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Chapter 30

Six of us, Squished in the back of a Versa on our way to a human town. We were miles away from the school. How long had I been unconscious for, before I woke up? The old human had been nice. Well she had been compelled to give us her car. She was sat in the back next to me. She was about 67. She was a typical lady really. Apparently she had 3 cats. As tempted as I was to drink from her I didn’t. I had never drunk from a human. I didn’t even know how to start. Even though I knew everyone needed a drink, we all didn’t want to hurt the lady. That had stopped for the 8 girls in swimming costumes and the 1 dressed. God I wished I was dressed. I wished that more than I wished, that I wasn’t in serious bloody pain. I still was in and out of consciousness.

Every bump Princess Maria hit was like pain to my leg. She had turned out to be the only one of us who could drive and she wasn’t very good at it. Yep driving lessons were in all of our futures. We were
going to live. All 9 of us were going to live. As long as Maria didn’t bloody crash the car. “We drive on the right.” Erin reminded her for about the 10th time. She was sat next to her squished in the seat of the front with Lady Edmée and Abi. Did I mention we were in a little car? “Well this wasn’t what I was expecting from a town.” Lady Edmée commented. I looked out the window. How were a few houses and a few shops classed as a town? Why had they bloody taken us so far? “Don’t stop.” I said feeling uneasy. “Sam you need blood.” Taylor said. “Don’t stop here, it’s not safe.” I said, I knew it. “Keep driving don’t slow down.” I said the fireball lit the sky. We still might bloody die. I swore. As Maria dodged it. The whole car practically screamed. But we didn’t have time to panic. Taylor next to a window opened it and throw her own ball out. I saw a building go straight up on fire. Oops. We were back on the left side of the road and cars were beeping us. The fireballs where coming from so many directions. Using water I wrapped a water barrier round the car I wasn’t near the window so couldn’t help like Taylor. So I did what I could. Even though it cost me my consciousness the moment we got passed the town safe, I fainted again.

The car wasn’t moving. I was afraid to open my eyes but I was still squashed. “If I open my eyes are we safe or are we about to die?” I asked. I heard princess Maria let out a small laugh. “My driving’s not that bad.” “Taylors getting gas.” Edmée said. I opened my eyes. We were in a small town. “She doesn’t want us getting out the car in case.” Erin said. “She said we had to leave her if worst happens.” I noticed the old lady was gone. “Where’s cat lady?” I asked. Noticing I was now sitting next to Lady Sepiah. “We are leaving her here.” said April “it’s not safe for her with us.” Erin explained. “Hey we might be thieves and blood suckers but we aren’t going to let an old lady die.” April said smiling at me I rolled my eyes. I suppose there was always a plus. “So we are leaving her here with no way home?” I asked worriedly. “For now.” Erin said. “She’s going to pay for the petrol for us. Wait till we are all back in the car. Hand us some food and drinks. Then go back in and tell the man her grandkids forgot her.” lady Sepiah told me. “What inconsiderable grandchildren we are.” I said sighing. It might have been a joke but it felt the truth. “Its fine ill buy her a new car. And make sure she lives commutable, for the rest her life. If we live” Maria
said. Taylor opened the door. She hadn’t gone in the shop, but she was waiting extremely close to the car. In a way she could spring to action at any second from. “Why are we waiting I thought we were leaving the old lady?” I asked her. “We are but you need blood we all do.” Taylor said, I sighed. “I’ve never drunk from a human.” I admitted. 8 heads turned as well as they could to stare at me. “Okay then we do need a hospital” April said. I noticed the old lady return with a bag of drinks and chips. She handed them to Taylor. “Thank you. Now go back into the petrol station.” Lady Lindsey said I realised she was the one compelling the lady. We left her in our wake. Taking her car. “A bit more space.”

April commented. “Let’s steal a bigger car.” Abi said. “We are not stealing anything.” Taylor and I said. “No we are borrowing with the attention to one day return.” Sepiah said with a laugh. Hey we were in swimming costumes with no money and no phones. We couldn’t pay for anything. “If you don’t bloody crash it.” Erin yelled at Maria “right!” we all yelled. We were all in fits of giggles when Lindsey and April looked at the map we had been brought in the garage. “Um girls?” Lindsey said. “We are going the wrong way.” She said. April looked at the map.
“If we live through this. Remind me to learn where every town in the world is.” I said. “You don’t know that already?” Taylor asked with a laugh. We all laughed we were about to turn the car around when April pointed out. “There’s a hospital in the next town.” So we carried on going the wrong way. Talking about are plan for the greatest hospital blood thief of all time.

We arrived at the hospital. “You all understand the plan?” I asked. 8 heads all nodded. “Great so me and Lady Edmée and Abi are going to get my leg umm fixed whilst you steal the blood.” I said. “I don’t like the plan of us separating.” Taylor pointed out. “Well you need to get us all clothes.” I pointed out you’re the only one dressed and we need clothes. Before we all Freeze. Lady Edmée and Abi climbed out the front seat and came and helped me. This would work it had to. The 3 of were going to say we had been ice swimming out in the woods and I had well the evidence was kind of obvious. But if there were 9 of us all in costumes it was going to be harder to compel them to forget us. Taylor was going to get 8 pairs of jeans and 8 jumpers.

Hey we were all freezing cold. I wrapped my arm around the
girl’s necks and let them help me hop. We looked up at the hospital. The car screeching of behind us. “Here’s hoping no one wants to kill us here.” Lady Edmée said. “To be honest killing us would possibly be harder in the middle of a hospital.” Abi pointed out. “If we die were going to die of frostbite now move it.” I said. All of our lips where shivering. Its January we are in swimming costumes. We do feel the cold. The girls helped me hop straight into the hospital. Oki I am going to admit it, the moment someone touched my leg I fainted.

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