were not.” Duncan/Sean told her. “I’ll be your swimming teacher” Gina told me smiling.

Oh she was a teacher that made sense why she was here. “Oh cool” I said smiling at her a fake smile but
she didn’t seem to realise. She looked at my alarm clock suddenly realising that it was past the time boys should be here. Duncan should have actually been back at his own room 10 minutes ago. “I’ll write you a late note. Finish helping your sister unpack, and then you need to hurry back to your dorm.” Gina told Duncan/Sean We both nodded as she left the room. “Will you be okay Sam?” he asked, I knew he said Sam a lot to get me used to it and so he could get used to it. As well. “Go or we both will get in trouble. We have are phones I’ll text you constantly” I told him knowing that he really didn’t want to leave me, yet he still trusted me, that I could keep myself safe here. “And anyway I’m just going to go meet the other girls, no one’s allowed in or out after curfew.” I said so he took a note from Gina and we walked downstairs to the kitchen. “See you tomorrow. Straight after breakfast there are no lessons tomorrow.”

He reminded me I nodded and said my goodbyes. When he had gone I felt completely alone, for the first time since finding out who I was. I walked into the kitchen and looked in the cupboards there was loads of junk food and bags of blood in the fridge. This I could cope with. I looked at the girls in the living room and decided I was too frightened to talk to
them alone so went up to my room and went to bed. Curling up on my cartoon character duvet set I had brought myself. Yes kiddie I know but at least it was something that helped me feel calm. I pulled my teddy bear close. Ted had seen me through a lot of poo in my life.

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