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Chapter 36

Most of the girls were drifting of. We were all shattered. Maria possibly the most currently she had been driving us everywhere and she needed a break, as much as we all did. 2 blood bags down I was starting to feel normal. It would take a lot more to get me back up to full strength, but it was a start. “Next place you see pull over and we will swap.” I said. “Can you drive?” she asked me. “Well my friends and I used to go, go karting it can’t be much harder.” I told her. She laughed. “I don’t know what’s more scary, driving on the wrong side of the road or a non-driver driving us.” Erin yawned. “This escapes not exciting enough not to add possibly dead by car crash?” Lindsey yawned. “Fine we can just pull over somewhere for the night.” I said. “And have are throats slight whilst we sleep. How nice” Lady Sepiah said. “Okay but if we don’t Princess Marias going to fall asleep at the wheel. Then we defiantly will all die.” I said. “Strange question?”

Taylor said I looked
at her wondering what the strange question was. What wasn’t strange about this? “What” we all asked. “Has anybody noticed the car that’s been following us for the last hour?” I swore. “Friend or foe?” I asked. “Well it’s not the red of schools cars.” She said “why is our school so obsessed with red?” I asked. Everybody shrugged. “So we have 2 options here. keep driving till we crash from tiredness. Or fight even though none of us have the strength back to fight.” Erin pointed out. “Or it could just be a car going the same way as us?” Edmée commented. “Oh you’re awake now?” I asked turning in my seat so I could look in the back. Abi was still asleep. They had used an awful lot of compulsion. Abi had possibly used more magic than anyone this escape except me. “Indicate to pull in. see if it does” I said. “Sam?” April warned. “If the best happens and it doesn’t we can swop drivers and ill drive. If worst happens and it is someone who wants to kill us. Drive of and leave me.” I said and downed another blood bag.

“Sam” Taylor warned “Sam don’t be stupid you can’t fight you can’t even walk.” Erin said. “SAM” Taylor said. “How long have you known?” I asked her looking at her wonderingly I now realised she knew. “Known what?” Erin asked confused. I looked at Taylor.
“Does anyone speak Greek in this car?” she asked. “No” was the reply from everyone. “Apó ton agóna me tin Tzína” Taylor told me, meaning since the fight with Gina. “Boreí akóma na eímaste fíloi?” translated as can we still be friends? “Fysiká pánta ef ’óson den échete ton kólo sou skótose Megaleiótate.” she told me. I smiled at her she had said, of course forever as long as you don’t get your ass killed your majesty. “Something about ass.” Sepiah said. “My ass is too hot for that” I said smiling at Taylor back in English. “Why is it out of all the languages it’s only the swear words are generation seems to know?” Taylor asked. I shrugged at her. “Are we pulling over or not as here’s my chance?” Maria asked. “We are.” I said. “I’m coming with you.” Taylor said. “You can’t your job is to get them home safe.” I told her. “I am not leaving you.” Taylor told me so stubbornly I knew I couldn’t fight her. “Pull over.” I said.

Maria pulled over. The car that had been following us for an hour flashed us, and started to pull over. Taylor Erin and I climbed out. “Erin take them back to school.” I told her. “No I might not understand what you 2 were saying. but I know you need as much strength as

If anyone should go back its you.” Erin told me stubbornly. April climbed out the car. “April no.” I said. It was pointless everyone got out. “If you get all our asses killed I’m going to personally kill you. Megaleiótate.” Sepiah said to me but her smile showed she didn’t mean it. “Wait I thought you didn’t understand Greek?” Taylor asked. “I understand certain words.” Sepiah told her. “We will talk about it later. Right now it’s more a case of us working all together. Were all water users except Taylor. There can’t be any more than 5 in the car so we are going to drown them if they try to kill us deal?” I told them not asked. “Okay do we make the first move or them?” Edmée asked. “We try and talk ourselves out of it first.” I said. “You really are a chatterbox.” Taylor said. “Hey talking is my best distraction. I smelt human the moment she opened the door. “human.” I said, relived there was 2 of them in the car both human. The honest to god relief that washed over me was so unbelievable. That was until she reached into her pocket.

I admit it I thought she was reaching for a gun I started calling fire to me getting ready to realise it. “Are you the girls from Bennett Gaia?” the lady asked holding up
her badge which is what she had been reaching for. She was a human cop obviously had been of duty. I slightly let the element slip from my grasp. “Depends who wants to know” Taylor said. I was glad she was taking the lead giving me time to calm the magic inside me down. The lady didn’t move. She seemed freighted of us. Did she think we were going to kill her? I saw the cars approaching behind her. I saw her partner was on her radio.

“Are they friends or foe to us?” Edmée asked. “I think we are about to find out.” Abi said staring at the approaching lights. “I think I should have just put my foot down.” Maria said. “We would defiantly be dead then.” Sepiah told her. “I’m not scared to die.” Maria said. “With your driving we all know that.” Lindsey told her. “If we die we die fighting.” Erin said. “We haven’t known each other long. But thanks for proving not all guards are stuck up.” Maria told Erin. “Uh thanks. Thanks for showing not all princesses can’t take a joke.” She said. “I don’t want to die never having been kissed” Edmée said. “This is all my fault.” I said. “It’s not your fault Sam. I couldn’t drive any longer.” Maria said. I gulped the lump in my throat down. It was time to tell them before I died. “This isn’t your fault” Taylor said.

“How can you say that? The only reason they took us was because they were searching for me.” I said tears welling up in my eyes. The cars pulled over I called all the magic back if I was going to die I was going to die fighting. The door opened of the human cop car. “SEAN!” I shouted I couldn’t help it. I was so relived.

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