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Chapter 20 - Marco POV

I looked at the girl who was pretending to be Princess Alysa, thankful that not many people actually knew what she looked like. Well enough to realise she wasn’t her. I caught her eye she was staying really strong but then they weren’t hurting her currently. This was a different group from the ones that wanted Ally dead this group just wanted money. I couldn’t believe they had managed to catch us and even worse kill joe, maybe Marianna was dead as well when we were taken she was laying on the floor dying I hoped she wasn’t dead. They had only kept me alive as they could get a ransom for me as well. They were keeping us both at the point of starvation. We were given a teaspoon of blood every 2 days just enough to keep us alive but weak so weak. I couldn’t tell you how long we had been here months, weeks, days it had all melted into one. I prayed for death for myself and I was
amazed that the fake Alysa hadn’t snapped, and told them she wasn’t Ally. She was only 19 fresh out of school this was not right. I caught the guards eye she looked determined I wondered how long we would have before we were disposable. “58 million and I will kill her for you” I heard the captive say in a heavy accented voice. I wondered who he was talking to, was this the ones trying to kill Alysa. If I could only find out whom they were. I caught the girl’s eyes again. We couldn’t talk we could barely move. When we heard the door being broke down, we didn’t even have the strength to shout where we were. When guards came running in. It all happened so quickly. But the amount of guardians that came in being led by a human physic and with human police was amazing. I had never seen guards work so well with human law enforcement. Marianna was with them although she was on crutches. She was still with them; soon the fake Ally and I were given blood. I soon realised something Duncan was here. “What are you doing here?” I yelled at him when he was fussing over me. “I had to come” he said matter of fact. “He led the rescue” said another guard looking proud at Duncan. I realised he was the teacher from the school Ally was at, “who’s protecting
her!” I asked looking exasperated not believing there idiocy leaving her unprotected. Then I realised something, with the amount of guards here, it wouldn’t just be her unprotected. “Why are there so many of you. What if there’s an attack on the royal family.” just as I said it I wish I hadn’t. It was like telling someone to be careful for them to then smash everything. Marianna had been giving me a hug.

Surprising the tuff warrior, had been so relieved to see us both alive. “We need to take the princess back to the palace with more guards.” They said handing what they thought was the princess a few blood bags. “I’m not the real princess” the girl guard admitted as though she needed it of her chest. After so long here I didn’t blame her. She had been so strong here and not given into her terror. “She’s still safe” I admitted catching Duncan’s eye. “You should of just left us to die” I said to him and Marianna. The girl guard actually nodded her agreement. “The real princess may be safer where she is, than she will be at the palace. Especially currently as they think she has just been rescued. They won’t suspect anything unless we take her out of whatever safe house she is in.” the guardian teacher told the guard who asked, not saying where
she was or that he knew. But saying the truth, I prayed they had her safe. I was glad someone like him was keeping her safe, though I silently swore at them for leaving her unprotected. “We need to get out of here” said one of the guards. I noticed the human police where putting crime tape up all over the place. I nodded. “Are you strong enough to walk?” asked one of the guards treating me as a prince like I actually am. “Of course.” I said drinking the blood I had been provided not admitting I actually wasn’t.

I forced myself into a standing position leaning on Duncan and his teacher. Another guard carried the fake princess out. No one admitting she wasn’t the real one to any of the other guards. We had got out the building when the news reached us. King Robward was dead. . So was my father. And 68 members of different royal family’s there had been an attack everywhere at once. As well as 178 guards. “It’s my fault.” I said looking at Marianna. “It’s not your fault” said another guard. “A bomb in a royal vacation home the king was visiting for a business party.” Explained one of the guards. “Nothing we could have stopped” said the guard punching the wall. For the first time ever I was speechless, I wasn’t in charge for once. “King Marco we
need to get you to safety.” Said a guard using what he thought was my new title. “Prince my brother is the next king is he safe?” I asked, suddenly realising that Andrew may have been with our father. “Yes your brother and Queen Kayla were thankfully on an aeroplane when it happened, going to cancel their wedding” said a guard. I saw Duncan looking fidgety and realised he had possibly arranged for Drew to be with Ally. While he came on this mission. I was thankful for that but then I realised Kayla had been addressed as Queen. “Is Queen Alba dead?” I asked trying to swallow air. I had never expected this. The guard nodded. “King Lytton is in critical.” “What about Queen Jennifer?” I almost screamed. “She’s safe.” A guard reassured me.

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