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Chapter 26 - Sean POV

“What do you mean they aren’t in there?” I asked unsure what Hannah meant. She had just got changed after her race and I had asked her if the girls were almost ready, as we agreed to go to lunch after the swim meet. “Just that they aren’t in there” she said looking at me like she thought I had lost the plot. “Where are they?”

I asked her trying to not go into fully panic mood. As far as I knew so far the princess may just be talking with the girls there was no need to panic. “All their stuff is there. Just not them.” Hannah told me looking confused. Kye and Jessie came over, obviously seeing something was up. “Where’s Gina?” I asked the girl she looked around. “She was here when I went into the changing room, but she’s gone to.” Hannah told me starting to look worried. “What’s up?” Kye asked looking worried by my posture Jessie went straight on guard to. “Do you have any clue if the girls just left?” I asked hoping the girls might have just
decided to go to the mall and leave there stuff here to come back too. “If they did there naked.” Hannah said. I wanted to shake the little sophomore for ideas. I knew that wasn’t right. She had no clue but the fact she had told me so quick, made me have more of a chance of finding the princess.

To Jessie I said “ring Judah tell him Sam and the girls are missing.” To Hannah I said “is anyone in there at all?” she shook her head so I walked in the changing room. Accompanied by Kye, Hannah and Jessie. All their clothes still hung on pegs. Towels had fallen to the floor. I swore. Jessie finally got through to Judah and told him my message even though the phone wasn’t on loud speaker I heard Judah’s swear word. “what are you boys doing in a girls changing room?” the human swim coach from the different team said coming over?” looking angry. Pulling out my contacts so I could compel her which got shock from all the people with me I said, “do you know what happened to the girls?” she blinked a few times going into a kind of stupid mode. “Some men took them. Wait how I forgotten that?” she told me. We all swore. Some men taking Amaris would be the rebels. We after all were at war and 3 of the girls taken were royals they didn’t realise 4 of them where.

Compelling the other teams swim team coach I managed to get a lot more information out of her. She could describe the men. To my surprise Hannah was a good drawer and managed to draw a picture of the men, from the lady’s descriptions. Judah arrived with 15 guards. “Have you heard anything?” he asked. “No” I said trying to stay calm. The princess had been kidnapped on my watch. “Have you rung Marco?” Judah asked me looking as panicked as I felt. “Not yet.” “Marco? Doesn’t he just work protecting the princesses Alysa?” one of the guards with him asked. They had obviously only been told about the missing students. Not who those students where. “Yes and that’s who they have” I told him. Everyone’s mouths dropped and the panic increased 100%.

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