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Chapter 39

I looked at my results there had to be a mistake. I was looking at it in shock, when Kacie walked in. she was our dorm supervisor since Gina’s. Well since Gina. Hey none of us girls were going to complain. April was sat on her bed packing her stuff. I knew I was going to spend the holiday with her but I couldn’t believe she was going to college next year and I wouldn’t be rooming with her. I would be rooming in the 3 bedroom with Taylor and Erin. Though I wondered sometimes how the girls didn’t kill each other. Next year was going to be fun. “Why are you looking at your results like they’re going to grow legs and run?” Kacie asked me. “I passed maths.” I said this made April laugh. “What did you get?” she asked walking over and picking up my card. “You just passed.” She laughed “but you passed well-done Sam. you studied so hard.” she pointed out. “I know but the whole time the paper looked like it was going to eat me.” I told her. “You thought your paper was going to eat you?” she asked.

“I even had nightmares about a running away
calculator.” I told her. Kacie tried to stay straight faces. “Did you want me to try getting a copy to your mother?” she asked. I shook my head. “I’m seeing her in a few weeks ill just give it to her.” “You are?” Kacie said with a happy smile. I nodded. My mother and I had at least a week planned hidden in a human hotel somewhere, we were going to build a relationship on equal ground. We deserved to build one.

I looked at my empty room. All my stuff gone. Well in my new room for next year. No point in me taking it with me I was going to live out a backpack like I had my whole childhood. As I shut the door on mine and April’s bedroom. I shut the door on the year. I had started this school a scared little guard running from her past. Now I was going to go face it. Wearing some denim shorts and a pale green t-shirts that matched my natural green eyes. My black hair straight with a daisy headband I looked like I was about to go to a festival. “Ready?” Judah asked. I couldn’t help but smile. “I thought the holidays was meant to give us all a break.” I said with a smile. “Well Sam sometimes a teacher follows his pupils all around the world. it’s just the done thing.” Judah told me. I looked around at
everyone we all had backpacks. Guardian Judah and Kacie. Sean, Taylor, Erin, Jessie, Kye, April and 4 other older guards. “So this is basically just a school trip?” I laughed. “Couldn’t we of invited the whole dorm?” “Wait for me” Hannah said running down the stairs. “Abi wanted to join us but she had to go back home for a few weeks before she starts college.” April informed me. I rolled my eyes. “Lady Sepiah is coming as well. Princess Maria wanted to come but she has to go home. Her parents wanted to send her to a term of finishing school before college.” Sean told me. I laughed, “Yeah she moaned about finishing school.” I said. “It should be driving school.” Erin said with a smile. “Hey we all have our licences now. We all agreed Maria is never driving us anywhere ever again.” I laughed. It was time to do my life back to front start from the newest to the oldest first stop New York California didn’t count. And in New York we were picking up 5 other members of the tour group. Marco Marianna. Drew Kayla and baby Cole. King Derek was meant to be coming but my mother requested for him to stay at court. Apparently a lot of the royals had a say about his future education now he was the only one
left of his bloodline. He was going to study politics. I didn’t envy him what so ever.

We had done New York we had done Greece. We even did the train Drew and I took backwards. We even played the same card game. With a lot more people. The 4 guards with us were 2 men Thaddeus and Cyrus the 2 lady’s Mary Lou and Dyna. My tour had way too many people really. But it was fun. The day I was going to face my old work I was nervous. I lay in my hotel room with the girls. Yeah the room thing had been fun. Would you believe no one trusted me alone? I plaited my hair in a way I used to. Gone was the strawberry blonde a whole year. “We can’t all go to the café at once there’s not enough room in it.” I pointed out. Over dinner. “We will have to all squeezes in nobody wants to not see it.” Marco told me with a smile. “Okay. okay.” I had finally given in and today was the day. I pulled at my top nervously. “Remember I’m Ally to these people.” I reminded them all. “You have too many names. “Samally.” Kye told me. He and Erin where walking hand in hand. Sean was hand in hand with Taylor.

Marco and Mariana. Drew Kayla and baby Cole in a pushchair. Jessie and I were single and fine
with that. I walked the streets feeling like I had never left. “That’s the club I snuck into at 16” I pointed at the night club I had meet drew at. “With the worst fake id I have ever seen. Where did you even get it from?” Drew asked. “Naomi and Lucile.” I said with a smile. Now I remembered the day I meet drew. I couldn’t keep a straight face. I burst out laughing. “If I hadn’t of gone that night would you of ever found me?” I asked Marco. He seemed to think for a while. “eventually.” he said. “The trail for you had gone cold years before.” Marianna admitted. When they said there side of the story I always came across a little escape artist it was quiet funny. Not the flighty kid I had been. I stood outside the café. I saw Clement and Sarah, serving coffees. “Are you ready?” Sean asked me worriedly. I squeezed my brother’s hand. Fake or real he was my brother no questions asked. With my black hair I even looked like Drew’s and Marcos sister. Funny really. I walked into the café my head held high. I indicated for everyone to sit down. “Salut clément je Suis rentré en toute sécurité” I said it was one of the last things I said to him before I left.

Hi clement I got home safe. “est-ce que je vous connais?” he asked, do I know you? It hurt I looked at Marco as if asking if he had wiped the old
man’s memory. “Sa me Ally” I said I am Ally. Sarah heard me. She looked at me. Then really looked at me. “ALLY” she shouted and wrapped me in a hug that made my guards and everyone flinch. “où étais-tu?” where have you been? Sarah asked me. Clement got over his shock at hugged me tight as well. I was crying I couldn’t help it. “je devais rentrer à la maison pour voir mon père et ma mère.

Puis je me suis envoyé au pensionnat” I told them meaning I had to go home to see my dad and mum then I got sent to boarding school. “What the hell are they saying?” Erin asked Taylor. I rolled my eyes. “Je suis ici pour un voyage scolaire. ce sont mes amis, les enseignants et la famille. leur français est pas très bon.” I told them meaning. “I’m here for a school trip. They are my friends, teachers and family. Their French is not very good. ““Welcome to our little café. Any friends of Ally are friends of ours.” Sarah said with a smile to my group. “Your parents sent you to boarding school?” Clement asked me. “Yeah I thought I was going to hate it but I loved it.” I admitted. I would like to introduce you to my family my brothers Marco, Andrew, Sean.” I said pointing at all of my family. “I think I meet your brother Marco.” clement said looking very confused.
“Yeah he came to pick me up to take me home.” I said shrugging like I wasn’t lying. “I have something I want to tell you. I want to thank you for everything you did for me.” I said. “It was nothing dear your one of the family.” Sarah said with a genuine smile. No I had never compiled them to make me part of their family. I wouldn’t have done that. “All I have ever done is kept secrets from you.” I said. “I still am.” I admitted both of them looked at me worriedly. “Prinkípissa” warned one of my new guards. He didn’t know that clement and Sarah both spoke more languages than normal humans they knew what that word meant. “I am a princess of a very small country.” I kind of told the truth. They both looked at me in shock. “I know the café has been struggling.” I said. I handed them a big lot of cash. “It’s my way of saying thank you for letting me be a normal kid.” “We can’t take this Ally.” Clement told me hugging me though. “If you don’t take it I will force it into your account.” I told them. “Do you have the power to do that?” Sarah asked confused. I looked at Drew and Marco they knew about that stuff not me. “Yes Ally can do that.” Kayla said. Giving of an air for people just to listen to her. “Think of it as me becoming a partner in the café. A non-active one.

As I have to go
home. This is my good bye. And a huge thank you.” I said hugging them. “If you didn’t have to live at home so young why do you now?” Clement asked worriedly. “My country might be going to war. And as the only girl I have to take the throne.” I lied making my made up country sound very sexist. “You’ll hear about me from time to time.” I said. “This time I will keep in contact.” I said. “I love you. Goodbye” then my friends and I walked out the café. Taylor and Erin wrapped me in a hug. “I’m okay. I have said my goodbye this time. And that I love them.” we walked away.

Ending my tour back in London. “I remember being stood in that window up there.” I pointed at the window. “I enjoyed watching people walk around busy. I remembered looking out the window and seeing a guy stood there.” I pointed at the spot I remember Marco being stood in. “I always wished I hadn’t waited for backup that day that I had just walked in.” Marco admitted. “Not guilty I wasn’t part of the team yet.” Mariana told me. “Nicolette asked me what I was looking at I told her the man.

She looked out the window and told me to go get my stuff. Run.” I looked at Marco “you were my worst nightmare” “I remember
grabbing all my stuff. And shoving it into a little pink backpack. Going back to the living room and mum being ready to go.” I know I had slightly slipped calling Nicolette mum but I carried on. “You had been joined by 2 others.” I told him. “Nicolette ran out the main door towards you. I went out the fire exit the other side of the building.” I told him. “I ran all the way to an underground station. Onto a train. No one stopped me even though it must have looked really strange. To people an 8 year old alone at that time of night.” I told them. “I compelled an old lady I think to give me sweets.” I said not fully remembering that. I remember her being worried I was alone. “So I made her walk with me so I didn’t stick out I think.” “I went to a human dingy hotel. And sat on the sofa with my book that I think was in German” I remember Nicolette coming in and asking, where now mum. I remember the sad smile. Her saying hidden Alysa. We always need to keep hidden. This is how I spent most of my childhood. Running from one place to another. Never getting to settle down. Most of the time we got away before you turned up, we never stayed in a place again more than 2 months. My biggest fear was you finding me.” I said looking at Marco as I talked.

My whole group had mostly stayed quiet the whole time I talked looked at me like they had never realised there was 2 sides to my being hidden. The side desperately trying to find the stolen princess and the little scared child who was afraid of the men, who wanted to kill her mummy and take her away. I looked at everyone. “So now I have let you walk down Ally memory lane.” I said. “I can’t believe I gave you so many nightmares.” Marco admitted. “The strange thing is I can’t hate Nicolette at all.” I said. They all stared at me. “There comes a day when what is green turns red with blood, the Royal child will decide if there is to be a time of war and a world of darkness. Or the beginning of a better future and an era of harmony. Only the child can decide if she is to be the destroyer or the healer. It shall be then, when the darkness rises once more. That her choice will see the combining of 2 worlds into one. Only she can renew the Amaris’s humanity.” I said the predication. “She took me because of that. She wanted to raise me to choose light. But she went about it wrong she chose the wrong group to help her. She always used to tell me it. But I feel like I’m missing a bit of it. The one thing I do not doubt is she loved me.”

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