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Chapter 29 - Sean POV

“Okay I don’t want to panic you.” Judah said coming into his office. “I can’t be any more panicked than I already am.” I said. I had been up 34 hours searching everywhere for her. There was no sign of where they could have been taken. I had ransacked Gina’s room about 90 million times for any clues. Any at all. She could have been kidnapped to it was suggested. But no something about how she had arranged it so last minute, made alarm bells ring. She wasn’t kidnapped. If she was I would apologise but I highly doubted it. We had managed to get every CCTV in the whole of Washington. Only 4 times so far had we managed to track the truck used. It was like they knew where the cameras where and had purposely managed to avoid most of them. There were 20 people watching them currently for any sign of this bloody truck. Even the human police had been informed to watch out for it.

We would find them, we had to. “King Drew and King
Derek are here.” Judah informed me. I swore in French. So far we hadn’t informed anyone the princess was missing. If we informed them, anyone listening would know they had the real princess. Judah waited patiently. He would normally have chastised me for swearing, but right now he was saying a lot more colourful swear words than I was. “Do they know?” I finally asked. “No their planes just landed.” Judah informed me. But I knew King Andrew. The first person he would want to see would be Sam, well Ally to him. I was just about to stand to go meet them. To admit what had happened when the phone rang. I grabbed it and brought it straight to my ears. It was the human cops. “We have found the truck.” The cop told me. “And the girls?” I asked. “You need to get down here.” he said and then he gave me the address. Literally 2 minutes later 8 cars full to the brim of guards were on their way. Without giving me a chance to tell Andrew what had happened.

The scene was a pile of rumble mostly. Burnt down to a crisp. Bodies of Amaris lied everywhere. The smell of their blood sickening. The human police stood back but their faces showed there shock and disgust at the
scene. but I couldn’t face that right now. I had to find Sam was she in here? I could smell her blood but it wasn’t much. I could distinguish her blood over all others. She must have been the one to have set the place up like this. They weren’t here where had they gone. Had they escaped had they been killed and moved? None of the girls where here. We found evidence of them leaving. Footprints in the mud on the edge of the woods. There were only 7 sets for the 9 girls. Who’s sets where missing. We didn’t have time to question it. The guards and I ran into the woods some went by the outside we would find the girls. They all had to be alive they just had to.

The next day we found a very confused old lady. 6 towns over. They were going back to school I realised but the wrong way. The lady confirmed there were 9 of them in a small black versa. We put out a shout out for everyone to find the versa.

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