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Chapter 34

Well my bone wasn’t poking out anymore was what I noticed when I woke up. Abi and Edmée where sat in chairs next to me. “Hey what happened?” I asked. I saw from the clock it was 2 hours after we had been dropped off. Almost pickup time. “you don’t want to know.” Abi told me. I looked at my leg now bandaged up it didn’t hurt as much. “Almost time to go you ready?” I asked the girls they both nodded. “We had to compel a lot of doctors.” Edmée said weakly. “Didn’t you compel them to get you blood?” I asked. Both girls looked at me strangely, I rolled my eyes.

“You both didn’t even think of it?” I said knowing I was right. They nodded. I laughed “well hopefully blood thief worked.” I said and I swung my legs over the side of the bed. It hurt. I was constantly getting hurt. I needed to get a hospital regular card. “Can you walk?” asked Abi. “Not yet but after blood yep.” I said. There was a knock on the door. Abi started calling water but she didn’t have
much strength left. “Sam it’s me and Taylor.” April said. I smiled. Edmée opened the door. Taylor and April walked in and chucked all 3 of us a bag of clothes. “Time to go.” Taylor said. I nodded. “You got all of us the same outfit?” I asked looking in the bag.

“Okay if the 8 of you aren’t happy. You can bloody go rob a shop yourselves. Now hurry up.” she said. I smiled at her throwing the nice clean clothes on. All 3 of had been given hospital gowns and paper nickers so it was nice putting real clothes on. “Okay everyone been toilet?” asked April. We all looked at her like she was joking but she wasn’t. “Well it’s what everyone’s been complaining on. The no toilet.” April pointed out. We all laughed, this was the worst escape plan ever. First we had got ourselves lost in a forest, practically naked in the middle of January. Then we had stolen a 5 seater car for 9 teenagers and 1 adult. Then we had driven through and practically blew up a town. Then we had dropped of the adult in the middle of nowhere. Safely though. Then drove for 2 hours before we realised we were headed in the wrong direction. Now we were debating toilet and clothes in a hospital room. Whist 2 royals and a guard stole blood bags. All whilst a princess who was the only one of us who could drive,
waited in the 5 seater car.

Then all 9 of us where going to squish back in it and try get home without being killed. Was I missing anything? All dressed Taylor and Abi picked me up. “Lady Edmée you and I are going to compel everyone we see.” April told Edmée. She nodded tiredly. “We are going to just walk out the hospital?” I asked. “Well that’s the plan” April said. “Great we are so good at this planning thing.” I joked. “Hold on I’m going to steal a wheelchair.” Abi said putting me back down. “We seem good at stealing to. Did you know we now have a bigger car?” Taylor told me. I laughed “We are meant to be the good guys.” I said. “We can be the good guys when people aren’t trying to kill us.” April said. Abi returned with a wheelchair and a pair of crutches. I sat in the wheelchair. “Great here goes the greatest improvised plan ever.” I said sarcastically as Abi pushed me. Leaving everyone else free with their hands. They had already compelled a lot of doctors to not notice us I realised quiet quickly. “What did you do let them reset my leg and stich it then wipe there memory’s?”

“Kind of but you did have a small operation” Abi told me. “We compelled them to only do what you needed to be able to heal yourself.” Edmée admitted. “I just wish
I could walk and fight.” I said. We walked and were wheeled straight out of the hospital. Maria was parked in a disabled bay, the motor still running as I got loaded into the car. The wheelchair and crutches in the back. “So we stole a 7 seater for 9 people?” I asked. “Couldn’t find a bigger car.” Maria joked. “Should of stolen a bus.” I told her. “Defiantly should have stolen a bus.” Lady Sepiah said. As her Erin and Lady Lindsey came over with bags full of blood. “If we don’t pass end of year exams. Stealing is defiantly a good second option” lady Sepiah said. We all loaded into the car. Seating arrangements in the 2 seats in the boot, Edmée Lindsey and Abi.

The back next to the window Taylor, then Sepiah April and me next to the other window. Erin again had managed to get the front and Princess Maria was driving. “RIGHT” we all shouted 5 minutes later. We were headed the right way now.

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