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Chapter 31 - April POV

The biggest blood thief of all time. Had been side tracked for grand theft auto. That’s right the 7 seater green SUV was are new plan. We had followed the obvious soccer mom home. From the moment we pulled out of the mall from dropping the only dressed one of us Taylor, of for grand thief clothes. We would pay it all back. It wasn’t like we didn’t have money; we just didn’t have money on us. None of us had planned to be kidnapped. “Why don’t we find a phone and ring the school?” Lady Lindsey pointed out. “Do you know the number?” I asked hopefully. “No it’s programed into my phone.” She admitted. “That’s so handy if we had the phone isn’t it.” Sepiah said. Lindsey spat back a comment. “Enough.” Erin said. “It is a shame we can’t reach anyone. And the schools numbers are not listed. Incase humans rung so it’s not even an option of finding a phone book.” She said.

We were all sat in
costumes and all moody though with 4 people leaving the car it was a lot easier. We now had a seat each. “We can’t leave the car near her house.” I pointed out. “I will park it around the corner.” Maria said. “You girls go get the keys ill meet you over there.” Maria told us. “Who’s got enough strength left to compel?” I asked. They all smiled at me. Good all of us. I climbed out the car, all of us but Maria did. We walked straight up to the lady’s house and nodded. “Hello mam. I am Lindsey you are going to give me your car keys.” Lindsey said. The human blinked at her a few times. “I am going to give you my car keys.” “Thank you.” We all said and we walked to the new car. Waited a few minutes for Maria. She came over and we throw her the keys. “Right side of the road.” Erin reminded her. Now grand theft auto was complete, it was time to pick Taylor up from grand theft clothes at the agreed place.

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