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Chapter 28

“We are going to freeze to death, if we don’t get somewhere warm soon.” Erin said. She was carrying Abi and Taylor was carrying Sam. Both girls were breathing but unconscious. We all needed blood. None of us had a single clue where we were except it was the middle of nowhere. And we were all in swimming costumes. Taylor was the only one of us dressed. And she had wrapped her jumper around Sam and coat around Abi. “I could start a fire.” Taylor said. “But if people are watching wont they see it?” asked one of the royals. “At this point I don’t think it matters if its friend or foe. If I don’t we all die.” Taylor said. “Okay everyone it’s time to sit down and bloody introduce ourselves. We can’t keep doing this.” I said and I plonked my butt straight down we had been walking in almost silence for 3 hours.

“The 3 guards with us today are Erin. Taylor and Sam.” I said pointing at the girls. “I’m Lady Lindsey.” One of the girls told me, “Lady
Sepiah” another said. Both of those girls where the senior royals. “Lady Edmée” said another “Princess Maria.” Said the last royal I nodded. “Are you really princess Alysa?” Edmée asked. “Of course not.” I said. “Sam was just buying time.” I admitted. I knew what Sam was planning. Escape route 8 and 9 had taken affect. But I also knew it had gone terribly wrong at the same time as right. She thought we were closer to people than we were. Taylor set a fire. Big enough to keep us all warm. “Sam was amazing.” Lady Lindsey said. “Sam always is.” Taylor said. I caught her eye. She caught mine. “April can I talk to you 5 seconds. Alone” she asked. I nodded and we walked just a tiny bit away from the fireside. “Is Sam?” Taylor asked. “Sam is a very strong, young guard. She will pull though this” I said. Looking at her unconscious. “Is she the princess?” Taylor asked. “She’s Sam” I told her. “But she was using fire when I went in. she was literally the fire.” Taylor told me. “She defiantly used too much element in there” I admitted looking worried. Sam needed blood desperately. We all really did. I sighed, “Would you treat her different if you knew?” I asked Taylor. “Think about it before you respond. Would you of let her lead you? Would you of let her fight? Or would there be
more bodies in there than there is now” I asked her Taylor looked thoughtful. “I wouldn’t of let her fight.” She admitted. “You know what Sam was doing?” I asked. “She was willing to die herself to make sure we all got out.” I told her I wanted to talk now say everything. I knew Taylor would protect Ally more than herself. I had seen her run in for her friend. I had seen her return with the knowdge but keep it to herself. She had not even tried to treat Sam different. “She doesn’t want to be queen any more than some people want her to be. She also hates fighting. She gave herself up in that fight. Heart soul and mind. She was willing to give herself over to the power for us.” I told her “she was willing to kill for her friends.” I said. “That is the girl you are going to dedicate your life to fighting for.” I said. “How do you? How do you?” “I met Sam last year. Sam didn’t have a clue who she was. But that didn’t stop her caring. She tries to act hard all the time but she’s hurt. She just wants to fit in.” I told Taylor. “Please keep it to yourself. Let her have a few normal years. Don’t treat her different now you know.” I told her. Taylor nodded. “We are going to make it out of this.” Taylor told me I nodded. Then Taylor gave an actual smile. “Sams going to get better so I can kick her
ass for keeping secrets.” Taylor told me I smiled. “She would like that.” I admitted.

Abi was awake. The sun was rising with it a small bit of heat. “Do you think we should get moving?” I asked. “I have a plan but you’re not going to like it.” Erin admitted. “What’s the plan?” I asked I had nothing. Taylor had nothing. “We go back to the restaurant. One of them must have had a car.” “Maybe the guards have come.” Princess Maria said hopefully. “What if there are more people wanting to kill us.” Lady Edmée asked. “Does anyone have a single clue where we possibly could be? Or even the way back?” I asked. “Just follow the bloody sunrise.” Sam said. We all looked at her. She was still lying down with her eyes shut. “We came from that direction. Eventually we would find a town if not a house. It might take days but we will get somewhere.” She told us. She had a point. From the fact she talked it was a good sign. “How you feeling?” I asked her. “Like someone hit me with a truck.” Sam informed us. I laughed I couldn’t help it. She was making a joke when she was lying there with her bone actually out of her skin. “If you grab me a few bits I can sort myself a splint.” She told us.

Although she still hadn’t opened her eyes. We did what she said and about 20 minutes later and a lot of French swearwords later Sam had a splint made out of branches and Taylors top. With her conscious Erin took one arm and Taylor the other and they half helped her hop half carried her. It was getting on in the 2nd day when we finally came across a road. “Thank god.” We all said.

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