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Chapter 32 - Taylor POV

I stood in the middle of the mall. I needed a clothes shop, which was close enough to the exist and also with the least amount of guards. I looked at the map. Whose bright idea was this? Okay it was Sams.

Who had turned out to be princess Alysa. I still hadn’t had time to fully process it. But I couldn’t believe Sam didn’t tell me. Wait if Sam is princess Alysa who is Sean? I walked into the shop that closest matched what I wanted. I walked straight up to the denim section and looked through the jeans. All the girls were very similar size maybe a size different at most. “Can I help you?” a store clerk came over and asked. She took me in and looked shocked. She was my guest to take my place and try the whole people trying to kill her, and see if her t-shirt wasn’t muddy and bloody. “I need 10 bags.” I said. “We don’t give out bags till you purchase something.” The girl said looking at me like I was a freak. I looked her straight in the eyes. “I would like you to get me 10 bags. Now please.” “I will get you 10 bags now” the girl said walking away.

I wondered why didn’t we do this more often. It just made life simpler nobody arguing with what you said. It’s a shame I can’t use it on Erin. I wonder if Sams ever used it on us. I will personally kill her if she’s used it on me. The shop clerk returned with the bags. “Thank you.” Shoes I had forgotten to ask the girls there shoe sizes. “Have you got any slippers?” I asked. The girl nodded and went and went to fetch 8 pairs of slippers with one
of the bags. Hey they could squish there feet’s in if the worst happened. I put a pair of jeans in each bag. So I had 9 bags with a pair of jeans in each bag. I walked over to another section. “Can I help you?” The new shop clerk asked I looked at him. How many bloody people did this shop hire? “I need 9 jumpers any you would recommend.” I said. He nodded not thinking much of it. “The same or different?” he asked me. “I don’t mind. My friends are naked in the car.” I said. His mouth almost hit the floor. Opps I had forgotten to compel him. Yeah grand theft clothes, not going as well as I hoped. I looked him in the eyes. “Get me the jumpers then Forget you saw me.” I told him. He blinked and walked away coming back with 9 jumpers I put them in the bag.

Then I put 9 tops in the bag. Walked over to the underwear section, and yep there was a clerk here to. Really? Where were clerks when I needed them normally? This mall was so much better than the one close to our school. I looked the clerk straight in the eyes. “Would you like any help?” she asked with a smile. “No forget you saw me.” I said she nodded and carried on sorting out thongs. Yeah there’s a job I thought. I grabbed 3 packs of 6 hey I know it’s too many pants but I was running out of time.

My slipper clerk came to me and handed me the bag. “Thank you. Forget you saw me.” I said and then I walked out the shop. The alarms ringing behind me I ran. Straight out the mall. Before anyone could even react I was gone. Stood in my meeting place I was starting to panic, the girls weren’t here. Where were the girls? A car I didn’t recognise pulled up. I was about to move when Erin popped her hand out the window. “Get in.” she said. I jumped in. “where did you get the new car?” I asked worriedly. “Grand theft auto.” Lady Sepiah told me. “When was grand theft auto arranged?” I asked. We were already speeding away. “It wasn’t.” April told me.

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