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Chapter 21

I was sat chatting with my friends. In the hall, being watched over by 5 guards stood around the room. It was are 2nd day here. I hadn’t heard anything new and I was desperate to hear. Something anything. “Can you teach me some of those moves?” prince Derek asked coming over. My mother’s body guard who was closest to us raised an eyebrow. At me and my friends. He didn’t seem to like the fact I was with guards and he defiantly didn’t seem to like the idea of royalty fighting. “Sure” I said standing up. The other guard had accompanied Prince Derek and the 2 younger royals over, obviously was not expecting this either. I heard my mother’s guard mumble how he would pay to see this. Kye and Erin both shot him evil looks, not understanding what I did. The guard thought because I was a princess, I couldn’t fight. But Erin and Kye knew I me as guardian in training Samira and believe me I could. Believe it or not even in my weakest I was still strong. My fake mums training had been sloppy, but I could still kick ass with that alone. Now I’d done a whole term of training, and extra practise with Sean and Judah. Let’s just say I could keep up with my classmates. “Kye?” I said. “Yeah?” he said still looking at the guards looking slightly pissed off. “Want to help me show a few moves first.” I said I wanted to show off I admit it. I wanted to prove myself, I wasn’t a fragile princess. I was a strong independent girl, and I was going to kick Kye’s ass. “Sure” he said realising that I wasn’t going to take it easy on him and he wouldn’t take it easy on me either. We started fighting out of the corner of my eye I saw the guards cockiness drop as Kye and I fought I kept up with him on all moves. Considering I was smaller by a lot. I managed to throw Kye around and him me, like we were teddy bears. Eventually Kye won the fight but I had given him hell. The guards were looking at me with new respect. “Wow” said Prince Derek. “But I don’t think I’m up for that yet.” He admitted. Erin smiled at him. “Believe me with Sam teaching you. You will be throwing people round like there pillows in no time.” I noticed something out the corner of my eye Drew and Kayla where here. They came rushing over, not caring about who I was with, and pulled me straight into a hug. I was dripping in sweat, and I wasn’t alone. I didn’t understand what had happened and then fear hit. “Is Marco dead?” I asked suddenly almost ready to burst out in tears. Not caring if I broke my cover. Just by the site of their face I knew something really really bad had happened. “Your majesty’s please use my office.” Said guardian Kacie who had come in with them I realised that was actually addressed to me as well. “Samira please can you join them in my office.” Kacie said to me. I nodded looking at them all. It wasn’t till I got to the office that I realised all the royalty had followed. “Please can you take the younger ones out” said Kayla, tears running down her face. I knew something serious had happened, Marco must be dead. I realised tears dripping down my face before I could even control them. Prince Derek, seeing them even though he looked more confused than anything took my hand and squeezed it. Trying to comfort me. The small gesture meant a lot. Drew saw it and he never even bothered asking Prince Derek to leave. He looked to sad. “Is Marco dead?” I asked trying to be strong, though my voice cached. Drew said “we don’t know yet.” He pulled me close to him wrapping me in a huge hug. I took a sigh of relief. Marco wasn’t dead, or at least if he was we didn’t know yet. Marco felt like an older annoying brother, as much as Drew did. Actually I had to admit it Marco felt more like my dad. Kayla was crying severely, I looked from one to the other not knowing what to say. I was completely in the dark. I looked at a very confused Derek. He seemed as puzzled by the 3 of us, as I felt at the moment. Drew didn’t seem to want to let me go, but Kayla needed him as much as I did. “Marianna? Joe?” I asked wondering who was dead, to make them this sad. It would be life changing sad to have lost either of them for me, but they didn’t know my 2 guards very well, and Amaris died and killed each other all the time. This was why I would be in charge of the laws in a few years, to stop the outlaw type way of my people. To also stop an outright war, I felt a war unfortunately would soon be on the way. It was why my safety was so important. Too many of my people were getting hurt and killed lately, mine or mums death would cause an uproar and outright war. It had been century’s since we had a war. It had killed a lot of my people and a lot of humans; I felt this would all happen again. Pulling away I stared at the both of them praying for the news to not be as bad as they were acting. “Marianna’s okay” Kayla said taking deep breaths. . I looked at Prince Derek he looked as perplexed as I felt. “Joe is dead but” Kayla said then she looked like she couldn’t go on. I swallowed hard, I liked Joe he was amazing and funny and didn’t deserve to die. “Your dads dead” Drew said sobbing himself. I sank into the chair. “How many people are dead? Who’s dead?” I demanded. If I didn’t listen it wouldn’t be real. Could I cover my ears and run and hide? Drew again seemed to notice Prince Derek. “Your mum and dad are both dead. I am so sorry.” He said. Derek sank into his own chair in shock. “My dad’s dead and Kayla’s mums dead. Her Dads in critical condition.” Drew said between sops. His whole body was shaking. Drew’s reaction said it all really. He was shaking and sobbing. He was in full on shock I realised. My silent tears were falling from my eyes. The room was spinning, I wanted to put my hands over my ears and scream. This wasn’t happening. Images of the dad I barely knew were in my head. I had only met him a year ago and for most of that year, we didn’t even see each other or talk. I would never get to know him. The pain in my heart could kill. I realised it wasn’t just me who lost family I couldn’t afford to lose it not now. They needed me to be stronger than I ever had been. The queen is she safe? The princess?” said Derek, looking at both of them in shock. He had tears in his eyes but he seemed like nothing was sinking in. the room was silent except for the crying of Kayla, Drew was shaking. I wondered how they had even managed to get here in this state. “When?” I asked looking from one to the other. “2 hours ago we have just found out.” Said Drew still shaking but not crying anymore he seemed to have reached the almost anger part of grieving. “How many people are dead?” I asked. Every one of their eyes was on me, not knowing how to respond. Derek looked like he was in full on shock. It would take a while for everything to process. Kacie left us a while before she knocked and came in. “King Andrew. Queen Kayla, King Derek” said Kacie trying to get their attention it felt weird having their new titles said. Kacie seemed extremely sad and extremely nervous she nervously said “I have just had news that Prince Marco is safe. And guardian Judah and guardian Sean are on their way back.” She added the last bit for me. “We need to get you somewhere safer” Drew said looking at me as though he was suddenly seeing me. “I’m safest here.” I said angry not with them but with everything, with life. “She is safest here. No one suspects she is here Judah confirmed it when he rung.” Kacie said. “How many people are dead?” I sort the answers from Kacie, even though I knew the knowledge would cause my heart to break. This was my entire fault. “That we know of so far 220” said Kacie looking sad. I took deep breaths I was expecting 10 maybe 20 Amaris not so many not that many a war was defiantly in the future, If I couldn’t stop it. “My mother?” I asked Kacie. “She is fine.” She told me looking like she personally wanted to break down to. “I need to talk to my mother” I said as a command I would break down later. “It’s not safe at the moment, she’s been put somewhere safe until the war meeting.” said Kacie looking sad. “A war is the worst thing for our people.” Said Prince Derek. Looking like the world around him was falling apart which was actually true. “I will not let there be a war.” I said stubborn and demanding. They all watched me “you don’t have a say I’m afraid.” Said Prince Derek. Looking annoyed about that. I wondered if he wanted a voting system, like I thought would be better. “You have a say” I said pointing at all 3 of them. Drew caught my eyes they were still filled with tears. But he wasn’t crying he seemed to be getting stronger by the second, he looked at me then nodded. “We won’t let there be a war don’t worry.” Said Drew. I nodded, I took a few deep breaths and then I found myself standing up. “Is there anyone I need to talk to?” I asked them all. Prince Derek, still looked at me confused he was sad confused. It wasn’t fair to leave him so confused and I caught Drew’s eye asking if prince well king Derek was safe. To let in on my little secret. That was becoming too obvious. “No Alysa.” Drew said giving my name. “There is no one you need to talk to yet.” Drew said. I knew why he had done it. He was giving both me and Derek the answer. My name was all it took. King Derek was now bowing at me.

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