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Chapter 25

My swimming costume on ready under my jeans and tshirt. I stood in the kitchen in my dorm, while Gina fussed over the whole swim team. She had arranged for everyone to come here for breakfast, making sure we all ate a healthy breakfast making sure we all had blood so we were strong. Making sure she read us the riot act about no magic. Although I think it was actually already cheating a bit with our unusual strength we were stronger than humans already. Something strange was up with Gina; it made me feel uneasy. I wasn’t sure if it was just her nerves making me nervous. But there was still something I didn’t like about her. It had come back full force the moment she had come back. When we arrived at the pool 4 other schools where already there. I watched Abigail April and the 2 royals step up for their race 4 of us from each year for each school. Erin and I cheered them on, as loud as we could. Sean, Kye, Jessie, and Taylor
watched us from the audience.

Hannah sat next to me with her friends on the swim team. Soon there race was finished Abigail had come in 2nd April 5th. Next it was are race as they wrapped towels around themselves and went to get dry I waited for the whistle physicking myself up for it. I dived in when the whistle blew swimming like my life depended on it I placed 1st Erin 2nd the 2 royals in are team actually came 3rd and 4th so we took all the top ranks in are races. I climbed out the pool and went into the changing room Taylor coming over to come in with us. I was just about to take my wet costume of when someone hit me on the head and I lost consciousness. When I came round I was shivering I was so cold. Even before I opened my eyes I could feel the metal around hands, my head was spinning I defiantly had a concussion I thought and the chances were I was going to die.

“Sam” I heard Taylor whisper as though she needed me to respond. I opened my eyes to the sight. I was in a room. Handcuffed to a hanging pole, hanging like a bit of meat. With Erin and Taylor, April, Abigail and the 4 royals handcuffed onto the poles like I was. Taylor sighed a small sigh of relief to me opening my eyes I
saw that everyone were still in costumes and I wasn’t the only one cold by the site of their blue lips, everyone felt the cold. But then the cold wasn’t just cold, it felt like we were in a fridge. I looked around closer.

We were in a fridge, I realised. We were going to freeze to death. Seeing that we were all awake one of the men shouted at us “which one of you is princess Alysa.” he demanded. We all stayed quiet they were after me. Would they let my friends go if I came forward? I thought. “If you come forward princess we will let everyone else go.” said the other goon there actually was a lie in the way he said it and his heart skipped a beat. None of us where going to get out of this. How had they known though? How had they known I was one of this group? How had they known we were going to the swim meet? Gina my head told me remembering my feelings of unease around her. Remembering how she had given us no choice but to come. Why had I never mentioned my feelings about her to Sean? Because I just assumed the reason I didn’t like her was due to how perky she was. By the sound of it they knew one of us was me but not which one. I needed to make sure everyone got out of this even if I didn’t. I wasn’t going to be responsible for any more
deaths. “Which one of you is Princess Alysa.” said the goon again showing us all a knife. “I am” Taylor said. “I am” said Erin. “I am” said April. Realising what they were doing I said “I am.” Abigail then said “I am” The 4 royals looked petrified but all mumbled they were. The goon didn’t seem to like this and hit the person closest to him. Which was a frozen Abigail she screamed in pain. The other goon pulled him out the fridge.

Teeth chattering and knowing we could all freeze to death, before anything happened here I said “who’s a fire user?” I didn’t dare use fire myself if I used more than one element it would be too obvious I was me. “I am” said Taylor. “Anyone an earth user?” I asked again no one could look at me but I heard no replies. “No one?” I asked. Again no one replied, I sighed well this was going to be too obvious if I used earth magic. “Anyone any good at low magic earth so we could do it together?” I asked “I’m okay at it” said one of the royals, this was a lot to ask water element I realised. “Do you think you can set fire to something and keep it contained? Just so we don’t freeze to death?” I asked it was obviously addressed at Taylor. “Yeah I can, if I can
just get my arm free.”

Taylor said sighing, “Do you think you can bend Taylors handcuffs just enough for her to get her hands out” I asked. “Yeah I think I can” said the royal. She seemed to close her eyes to concentrate. I concentrated on helping her without anyone noticing. “I promise I will get you all out of here.” I said, making myself say it made me believe it. “Sam” April said, obviously realising that if she pretended to be the most frightened non royal. It would be better protection for me, “no” I said to her. No one would doubt that I wasn’t a guard with how protective I was about to act. Taylor was soon out of the cuffs and a small none noticeable fire was on the go. I said, “Does anyone know where we are?” “No” came the reply from everyone. “Do you have enough strength to get everyone else out there cuffs?” I asked the royal. “Yeah” she said not responding more than that. A few where out when we heard them approaching again I swore to myself. “Pretend to still be handcuffed” I said just before the man opened the fridge door. He came in the room looking at us all. He looked in all of our eyes, I was glad my contacts where in. protected by goggles I never took them off. Hair colour was easily changed my eyes were the most give

He smiled at Erin and 2 of the royals and April. “Ah ha” he said green eyes I thought sighing, those 4 would be the most obvious no one had a picture of me but they knew about my green eyes. “If one of you admits to being the princess we will make sure everyone gets out of here.” he tried again. He was getting to close to everyone at any moment he might realise their hands where actually free. “Hey” I yelled he raised his eyes from staring at one of the royals the same royal who had used earth to undo all of their cuffs except mine, and one of the royals. I could do it in a few seconds but I had an idea. “Hey come here I want to tell you something.” I said, to my surprise he actually came over. If you let me down I will tell you which one of the girls is the princess.”

I said he had a huge smile cross his face I didn’t plan for him to let me down I just wanted him closer, “you can’t” said April and Taylor at the same time. “Shut up” he growled at them both. Just a bit closer, I thought just a tiny bit closer and I could do this. I didn’t want to kill him, but my choice was us or him. I chose us. He came within feet of me. “Come closer I want you to look me in the eyes and promise me, you will let everyone but the princess go.” I said, he came closer. He was close enough. I raised
my legs hanging just on my arms I wrapped my legs around his neck and squeezed. He fell to the floor and I was thankful to see that he was still breathing. Unconscious but still alive. When my cuffs where finally realised I massaged my hands. They hurt like hell. Still taking on my leader roll. “Anyone got any plans to get out of here? Or are you happy for me to keep winging it?” I asked. “Winging it seems the best idea” said Taylor staring at me, like it was her first time shed ever seen me. “Alright I take it everyone but Taylor’s main elements water?” I asked, they all nodded.

“Alright can everyone make a water barrier around us all? The idea is find a door. Any door out but stay together.” Erin took the back with Abigail. Taylor and I took the front. Me as the leader of this escape. We got out the fridge. We were in a kitchen at a restaurant what a strange place I thought, but I didn’t have time to question it. I pushed on. That’s when we got in more trouble.

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