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Chapter 4

We ran all the way back. When we reached the dorm, he put his hand on the wall first. I was only a few seconds behind him, but where he looked like he hadn’t done any running at all, I was out of breath and could keel over at any second. Trying to catch my breath I put both hands on the wall, and took shallow breaths. “Almost beat me” he said smiling. I knew he had actually slowed down for me. Although I was out of breath I didn’t want him to take it easy on me. The people that wanted me dead wouldn’t take it easy on me after all. .

I took a few deep breaths and tried to slow myself down. When I could talk again I said “you keep taking it easy on me.” “No I’m not” Sean lied. I gave him a serious look and put my hands on my hips. “You are too. You need to go your normal speed and normal strength. They won’t take it easy on me, in a real fight” I told him sternly. I didn’t quiet demand it, but I did use a more demanding voice than normal and
by the look on his face he took it as a demand. “Okay” he said really reluctantly, even how he said it made me know he was pissed off. “Okay? What’s wrong?” I questioned. That was the thing with Duncan, one minute we could be laughing, the next he would be treating me like I would break. Then after that he was sulky. I really hated the fact I wasn’t used to other Amaris I couldn’t tell you if this was the normal attitude or if I really annoyed people that much. If I did no wonder people want me dead. He looked at me and started laughing. “What?” I asked very confused. He thought a little while looked around and then at my tshirt and then said in French “vous ne voulez pas être traitée comme une princesse, mais cela ne signifie pas que vous êtes pas un. Vous ne devriez pas avoir à se battre, il est de mon devoir de vous protéger.” Translated as you may not want to be treated as a princess, but that does not mean you are not one. You should not need to fight it is my job to protect you. I looked at him knowing that he was saying how he felt. I looked around before replying still in French “Je ne suis pas une princesse. Je suis une formation pour être un gardien. Je dois être en mesure de suivre en classe ou je vais me blesser.” Translated as, I am not a princess.

am training to be a guard. I need to be able to keep up in class or I will get hurt. He looked at me looking cross and then said “Je croyais que tu voulais une expérience de haute école normale. Pour faire ce que vous vouliez faire avant que vous devez être reine.” Translated as I thought you wanted a normal high school experience. To do whatever you wanted to do before you need to be queen. I looked at him wondering why we were even having this fight when it was for my own safety I was going in lessons with him so that we could stay together and so I could learn more so I wouldn’t be a sitting duck if I was attacked. It had all been discussed with him and the others it was Marcos own idea. I think because when he and my sister where attacked and she was killed neither of them could protect themselves. “Je fais” I shouted at him meaning I do. Rather than talk to him anymore as he had annoyed me and I knew it would just be more arguments, I stormed into my dorm. The girls looked up as we walked past them into the kitchen. “You meet them yet?” he asked me now speaking in English I think he was trying to defuse both of our anger. “No not yet. You meet yours?” I replied trying to calm down my anger not even fully knowing why I was so angry at
him. He had told me how he felt about this before we even started. It was a lot of pressure to put on one young guard. Yes there were the others around but not as close to me as Duncan was. “Not yet.” I throw him 2 bags of blood from the fridge and grabbed another one and 2 cans of coke. He had reached for 2 cups from the shelf and was putting one bag in both cups while downing the other bag of blood. I poured our cokes over the blood after downing my own bag of blood. I sat on the kitchen side and drunk my blood coke slowly, after a few minutes Sean sighed and said “I’m sorry.” “I am too” I replied.

Gina walked in the kitchen I wondered if I would see a lot of her. “Oh your back you joining us for the dorm swim??” she said “we can’t we have detention” I replied actually sounding and feeling rubbish about it. “Who gave you detention before classes’ even starts? That’s one mean teacher. I defiantly need pointers.” She tried to joke. I still didn’t like her but I still couldn’t work out why, she just seemed too perky, too fake. For all I knew she could really be this perky. If she was, yeah I don’t think I could cope. Sean came to my aid; obviously realising I was deep in thought. I really need to stay in a conversation rather than my own head. But at least I
was thinking of him as Sean again and not Duncan. Sean Sean Sean. I told myself again. Sean Sean Sean. “We were fighting with weapons. And a guard saw us.” He told Gina shrugging. Trying his hardest not to get us into trouble again. “Doesn’t the school have a no weapons rule?”

Gina asked, she obviously hadn’t read her details much. “Yes it’s why we got the detention.” Sean told her. “Our old school didn’t have the rule.” I told her. “They encouraged all forms of practise.” Sean told her taking the hint from me. “We got a lot of changes to get used to; with the different fighting we have to do here.” Sean told her. “Cleaner fighting.” I said thinking about it. Such a shame the people who want to kill me, don’t want to fight clean. “Maybe join us after?” she asked me. “Maybe” I said giving her a smile. She grabbed her own bag of blood and went to leave “oh your roommates arrived you should go say hello. She’s unpacking.” She said looking at me. I nodded “thanks I will” “meet you at detention I want to get out these clothes as well” I said, my clothes where horribly dirty from are fighting. He nodded “okay see you in an hour” Sean said and disappeared out the room without another word.
I walked up the stairs slowly hoping that April would be as happy to see me as I was her. I walked in my room as the door was unlocked I saw all the boxes on the floor April had more stuff than I thought she would.

“Hi April” I said wondering if she would actually recognise me or if she had forgot all about me. April spun around looked me up and down then looked disappointed. “Hi” she said looking like someone had forgot her birthday. Why she was so disappointed, I wondered. “Sorry you just sounded like someone I knew” she said. Obviously seeing the worry in my face, thinking she didn’t like me. “Oh a friend?” I asked her trying to keep natural. “Yeah” she said pulling out some clothes from a box. “What was her name?” I asked still keeping myself natural. I pulled out a new pair of jeans out my wardrobe and a t-shirt. This one saying, I vant to drink your blood. Throwing my clothes in the basket and getting changed. April had been quiet I wondered if she was going to say anything else. “So you’re my new roommate?” she asked looking me up and down again paying close attention to my top slogan with a smile on her face. “Sam” I said trying in a way to let her know I was me without saying it out loud.

“Did your friend like dogs? As much as you do?” I asked. She hadn’t
mentioned dogs at all but it was a way I hoped she would pick up on. ?” “Yeah how do you?” she really looked at me then and recognition crossed her face. “A L” I stopped her before she said it by giving her a hug. “It is you” April said hugging me. “Yeah but I’m called Samira currently” I told her still in a hug. “Safety?” she asked I nodded “I couldn’t believe it when I found out!” April said holding me at arm’s length. “That made 2 of us” I replied laughing. “I can’t believe you’re here” April said pulling me back into a hug. “Why are you not in as a royal?” “I’m not a royal” I laughed “I’m called Samira River Bae I have a twin brother called Sean River Bae and I am a junior.” “Twin? Guard?” she asked I nodded. “Are you doing vet classes as well? What element have you said you are?” I laughed normal April even if I didn’t look like the girl she had known at Christmas almost a year ago she was still treating me like I was. Not the princess I technically was.

Thank god she still treated me like I was me. She was the only one. Even Drew and Kayla treated me different. More protective. Okay Drew had always been protective; after all to him I was a kid he had found alone in the human world. He got more protective when he realised how much my life was actually in danger. He really did
feel like an older brother, though he and Kayla weren’t the best role models according to Marco. Who wasn’t much better really if you think about it? He had given up everything to find me. The kid sister to the girl he had loved. “Yes and guard training and water” I told her realising I hadn’t replied, she was babbling on in an April fashion. Maybe if I stayed quiet I could let April talk for me. I looked at the clock “I got detention can we catch up when I get back?” I said. She gave me another hug and said “defiantly! I want to hear about everything” I laughed “okay.” I left April in the room unpacking promising to tell her everything tonight.

I sprinted over to the training building where Sean was waiting outside. “You okay” he asked me. “Fine, but we will be late if we don’t move and I don’t want another detention.” I told him. He stopped me before we went in. “apparently the person we have detention with is called guardian Judah. He’s nice apparently and well respected. He supports you and your parents 100%. He’s also going to be the answer to get us through the next 2 years.” Sean told me. I knew he had obviously been talking to the guards here to have this detail so quickly. “He just doesn’t like us?” I asked no surprise
really hey we weren’t very open and friendly at the moment. Sean held the door open for me. We walked in to the training building and went into the classroom that had a yellow sign on the door, saying detention. We were the only ones there, except for guardian Judah we sat at the tables in front of him. He looked at us both over the top of a book, how to talk to teenagers for dummies. I looked at Sean who looked at the book too and we both burst out in laughter. Guardian Judah put his book down and walked over to the door shutting it. Then he said “who are you?” quiet crossly. “Samira and Sean River Bae.” I said looking worried and confused. I looked quickly around for exits in a hurry.

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