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Chapter 33 - April POV

We were all stood in matching outfits and slippers. “Okay matching?” Lady Lindsey asked. “Hey I didn’t have much time I just grabbed.” Taylor said. I looked down at my outfit who cared I was warm and out of the costume. “Okay so Lady Sepiah you and Lady Lindsey with Erin.” I started. “Our going to find the first doctor we can and tell him to take us to the blood.” lady Sepiah said. I nodded. I looked at both the Lady’s
with carrier bags that had our clothes in now ready for blood. “Princess Maria you’re going to” I started again I was interrupted. “Go get gas then park as close as I can with the motor running.” Maria said. “Gas?” I asked.

“Yeah soccer mum doesn’t have enough, for the drive home. I will go steal some.” She informed me. More stealing great, we were meant to be the good guys. “I won’t be long. Don’t worry.” Maria told me. I sighed. I looked at Erin and Taylor. “You to? Know what you’re doing?” I asked. “Yep I’m going with you and I’m hunting Sam and the girls down and Erin’s keeping the lady’s safe.” Taylor told me holding up a hand saying it was all under control I sighed. I grabbed the bags of clothes for the 3 girls in the hospital. “45 minutes max.” I reminded them all the girls nodded. With that we all climbed out the car and Maria speeded of. On the wrong side of the road. It was a shock she hadn’t been bloody pulled over yet. It was almost like all the cops in this town where somewhere else. We all walked into the hospital and separated. Taylor and I went straight up to the front desk. “Hey I heard my sister Sam was brought here.” Taylor asked the lady on the desk calmly looking her straight in the eyes. “You are going to tell me where she is.” She said. The lady
on the desk blinked a few times. Then told us where to go find Sam.

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