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Chapter 35 - Sean POV

I was in the police car with 2 cops. Judah was driving the car behind with 3 guard’s in. then there were 10 cars behind us with police escorts everywhere. “Any clue where they are going?” the cop asked me and King Andrew, who had caught up with us angrily at the crime scene. Kacie informing him what had happened. “I think they are just driving the wrong way.” I admitted. “Do they not get taught geography at your posh school?” one of the cops asked. I rolled my eyes. King Andrew looked at me.

“It’s all my fault.” I had told him. After laying into me for not telling him, he had told me it wasn’t my fault at all. That Ally would get the girls to a hospital and that’s what she was doing. We had checked 3 hospitals maybe they had got further than we realised when the cop’s radio alerted us to a case that had just happened. 6 towns over that was the one we were headed to. A blonde girl matching one of our descriptions had robbed clothes from a shop. What
made it freaky was the staff had handed her the clothes. “That one of yours?” asked the cop. “sounds like Taylor.” I admitted, “She was the only one dressed. I take it she stole 8 of everything?” I asked. “Should we go to the mall?” asked the cop. I nodded, and rung Judah.

“Half the team come mall with us. Half the team go to the hospital.” I said. “Do you think she would go to the hospital from the town they stole the clothes from?” asked one cop. “only if she was really desperate. Normally she would pay for everything then go to the hospital furthest away from her safe place.” answered King Andrew. “She has stolen from a hospital before?” I asked. King Andrew smiled at me, “do you remember all that fuss about the great Italian blood robbery?” he asked. “Sam?” I asked shocked. “Ally and I.” He replied with a smile. “She knows how to survive in the human world better than the Amaris. Although she does normally pay for stuff.”

King Andrew commented. “In fact last time she was on the run she paid for everything.” He told me. “Strange to think that was the summer before last.” He said with a smile. “Time goes by fast when you live your life on the run.” He said. “One day she won’t have to run anymore.” I said. “I hope that’s possible. Although she obviously
thinks her best when she’s running.” King Andrew told me, his smile told me he was only proud of Princess Alysa. Whilst I could bloody kill her for making me worry so much. What was she thinking going the wrong way? Her geography was normally so accurate she could name where you were to an exact circumference. “You really need to sort your people out.” a cop commented. “We will do that as soon as we work out how. But then you humans haven’t got it any better really have you.” King Andrew, informed him. Flashing lights we arrived at the mall. Judah had gone to the hospital.

We arrived at the mall and walked straight in. we walked straight up to the mall security team and asked to talk to the staff who handed her the clothes. Told them all it was a drug, the girl had used and no one should lose their jobs because of it. We handed them money for the items and compelled them to just think the cops had sorted and arrested the girl. To forget the staff hand handed her all the items. “Well I was kind of expecting them to be gone.” King Andrew said. “But I wasn’t expecting the car upgrade.” He said. “Where the hell did they get another car?” I said.

“Sam can’t
drive.” I said. Just then my phone went off I pulled it out my pocket. “Well the good news is that all 8 of them are fine.” Judah said. “The bad news is there gone?” I asked, already knowing the answer. “About 20 minute’s head start.” “What direction?” I asked. “Towards home now” Judah said. I sighed a sigh of relief. “They take blood?” I asked. “Yeah 40 bags” Judah said. “40?” I asked. “4 each it makes sense.” He said they all needed blood.

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