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Chapter 23 - Andrew POV

We were sat in the court. I wasn’t sat with Kayla; she was next to her brother. As he had accompanied her to show his support. It was all of our first time in here, I saw a few other young royals that I knew. King Derek was sat near the back, I was close to the queen, my father’s seat used to be next to the queen so I was sat there. Out of all the royals there were 15 new kings and queens, all of us losing a parent or 2. Some were barley even older than 5 and had older family members taking the seats with them. To loose both your parents at 5. I worried for my own child, due in less than 2 months’ time. My mother smiled at me weakly encouraging she had no say here as she was royal by marriage not birth. I watched as the war came up when it came to my vote I said no, Kayla and Derek both said No. in fact every king and queen here under the age of 20 said no. a few of the really old Amaris and I mean old like would have been around for the
last war said No. We are not immortal, but we do live a good 200-500 years. This is always something Ally forgets. It just wasn’t enough. Unfortunately 37 of the family’s said yes. Then the queen who I had given Ally’s message, about how a war was the worst thing for the people, literally printed out from her computer and history books. I knew she had read it but she was heartbroken, she had lost 1 daughter and now her husband. She barely knew her other daughter, Alysa. Because of all of this. I kind of understood her point but I knew it was not good. A war was declared but then just because the war had been declared didn’t mean it was that simple. To be honest it was a lot of paperwork. I debated not signing. Maybe if I didn’t sign it wouldn’t be processed if it didn’t have my signature. I regretted never paying attention in class. I had always just assumed my parents would be around forever. Then Marco would take the chair. Then my child or his. You know skip me completely. A guy could dream. “Why are you not signing?” my mother asked me. I voiced my thoughts. “No dear it would just delay it by a few weeks.” My mother informed me. “Weeks?” I asked. She smiled at me. “Months sometimes.” She
told me. I didn’t sign. From her expression she was proud of me for not signing.

I needed to tell Ally I thought, when I was in my brothers hospital room with Kayla and Luke. I texted her and waited. Luke wanted to talk to her, but I knew he was possibly the last person she wanted to talk to. I still hadn’t fully forgiven him for dumbing her like he had, but then he and Kayla where orphans now. They needed each other.

I needed to tell Ally myself before King Derek got back and told her the news. I kind of hoped that he was as nice as I remembered him being, the few times I had seen him at party’s growing up. I knew he was a year younger than Luke, so Luke might know him. I’d ask him later I told myself. I texted Ally knowing that classes where back on so I wasn’t expecting it when my phone rang almost 10 minutes later I was just telling my brother about how Kayla wanted to call the baby after both are dads. Her dad had held on long enough for Luke to get to the hospital to say goodbye I knew Kayla wished she had. We had originally thought of Cole for a boy and I thought are parents’ names would be better as middle names. I answered my phone knowing that this call wasn’t going
to go very well. “What do you mean we are going to WAR?” demanded Ally the moment I answered not even giving a greeting as though the anger in her wouldn’t allow even a hello. “Hey it’s not my fault we said no” I told her calmly, even though I wasn’t calm about it and neither was Marco or anyone else here. . I could hear Ally taking deep breaths as though trying to calm herself down. all throw this she had been strong, a leader, not the scared little girl I had meet not that long ago but what felt like a million years ago. “how many said yes” Ally asked calmly “37 out of the 60” I told her sighing if only 7 more had said no it would have been a tie. “What did the queen say?” Ally asked I noticed she didn’t say mum and I again found myself worrying more about her relationship with her mother, than my own problems at the moment. “Your mother agreed that a war was the only option but that we needed to go through all the steps and no one younger than 21 are allowed to fight.” I wondered how this would be achieved, but then I had actually failed politics. God help me.

Ally swore a lot in loads of different languages until I couldn’t take it anymore and told her “if you don’t stop I’m hanging up swearing isn’t appropriate for a princess.” She said something
along the lines of how nothing was appropriate for a princess but I ignored that sighing. I let her calm down before I told her mine and Marcos opinion. That her mother had agreed with the war due to being heartbroken, at the death of her father. That losing him and her sister and then being denied the chance to get to know Ally herself. Was too much. That if I could personally stop the war I would. When those words were out a pang in my heart made me realise Ally was going to become queen of a broken race. I should have left her living her happy human life in Paris, we all should of. When I had finally calmed Ally down, I wanted to go straight back to her school and wrap her in a hug. I knew she was acting strong to hide her hurt. This was after all the same girl who had nightmares that she used to scream with. I didn’t know if she still did. The girl who would fight her way out of anything and then only when it was over would realise her feelings or run. Sometimes I wondered how strong her flight nature was. It was shocking she was still at the school. I knew a lot more about her upbringing I understood her keeping her feelings buried but I wish she would just tell someone how she actually felt. When I passed the phone to Marco I saw the love on
his face for Ally. We both really had taken on the brother roles to her. Marco had loved her sister, he had dedicated his whole life to protecting Ally and I knew he didn’t regret a minute of it. Kayla spoke to her next.

I knew Kayla was only keeping it together for the baby. She was only eating for the baby, her grief was huge. I tried to be there for her but we were both hurting a lot and we were having fights over every little thing at the moment. Luke wanted to talk to her I knew he wanted to apologise for everything. Everything that went down between them. I didn’t know what to do but she asked to talk to him. I heard his side his apology and I heard her respond forgiving him but admitting they never had been right for each other. They seemed to talk forever I heard a bell go off and she said her goodbyes Luke questioned the bell but she just said her safe house was close to a church. When we were all finished with are visit Marco letting slip what Ally had said when Marianna visited. About how the two of them should get together already and admitted he actually had the feeling he should. Kayla said “about time.” The first smile I had seen on her face in days. We also decided we needed to stay at court now. For the safety of our baby.

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