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Chapter 27

20 people where sat in the room, which looked like it doubled as a restaurant, which must have gone out of business a while ago. I swore and so did a lot of the others with me. “2 hours to escape. With your reputation Samira I was expecting quicker.” Gina told me. I looked at Erin and Taylor. I looked at the chair nearest me and walked over to it and sat down. All the girls stared at me in shock. “My reputation is nothing” I said sitting in the chair and leaning back. This seemed to piss of most of the people sat in the room with Gina. “What you should ask yourselves is how a guard like me. Has a reputation.” I said. “Because you’re dedicated. And you were sent to guard princess Alysa.” a man said indicating April. “Well it’s true about the dedicated part.” I said. I sent an air bubble around all the girls’ heads. I knew April knew my idea. It was something we had discussed as emergency plan 8. “The thing is. Why would sawyer’s son and daughter.
The best fighters in all of Europe come to their uncle’s school in America. When it was known they both liked being away from their family’s reputation. And both prefer to talk in Greek and French.” I asked. “If not to protect the princess?” I said with an innocent smile. Everyone only had eyes for me. But I could smell April’s water. I was sending my own wave into it. I could feel all the girls doing the same. “Why would a junior request to house with a senior she had never met. Unless that senior was the princess.” I said. Some of the people actually nodded. “The thing is. Maybe 10 strong guards have been sent to schools around the world like this.” I said with a smile. “How then would you know which one was the real one?” I said. “Unless Samira and Sean got moved to that school.” I said. “Unless guards started randomly arriving and staying all the time.” I said. Again they nodded. “Just kill them already” a man on Gina’s team said. I shot him a look that said try it. “Unless royals started randomly turning up and Samira and April kept disappearing.” I said “Ever feel very gullible?” I asked. “Gullible? what do you mean?” Gina asked. “Well you might have walked straight into a trap. The thing everyone seems to forget. Is princess Alysa was raised by one of your ex
members.” I said I was treated by dead silence. “Nicolette may have had her flaws. But she did actually love Alysa and there were a few things she taught the princess.” I said with a smile. “Well Gina your friends where right on one thing?” I told her with a grin. “What’s that?” Gina said looking confused my grin confused her; she thought I should be intimidated. “You should have killed me when I first started talking.” I said. With that I added my power to all of the girl’s water and the room filled up. Motioning to the girls to swim they complied. I watched the men and women who were going to kill us a few minutes ago struggle. I didn’t want to kill them but getting my friends safe was my main priority. Everyone was swimming Gina was swimming after me. I forgot that others could have magic to, I admit it I was feeling too cocky. I kicked her as hard as I could in the stomach. The girls all seemed to be coping okay keeping the royals close by. Their training kicking in that there life’s meant nothing compared to royals. We reached the door it was locked. And on top of that it was a pull door. The water was escaping under it, I couldn’t hear anything outside. If I let the water go I would have the strength with Taylor and Erin to kick it down. But that would make it
easier on everyone, who wanted to kill us. I looked at Erin who was closest to me; she was swimming around trying to fight in the water but finding it hard. I had no choose if we wanted out of here I was going to have to let the water go. I let it go. “Nice trick” a man said. I realised that what I wanted to achieve although fully hadn’t helped. Had killed a few Amaris. I hated the fact I had killed them but I had no choice.

I let my guard training take control. Kicking people left right and centre flips over tables and chairs. Taylor and Erin doing the same. Erin managed to get out the door with the royals and April. Taylor looked at me. I was trapped fighting a man and women. The women had me up against the wall. “Taylor get Abi and go” I shouted sending a wave of water out my hand at the lady. Taylor didn’t listen. She ran towards me jumping over 3 dead bodies. Abi stood doing well herself for someone who had never trained, she had a water whip and was swinging it around like it was a skipping rope, hitting anyone who came close to her. Someone though a rock at her and she fell. “Get her out! I yelled at Taylor. Taylor nodded grabbed Abi and throw her over her shoulders. But it was too late Abi looked like
she was dead. I throw another guy over to the wall he hit it with a mighty thud.

Another guy throw a rock at me and I felt it collided with my leg and the sharp pain told me it wasn’t just hurt. Oh well blood would heal me if I lived through this. “Samira you will never be safe. never.” Shouted Gina. I looked at her pityingly “Why do you want the war so bad?” I asked Gina looking at her. I said it calmly. I realised then that my contacts had fallen out. She was looking at me in pure shock. “You’re not guardian Sam your princess Alysa.” she shouted at me. “Yes I am princess Alysa. And you know what.” I said. “You lose” I set the room on fire. The people screamed but rather than feel sorry for them I stood like a statue. Ally was gone. Samira was gone. Princess Alysa was gone. I was fire. I was the destroyer.

“Sam.” “Sam” I heard Taylor shouting my name. Why was she coming back in. She should know better the building was on fire. They needed to get further away. I wanted them further away. With all this death. I wouldn’t let them die. No more people were going to die because of me. Or for me. I was starting to come back to myself. I didn’t feel just the anger anymore. I
wasn’t glued to the spot anymore. I wasn’t fire anymore. In fact I was amazed I was still conscious, with the amount of pain I was in. “I’m okay.” I finally managed to shout. “Get out.” I shouted at her. “She ran up to me and picked me up. Something I knew she could do but I never thought she would. She carried me out the building. I couldn’t pass out could I. but I did.

“Sam wake up please wake up.” I heard the girls saying. “Cant a girl sleep after a huge fight.” I asked. I felt myself being hugged by loads of different arms. “Thank god you’re alive.” I heard Taylor say. “Hey can’t get rid of me that easily. “I don’t have a reputation for nothing.” I said with a smile opening my eyes thought the amount of pain I was in I didn’t want to. We were in the middle of nowhere. “Great where are we?” I asked. “No clue but there all dead we are safe ish.” Erin told me. “The ish parts what worry’s me.” I admitted laughing. Laughing so I wouldn’t cry or scream in pain. “We will be okay.” April said hugging me tight. “Okay is everyone strong enough to walk?” I asked still laughing. “You’re not.” Taylor told me looking extremely worried both for my physical being and
mental. “I’m fine I just need blood.” I told her laughing. “Sam you’re not fine.” Taylor told me. Everyone was looking at me worriedly. “For goodness sake. I can walk. Is everyone else okay?” I stood up. Okay the pain was like nothing I had ever felt before. It was like my leg had been smashed to pieces. I knew my leg was broken I took a look at it. “Is that my bone?” I asked laughing in disbelief and shock. “Yeah.” Erin said not quiet believing I was stood or conscious. “It’s very pretty” I said laughing. “Can someone carry me?” I laughed. “Yeah I can?” Taylor said looking at me full of worry. “Okay?” I said still laughing. “Uh Sam?” Taylor started “I’m going to pass out again okay.” I said.

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