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Chapter 38

I held baby Cole Lytton Matthew Kyrios. I held him close to me. The 5 month old wiggled. I didn’t want to let go I hadn’t seen him as much as I wanted to, but I saw him at least once a month. “He’s so gorgeous and getting so big.” I told Kayla. It was a very calm ceremony. It was being done almost in secret. I should have been in bed. I only had 3 days till finals. School was almost over till September. But well this was such a big secret that it was being held in a human church. At lunchtime in a town close to my school.

My mother sat watching, having been flown here extremely carefully then would be leaving and never returning here again. Luke sat watching he seemed so much older than he used to. In total including all the guards there were 20 of us here. Whilst Kayla and Drew got married then baby Cole was baptised. Kayla looked regal as always in a beautiful white dress. Once the ceremony’s where all done I sat next to my mother. I
didn’t know what to say to her. She seemed at a loss of what to do to. “So” I asked calmly. Still holding baby Cole. Kayla wasn’t getting him back till I had to. “It’s been 6 months. Do you still want to go to war?” I asked her. She looked at me tears running down her checks. I knew I should feel bad making my mother cry. “I don’t know Alysa.” my mother said. She had fussed over my black hair. But the strange thing was I now didn’t bother with my contacts around my friends. They all accepted who I was and nobody else noticed. I have no one to fear at school anymore. I even had plans for the holiday. I was going back to France to completely say goodbye to that life. I was going to come clean to my old friends and family. I had run and never said goodbye. One thing I had learnt is I needed to let go of the past properly. Sean and Taylor now dating were going to help me with that. Once Sean had admitted he was actually a guard called Duncan though strangely he felt more like Sean now than Duncan to he admitted. The reason he had never shown Taylor he was interested, was the fact it seemed to wrong to have a relationship full of lies. Well there were defiantly no lies between them anymore.

The Dorm had basically started having French dictionaries everywhere, so they
could translate Taylors and Sean’s conversations. It was funny. Though I wondered how they would cope with France with me if they refused to learn to actually speak the language. It was funny my world tour now had more people coming with me than needed. We were going to do a tour of everywhere, I remembered running to and from. To let me get over it. Then I would come back here do my last year of school and then I would go to college. I would take the throne when I was ready. Not before. There hadn’t been an attack since my kidnapping. It was a good sign it might be over but I sensed it wasn’t. After all there was still some of the Prophecy that hadn’t come to pass. And even that was questionable.

There comes a day when what is green turns red with blood, the Royal child will decide if there is to be a time of war and a world of darkness. Or the beginning of a better future and an era of harmony. Only the child can decide if she is to be the destroyer or the healer. It shall be then, when the darkness rises once more. That her choice will see the combining of 2 worlds into one. Only she can renew the Amaris’s humanity.

It had taken a lot to find the whole prediction and even then I couldn’t decide what was missing from it. But something felt missing. Shame it didn’t come with a time line. All I knew was the green had turned red with blood and I had stopped the war. At least for now.

Handing baby Cole back to his mummy I tried not to cry. “Oh come on Sam. you will see him again as soon as your exams are over.” Drew told me with a huge smile. He now called me Sam it was strange he understood that I wasn’t Ally I was Sam. I wanted to stay as Sam. “I know but he’s so cute.” I said fussing over the baby’s chubby legs. My mother had gone. Marco stood watching me fuss over his nephew with Marianna they were dating. I could celebrate that alone. “It will be your wedding I’m sneaking to next.” I told him with a huge smile. He laughed well naturedly. I returned back to school giving them all a hug before I left. With loads of good lucks for my exams. My very messed up family I thought with a laugh. Drew and Kayla felt like my brother and sister. Cole my nephew. Both Marco and Sean felt like my brothers too.

over protective maniacs but still older brothers. It was weird I think Sean and I pretending to be twins had made us really feel like it. It was strange my mum didn’t feel like my mum if I had to give that role to anyone it would be Marianna. Who had French braided my black hair for me before I went back to school, telling me how proud she was of me. After all I had chosen to learn to fight but also not to fight. That apparently made me a better human.

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