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Chapter 24

I had swum like my world depended on it. Every hit of the water feeling like a hit on the world. I needed to punch something I wished today was guard training. I felt with my anger at the moment, that I could kick someone’s ass so bad they would never move again. The war hadn’t been announced yet so I didn’t tell anyone.

I told Taylor that I was having a bad day, but not why or what was bad about it. I was taking so much anger out on the pool that once it had finished Gina my dorm supervisor and my swimming coach called me over this was her first year working here and I knew she had wanted me on the swim team a while. “Sam we have a competition on Saturday. Against the local human schools, no magic is allowed but I want you competing. I will not take no for an answer.” She said I reluctantly agreed and Gina told an out of breath Erin the same thing. A few of the senior girls 2 royals, April and Abigail, then 2 royal juniors I didn’t know. I
got dry and dressed with Erin stood watching me “what the hell’s up girl?” she asked her green eyes staring at me as though I had grown 2 heads. “Nothing” I lied. She shook her head as though knowing that wasn’t true. “You, me, Taylor girlie night no guys, no brothers, no distractions.” she said looking serious. It was a bit much we actually had to state no brothers I thought, with a weak smile.

“I got to catch up with April. I told her we could have a girlie DVD night in the room, as I haven’t had a chance to talk to her since she got back.” I told Erin it wasn’t a lie April and I were going to catch up tonight. But had nothing like that planned. “Well a big girlie talk before that. You haven’t got to have extra training today surely it is our first day back.” She said stubbornly, “I don’t” I admitted. Then realising that maybe a girlie night with the girls would actually help me realise my anger “I’ll meet you both at dinner I got to talk to Sean first twin moments.” I said forcing a smile. Vet class went quickly it always did I still wished I could be a vet but decided when everything was calm I would just foster every stray animal I could find. I had this class like most of my afternoon classes mixed in with seniors I whisper to April “if the girls ask we are having a DVD night in the
room.” I told her. She understood and nodded knowing that we had a lot to talk about. She had climbed into my bed with me last night whilst I had a nightmare and actually slept cuddling me. She was one of the only people here that knew my attitude at the moment was a cover. She was watching me fuss over the rabbit sat on my desk, holding back my tears. I felt her arm go around me. I actually felt that faking it till I make it wasn’t going to work. . When vet class had finished I texted Sean to meet me in the woods. I climbed the tree that I always seemed to climb when I had questions and needed the strength it gave me. I was swinging my legs when he came. I wasn’t alone there was 2 guards sat so they could see me, but nobody could see them. He looked straight up “do I even need to tell you to get down?” Sean asked me. But he didn’t have any annoyance on his face, it was all worry. “Want to talk about it?” he asked me, I had tears that I had managed to hold back for days I finally gave into crying.

Sean watched me not sure what to do. “Please don’t cry.” he said climbing up into the tree with me. “I don’t think I can stop this war” I told him wiping my eyes. “No one can” he told me looking saddened. “Will you fight?” I asked worried that he would be leaving
me. “No I will protect you. If anything happens to you there will never be an end to the war.” He told me. When I finally calmed down we jumped down from the tree.

We went to the dining room where everyone was waiting I told them all about Erin’s and mine swim competition and even though Sean didn’t look happy at the fact, he agreed to come watch. Which was good as if he didn’t I wouldn’t be going. Gina really hadn’t given us much chance to refuse, Erin had explained. The girlie chat with the girls was good for all of us no I didn’t say what was really bothering me but we all had a lot to say. We sat in Erin’s and Taylors room on their floor drinking are bags of blood with fizzy and popcorn. “Sam pulled another guy over Christmas” said Erin with a teasing smile. This was actually true. King Derek and I had talked a lot about his real dreams before he found out who I was. When he had found out, we had actually got closer. He was a royal who didn’t want to be royal. Very similar to myself really. We could talk about everything, unlike Luke he didn’t sulk. He just took it all in strength. He also seemed to understand my need to protect myself and felt the same way. We
had got closer when his parents died, and my dad. Supporting each other through it. He needed someone to talk to and though he didn’t complain he wasn’t as strong about it as he pretended. He stood up and took his duty, even though he didn’t want to. Like I needed to eventually. I just smiled at the girls and let them tease me though I did tease Erin that Kye had moved onto her and she needed to give the guy a chance. “I will” she said with a smile both me and Taylor stared at her we were teasing. “You will?” Taylor asked perplexed. “I will give Kye a chance he asked me on a date and I said yes” Erin admitted I gave her a hug. Taylor gave her a speech about safe sex that had me covering my ears. Erin said that sex wasn’t on the table and as she had no practise at actually kissing a guy. Kye would properly just get a punch in the stomach. Then we got on talking about how many guys the girls had kissed. This to my surprise was neither of them. When they looked at me and said “Sam kissed any guys?” I didn’t know what to say but I nodded. “Wow really who when where” Erin asked like a giggling school girl I laughed. “last year I dated him for a month but things ended when I changed school” they both nodded and seemed to want more details, I made excuses to leave
but they both knew I was just escaping. I told them I’d see them in a few hours and went to my room, where April was sat on her bed a pencil in her mouth on her laptop. “What you doing” I asked wondering if she had homework already. “Just applying for colleges and scholarships.” She said with a huge smile. “Wow really I will help with any money you need April you know that, where ever you want to go. You got to live the vet dream for both of us.” I climbed on her bed and hugged her. “How are you coping?” April said wrapping me in a hug. “Wars been announced.” I told her quietly. She looked shocked “war?” she whispered. I nodded not trusting my words. “We can’t go to war. Didn’t they learn anything from history?” She said looking frightened. This was exactly how I felt. “It seems not. But I will try stopping it.” I said stubbornly. “Thanks for last night.” I said to her, she gave me a weak smile “how you coping with your dads death?” she asked looking so sad. “I have to stay strong” I said thinking. “That’s not what I asked” she said looking at me seriously. “Do the girls know your dads dead. They are both so worried about you.” she asked me. “No because sawyers still alive.” I pointed out.

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