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Chapter 22

Sean was watching me we were in Kacie’s office; she had a phone that couldn’t be traced. So talking on her phone had become the new safe phone. Christmas break was over. Christmas hadn’t been a good time for anyone. A lot of my fellow classmates had lost parents, some of my classmates where gone as well. Taylor and April where back along with the rest of the dorm we were all back in the dorm. We would return to classes today it was strange a few royals hadn’t come back. Some had died in the attacks, some parents had decided it wasn’t safe enough anywhere and were keeping them with them. School had a lot more protection, all the schools did. everyone feared that they would go after the young. “So you’ll be out of hospital soon?” I said into the phone. “You will” corrected Marco; he was obviously in his normal annoying mode, which made me smile. I wished I could physically see him. I wanted to make sure he was actually okay and not just telling me he was. Although
talking to him was okay. Drew and Kayla were visiting him later, they and King Derek where at the court. For the war meeting. He would be back on Monday and we had a lot to talk about. He was refusing the war from his seat and I needed to know how many had refused. I still hadn’t been able to talk to my mum, but I had sent a message to her, with Drew. who swore he had given it to her. The mass funeral was yesterday and I hadn’t been able to go. My stunt double bless her, had. I saw a few pictures of her stood next to my mum in the Amaris paper. but none of her close. No one would know to be honest; Georgina could take my place quiet easily. Georgina had gone through a lot pretending to be me. She was 19 and according to Marco, I would actually get on with her. I heard Marianna go into his room. I heard her talking to him about how he should eat his grapes because everyone knows grapes heal everything. “Will you two just get together already.” I told him. Sean coughed but I could tell he was laughing. The new guard was stood by the door his job was to keep me safe, but even he seemed to crack a smile. Everyone’s lessons now had guards in and he had managed to have my exact schedule. Go figure 3 of them did. It was Thursday and lessons for
the day hadn’t even started. They were starting on Thursday to slowly reintroduce us back into classes after 6 weeks of. I was here so early to catch Marco before classes started. Then straight after school I would ring again. Today was magic, history, biology, swimming and vet school. I loved vet school. I waited for Marcos response but none came. “Bye Marco” I said laughing and hung up. I took a deep breath. I had copped so far I could cope today. I could cope with today. I could cope. I hadn’t actually had time to break down. “No one would blame you for being upset. we could get permission for you to be of lessons for a while.” Sean said, he knew me the most out of everyone at school. He knew my smile was fake. “No thanks I like to be busy, it makes me forget at least for a while.” I said, the silence filled the air, both of us knowing what the other felt, but not being able to put it in words. I wished time would just pass me by, as I knew with time a small bit of me would heal. Fake it till I make it I told myself. I gave Sean a hug bye, surprising him but he returned the hug. Then I went into my magic class. I went and sank in the chair next to a girl called Zenia, who was again reading a book.

This one I saw was about vampires. “Really?” I asked her, she
looked at me “I like to see the human’s views on us.” She said. I laughed, really laughed as though everything was so funny. Although I knew this was actually grief. Erin shot me a worried look, she had seen me shift from emotion to emotion these last 2 weeks and I think she thought I was having a break down. To be honest I was shocked I hadn’t. I knew I would get cornered by her later, by the worried look she was giving me. Magic went fast I listened to the teacher even though most of my magic class just seemed to mess around. Mistress Ocean still couldn’t control a class; I wondered why she ever thought teaching was her calling. By her exasperated look she was possibly wondering the same thing. She looked like she would burst into tears at any minute. On the way out I said to her as well as to myself, “it’s okay, everything will settle down soon. It has to.” I was praying it would. Hannah went into mistress oceans class as I came out I gave the girl a smile and hug. “Take it easy on her” I whispered to her, she took one look at Mistress Ocean and nodded. Erin was waiting for me and we practically ran to history.

We ran into class late, Sean gave me a worried look. “What happened?” he asked when we took are seats me next to him and Taylor. Erin next to Taylor and Kye with Jessie on the row in front turned around facing us. “Mistress Ocean just looked like she was about to have a breakdown.” Erin said smiling. “I think that won’t be long” Kye said smiling at Erin. The crush on me had gone onto Erin over Christmas and I was glad for it. “Can anyone tell me when the last war of our people was announced?” Asked Master Simmons. I sighed I couldn’t deal with this class not right now. “I need to get out of here” I said to Sean, in almost a whisper. Taylor heard and her quick thinking saved me before Sean even had time to think. “Sir Can I take Samira to the nurse, she’s not feeling very well.” Taylor said to our teacher. He nodded and motioned for us to leave after saying “high maintenance today aren’t we Samira” I nodded. I noticed one of the guards from the class room followed us Taylor did as well. “What’s up?” she asked as soon as we were out of earshot from the class, it was the first time the 2 of us had been alone since she got back yesterday lunchtime. “I couldn’t deal hearing about wars especially today” I said truthfully. “Fighting in it will be a privilege,” she said
hugging me though she didn’t seem happy about it.

“Do you want to?” I asked her wondering if my tuff friend actually thought fighting in a war was a good thing. “Of course not. You and I know I want to protect the royals and be the most famous guard ever like your father” I smiled the guard behind us seemed to be listening into my conversation and with Taylors thing about protecting the royals he slowed down his pace. But only slightly. “I know that isn’t just it Sam. You’ve been like a ghost since I got back.” Taylor told me worriedly. But she wrapped her arm around me. “Why are we bloody being followed?” Said Taylor looking annoyed. “To make sure were actually going to nurses and not bunking of the first day of school.” I told her. Taylor smiled and said “do you think the nurse will be happy to see us on first day back?” she asked. “Not really but I really do think I can puke on demand.” I told her Taylor looked at me worried. “We will talk about it deal?” she asked me worriedly. “Sean’s dealing with it. I’m fine.” I told her. The nurse was not impressed to see us skipping lesson on the first day. She realised quickly, that was what we were doing. We caught up about Taylors 6 weeks; she had ended up spending it all with her mum. As her dad ended up
being too busy with what happened. I was glad to hear neither of her parents was hurt. I still felt responsible for everyone who had been though. When history was due to finish, we went to the next class of the day, quickly. Mostly to get away from the moaning nurse.

I had missed Taylor and it was nice being sat next to her in languages. We didn’t goof around, master Giles was one teacher everyone respected. My phone buzzed and I tried to ignore it. Thankful I had put it on silent. Since everything had happened I now was able to text Drew and Kayla and wondered which one of them had texted me. It buzzed again fearing it was important maybe about the war I pulled it out. Hidden behind my Chinese exercise book. Both texts where from Drew.
Drew - We are going to war.
Drew - Ring me. ASAP.
I took a deep breath and said to master Giles “please may I go nurses office” he nodded I was after all his star pupil Taylor caught my eye as if saying what’s going on I went out the class. Then I run to the guardian training building. I ran straight in. I forgot the
rule about me going anywhere alone. I even forgot that they had morning classes, in here. one of the teachers raised an eyebrow but said nothing. I ran into Kacie’s office and I was on the phone, before anyone was even able to come in the room. “What do you mean we are going to WAR?”

I demanded into the phone to Drew. “Hey it’s not my fault. We said no” Drew said from his side of the phone. By his tone I could tell he wasn’t happy about it at all. I took a few deep breaths as a worried looking Kacie came in the room. “What’s going on?” she asked me looking extremely worried and Judah was behind her. “How many said yes” I asked “37 out of the 60” said Drew sighing like he couldn’t even believe it himself. “What did the Queen say?” I asked Drew. Both Judah and Kacie where watching me worried, I mouthed we are going war, both looked disappointed but not quiet shocked. I hadn’t known my own people long, but I knew a war wasn’t what we needed. I swore a lot in loads of different languages until Drew eventually told me “if you don’t stop I’m hanging up. A potty mouth isn’t good on a princess.” this made me swear at him again he sighed but didn’t hang up. My mother had agreed with the war she was heartbroken at the death of my father. She hadn’t
listened to my message, saying a war wasn’t right. Who was I to tell her these things anyway? I thought. I was just her child. A child she didn’t even know.

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