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Chapter 3

I woke up to my alarm beeping and hit the snooze button. What felt like seconds later, I had to hit it again. Why had I set an annoying alarm? I turned over and pulled the covers over my head. Sleep was good, I had no classes today and then I remembered I had to meet Duncan/Sean. He would kill me if I didn’t make it. Well he would think someone had killed me and then break into the dorm. This would blow our cover quiet quickly. I sighed and sat up in bed, wishing he hadn’t listened to Marcos talk. I told myself I can’t call him Duncan/Sean in my head anymore, it was too confusing. It was time to just call him Sean. I needed to get used to that. I throw on my jeans from yesterday, and a white t-shirt saying, forget being a princess I want to be a vampire. I had seen it in a shop and I couldn’t resist it, even though I hate the vampire stereotype it matched my view on life. It was so how I felt it was unbelievable like it had been made just for

I wondered how much trouble I would get for this t shirt but I had 3 years to wear whatever I wanted before I am queen and I am going to do it well on Saturdays and non-school days I suppose. I got a lot of quote t-shirts. Once dressed I put on a black cardigan and my trainers then I went out to meet Sean. I went down the stairs straight into the kitchen pulled out a bag of blood and a pack of biscuits. “Biscuits are not breakfast” said Gina walking into the kitchen. I remembered she was technically my pe teacher and smiled at her thinking up an excuse. “I know but I got to meet Sean in a minute” I said drinking my blood bag in a glass of apple juice, like you do. “If you fancy a swim later a few of the dorm are going swimming. Be a chance for you to get to know some of the girls.” Gina said pulling her own blood bag out and shoving it in a coffee mug. I flicked the kettle on for her. “I’ll think about it.

See what Sean’s doing. What time?” I said actually thinking about it maybe a swim would be a good way to meet the others, after all I loved to swim. “Midnight” she said giving me a smile “nice t-shirt by the way don’t let the headmaster see it” she said I nodded and taking the bag of biscuits with me I went out to meet Sean. I went outside the dorm and looked
at all the dorms and building I didn’t have a clue where Sean would be, so I went to a tree area I could see. Looked at a tree that I would be able to see him from and climbed it. I used to love climbing trees as a kid. The tree used to always know how to help me get up it. “What are you doing up there you might fall and break your neck.” I thought it was Sean at first, but the voice didn’t sound like him. I looked down and there was a guy, with blonde hair stood at the base of the tree. “Nothing” I said shrugging. “You earth?” he asked “water” I replied. Not really sure enough to go into a conversation with this guy. I saw Sean coming over, “Sean” I shouted. Waving so he knew where I was. “Boyfriend?” asked the guy on the floor actually sounding disappointed. How could he be disappointed he didn’t know me? Boys were not in my future, thank you very much. I have enough stress, in my life. “Brother” I replied.

“One word conversation?” he asked laughing his laugh was nice, not mean just like he thought it funny or was nervous. “Yeah” I said feeling really unconfutable with it all. I had never talked to an Amaris my age except Luke and April, and look how things had ended with Luke. After months of not talking, ringing his phone and talking to his girlfriend,
all I could do was say I was his sister, not that I blamed him. Did I tell you being a princess sucked. “What are you doing in a tree” Sean asked sounding worried and annoyed at the same time. I rolled my eyes something Drew and Kayla would say I did a lot, although I hadn’t done it in agers. “I have already asked her that” said the blonde guy at the bottom of the tree. I rolled my eyes again. To jump down or to climb higher. I decided to jump down. It was hardly anything and I had been doing bigger jumps training with Sean, before we came here. I did a perfect jump landing in a stance I would think even the captain of the guards would be impressed with. “You 2 training to be guards?” asked the blonde guy watching my landing. “Yeah” said Sean sounding exhausted just at this small conversation. We really weren’t going to make friends here. We both needed a serious attitude change.

And fast. I knew my blunt nature was actually my nerves. I was actually scared stiff, but I wasn’t going to admit that. I really needed to get a grip. I didn’t know why Sean was so blunt though. “I am too what year are you in? What’s your element?” the blonde guy asked Sean “Fire. Junior” said Sean. “You 2 don’t say much do you?” he said. I responded before Sean could. “Were just tired
adjusting time zones” I said. “Kye” he said holding out his hand to me I looked at it, and then took it. While Sean looked so unimpressed. “This is my brother Sean I’m Sam were both juniors” I said giving him a small smile. “Both of you? What are you twins?” Kye asked. “Real genius you are” said Sean sarcastically. I shot him a look Duncan had been such a nice guard to me what was with the sudden personality change. I would check how well he slept later. By his attitude he possibly had none. “Sorry my brothers very grumpy when tired.” I said “come on Sam we got to go. Remember the training rooms booked for us this morning?” Sean said, I rolled my eyes. “Bye Kye” I said and walked away with Sean “what’s the matter with you?” I asked him when we were out of ear shot. “Were meant to be normal teens” I reminded him.

“I have done this before and that guy is the kind you need to stay away from.” he told me. I rolled my eyes at him he was taking this brother thing way too far. “Come on I’ll whoop your ass” I told him. He lifted an eyebrow at this. “I will. I will believe it when I see It.” he told me with a smile, more relaxed than he was just a few seconds ago. Okay so I haven’t even really managed to get a punch in yet. Even after 6 weeks of beating each other up. But he
had years of practise on me, and even he admitted I was getting really good. Just not guard level. I was going to have my ass kicked a lot this year. Whoopy. No wonder the butterfly’s in my stomach where literally punching me, trying to escape. It was surprising I was keeping the biscuits down.

We walked into the practise room there was no one else here. I ran away from him and straight up the wall doing a flip. “Bit of a jumpy mood today?” he asked with a smile doing a similar flip to mine. He called upon a fireball and throw it at me; I dodged jumping to the side and doing a roly-poly in mid-air. While on the floor I turned water into a whip, swiping his feet he jumped over it as well landing brilliantly. I then ran towards him with a fake knife I swiped left he ducked. He had his fake knife as well and tried to stab me.

Whoever stabbed who first won and we both were determined, we ran up walls. He throw fire, I throw water. I have actually seen less fighting in a real fight. Than what we were doing. We were both in our own little world oblivious to what was going on around us. “What is going on in here” said a voice Sean had me pinned down on the floor, with the fake knife hovering over
my heart. We both jumped up almost instantly and looked at the man who must be a teacher. “Sorry sir we were practising” said Sean. “You surely must have been told the rules no weapons in school” he said holding out his hands for our knifes. “Yes sir but there fake I thought they were allowed” said Sean handing them over. “No they are not. Names please.” The teacher said. “Sean River Bae” Sean said. I was trying to get my breath back the teacher was writing us yellow detention slips and we hadn’t even started classes yet. He seemed more pissed off with Sean’s name than what he had caught us doing. “Your name as well please.” The teacher asked me “Samira River Bae” I told him. My name as well seemed to make him crosser, he wrote our names down. “Sawyer’s children?” he asked angrily. Sean seemed to notice it as well.

I could almost see him reaching for his phone to call the guards on the gate for me. We nodded not knowing what else to say. Sawyer was a guard who knew we were here, we were pretending to be his kids which is why are names where Sam and Sean. The exact names of his twins. They were in a boarding school in Greece and it was easy to get away with as the schools wouldn’t really contact each other. “Then
you 2 should know better than real or fake weapons in school” he said handing us the yellow slips. Obviously trying to calm his anger down. I could hear him taking deep calming breaths. Strange real strange. He either had a problem with sawyer or wasn’t impressed with us. Great I suppose we could always change schools if needed. “Detention with me is normally running laps but I think you 2 would enjoy that too much so it will be sat writing essays instead. See you at midnight.” “Sir I was meant to go swimming with my dorm” I said thinking this may get me at least a different time.

“That’s a privilege you now have detention.” He said and walked away. “Your fault” I said punching Sean on the arm. “We need those fake knives.” He said. I rolled my eyes “okay you tell him that.” I told him, then I mockingly said “sir we need are knifes back, to practise killing each other. See how well that goes down then let me know. Okay?” I did my cool down exercises and Sean did the same. “You would of killed me then if we hadn’t of been stopped wouldn’t you?” I said trying to think of ways I could have got out that situation. “Yes but you’re getting loads better and with guard training you will only get stronger” he said with a smile to show he was actually proud of my progress. “Not strong
enough” I said. “Hopefully you’ll never need to be. Its only added protection” he said. I looked at him I knew he was trying to be hopeful, but we both knew if another attack happened again. Which was very likely, I needed to be more prepared than I was in Germany. “Come on ill race you back to get blood” I said looking at him. So we raced all the way back to my dorm.

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