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Chapter 5

“Try again” he demanded. I looked at Sean wondering what we should do. I thought maybe a bit of compulsion would work, if I told him to believe us he would. “Sam and Sean are my niece and nephew. I know for a fact you are not them. Where are they?” guardian Judah practically yelled at us. Sean didn’t seem surprised. In fact he seemed like he was expecting this. Why hadn’t he shared that bit of information? We had all this arranged with guardian Sawyer and he had never mentioned his children’s uncle worked at this school. But then we hadn’t actually mentioned what school we were going to. Just that we were and that we were pretending to be his kids. I thought everything was set safely.

For keeping me safe they really weren’t very aware of things now where they. Sean looked at him “guardian Sawyer knows where his children are and that we are here as them.” Sean said very calmly. Too calmly I realised. I
looked at them both “real names now” Guardian Judah demanded with the vein on his forehead looking like it would explode at any moment. “Guardian Duncan” Duncan/Sean said calmly. I remembered his words about how Judah supported my parents and was highly respected and how everything would be okay and we would get the extra training I needed. Judah looked at him like he wasn’t fully believing but slightly calmer. Guardian Duncan/Sean had almost as good a reputation as Marianna and sawyer for winning fights. His age was nothing compared to how many people he could take out at once. Was that why he seemed so relaxed I thought. More relaxed than I had ever seen him. I had been in his company since I arrived at the palace just after Christmas last year, though I had never paid much attention to him. He had blended in with my other guards. He hadn’t talked to me till we almost died in Germany. Now I wouldn’t let him not talk to me. “Now what’s your real name?” Judah asked me a bit calmer, but still like if I lied I wouldn’t walk out this room. I looked at Duncan/Sean he didn’t know what to do here either.

Great so he felt it safe to admit who he really was but wasn’t so sure about me. Great just great. “Mind if I make a call?” I asked putting on
some charm not quiet compulsion but enough for him to mostly agree with what I said. He blinked a few times then nodded, even though it looked like he was having a war within himself agreeing. I pulled out my phone and looked in my contacts for Sawyer’s number. He was ready to talk if anything at school came up. He answered on the 2nd ring. I knew my contact possible came up saying royal pain, with how many times I rung him lately, well he was my only way to reach Marco. “Hi it’s the pain” I said trying to make a joke of it. “Hello your majesty what’s the matter?” asked Sawyer ignoring my pain comment. “I’m sat in detention with someone who’s saying I’m not your daughter. He’s saying he’s the real Samira’s uncle?” I said trying to stay calm. Judah watched me looking like he wanted to snatch the phone straight of me. “Judah?” Sawyer asked sounding pleased.

“Guardian Judah.” I told him. “Is he safe” I asked. “Yes. You’re at that school? Pass me to him.” Sawyer said I could hear his held breath being realised. He had let us know a lot he wasn’t thrilled by this but seemed happier now he knew where I was. “It’s for you” I said handing the phone to Judah. “Sawyer?” Judah said. The 3 of us sat in silence for a while. I would have loved to hear the
conversation. Especially as Judah’s face was a picture. When he hung up it was surprising his jaw wasn’t on the floor. He bowed to me the moment he got off the phone. “Your majesty I am so sorry” he said. “I’m just a normal girl at school” I said felling very awkward. I hated it when people bowed to me at the best of times. Now I didn’t want anyone bowing to me. No curtsying either. “Excuse my attitude” he said. “You understand the secrecy of it all” Sean said to him. He nodded “I do” he said. “We didn’t tell him what school we were attending as an extra safety. But the moment I found out who you were, I knew he would be happy.” Sean said. “So what are we whilst here your niece and nephew?” I asked confused. Judah nodded again he seemed to be thinking a lot as he kept running his hand through his black hair.

“You’re both taking guard training?” he asked suddenly remembering why he had even seen us. “Haven’t you already graduated” he asked Sean. “I can’t make them go easy on you princess” he told me. Why did everyone feel they had to go easy on me? I had lived in the real world most my life. Constantly in danger. And from 13 completely alone. I had managed to escape the guards who had trained all their lives. I was stronger than they all gave
me credit for, and I was going to prove it. “I want to be able to protect myself and what better protection for me, than being around people that wants to keep me safe. I don’t want them to take it easy on me. The real world won’t take it easy on me” I said it was full of logic and was the exact reason I got put in guard training. Even Marco understood my need to be able to protect myself. He encouraged it. “Very true. Everyone should be able to protect themselves. The safest place would be around the guards I suppose. If putting you in as a royal wasn’t an option.” Judah said. “Putting her in as a royal is not an option.” Sean said sounding put out that Judah had agreed with me protecting myself.

“You will need a lot of extra practise to catch up with the others though” Judah told me. I nodded “I know and at least if I’m queen, I won’t be surrounded by people who don’t talk to me” I said. Duncan/Sean said “when your queen. Not if.” I rolled my eyes but they were both looking at me really seriously. “You do realise you have lessons on how to stay quiet around royalty?” said Judah. “Really?” I asked actually shocked. I just assumed that my guards didn’t want to talk to me. Not that they had been trained not to. How the hell had Marianna ever managed to cope with guard training?

She was hardly ever quiet or not eating. They both nodded. “Well that’s one lesson that needs to be scrapped” I said. Duncan/Sean laughed and Judah looked nervously at me. “Are you both serious about this” Judah asked. “For the next 2 years if nothing happens. I will go through everything you put your guardians though, maybe it will make me a better queen for it.” I said smiling at him. “Then welcome Sam to guard training” he said looking worried about it. “Thanks” I said. “Will anyone else realise where not Sam and Sean” Sean asked worriedly. “They shouldn’t no.” said Judah. “Are you willing to give up an hour after school every day or before for extra training. Being your uncle it will just be assumed I’m bonding with you.” Judah asked. We both nodded. And so it was agreed we would do an extra lesson of guard training after school every day starting now.

When we walked out the training building it was only 4am but I felt ready for bed already. Tomorrow we would start classes and I wondered if I would even be able to walk in the morning, let alone do a day of classes. We walked to the trees I didn’t really fancy going back. In are private lesson I had used all the
elements in different ways and yes I was exhausted. I needed blood but I didn’t want to meet my dorm mates yet. Even though I was looking forward to spending time with April. Sean pulled out 2 bags and 2 cans of fizzy from a backpack. “Someone’s always organised” I laughed at him as he handed me one.

“It’s the rules 10 bags a day now” said Sean smiling. “Marco would be so proud” I laughed. “Do you think there okay and safe” I asked him worried all of a sudden. “They won’t have stopped yet but you know if anything happens we have the emergency protocol” Sean reminded me. I nodded everything really was arranged even although the amount of stuff that had slipped through was shocking. . 2 years I could be a normal teenager for 2 years I can do this. “What times dinner?” I asked hungry. “5.30 In the cafeteria” he reminded me “you met any of your dorm mates yet?” I asked him. “no the idea of being around 16, 17 and 18 year olds again doesn’t appeal until necessary” Sean said “hey I’m 17” I reminded him “yeah and your annoying as hell. Remember you’re not 17 were not 17 till next month” he reminded me with a smile. I liked this Sean/Duncan better than the serious one. We were 17 next month to make us older juniors but still
juniors. “Were going to be those siblings that do everything together aren’t we?” I asked jokingly. I knew for my safety I was going to mostly be with Sean as much as possible. I was determined to make friends though; Sean wasn’t going to be my only friend here that was certain. “Yep we are. I forgot to ask is your roommate okay” Sean asked suddenly remembering about my roomie. “Yeah I met April while I was living with Drew she’s lovely and knows me” I told him.

He nodded and asked “She in guard training?” “No she’s training to be an Amaris vet.” I told him. “She safe?” he asked double checking I realised. “Yeah that’s why Marco arranged if we couldn’t share for me to be with her.” I said. We were sat leaning against a tree where we could see everyone walk around campus but we were mostly hidden. “Have you met your roomie?” I asked. “Not yet, he was arriving as I came out I just gave him a nod.” Sean told me. “Make an effort you’ll be rooming with him for a while.” I told him confidently even though I wasn’t. “I will. Which one of has done this before?” he asked me jokingly. “Well you never seem very friendly.” I told him. “Believe me you don’t need to worry about me one bit” Sean told me with a confident smile. “Yeah because you could beat
up any problem.” I said, he nodded. “Make friends. Not enemy’s.” I told him jokingly hitting him. He nodded, “I’ve done this before AlSam” he said almost slipping with my name. “Sam” I said reminding myself as well as him. “Don’t worry about me Sam. Okay?” Sean told me. I nodded, although worrying about him made me less worried for myself. “I’m scared.” I admitted. “You’re perfectly safe here.” Sean told me. “That’s not why I’m scared.” I told him. “Your afraid nobody will like you?” Sean asked, I thought was that why I’m scared. “You’re going to make friends.

You’re going to make such close friends; they will look forward to protecting you. You’re going to make a group of friends who will not only guard you, with everything they process. But will love you, for being you. Who actually talk to you without fear that they will get into trouble.” Sean told me with a confident smile. He had way more confidence in me than I did. “You have way more confidence in me, than I do.” I admitted to him. “Hey you might be the only person I know who can piss people of to the point they actually want to hit you. But in the same breath they would kill anyone who tried. Not just because you’re there future Queen but because they love you.” Sean told me. “Look at Marco;
he really would love to kill you sometimes. Especially with all the teasing you do to him.” Sean told me. “Hey he deserves to be teased.” I informed him. “Sam, Sean” shouted Kye. “Not him again” said Sean in French. I rolled my eyes; didn’t we just have a conversation on being friendly? Kye walked over not realising he was interrupting a private chat. “I saw you and thought I’d see what table your sitting at for dinner see if I could join you” “me comprenez-vous?” said Sean, I looked at him wondering why he was asking do you understand me? Then I realised he wanted to know if Kye understood French, In case he had overheard any of our conversation under the trees. Although I personally knew he was too far away to have. “Sorry I don’t speak whatever language that was” said Kye. “He asked what’s on the menu tonight.” I said giving Sean a look saying be polite. “We will find out in the caf” I said shrugging at Sean, but trying to stifle a laugh. We walked over to the cafeteria with Kye as it was obvious we wouldn’t shake him. On the menu tonight was fish new potatoes and 3 different types of veg. “I’m going to starve” I said. Sean laughed Kye said “don’t you eat fish?” “She doesn’t eat anything but pizza and fries” said Sean his mood lighting. “Not true I eat burgers and
most junk food” I reminded him, he laughed. I suppose over the last few weeks I really had only eaten pizza and fries. Thank god I was an Amaris and not a human or I would possibly be huge. April waved at me, she was surrounded by other girls and I was nervous to go over.

I saw the fact there was 4 seats free on her table she had obviously saved for me and went over. I looked around the hall when we were sat even more red and dark wood I realised the school must have an investment in dark wood furniture loads of tables with 10 chairs around all the tables. I noticed the royals seemed to sit on a different side of the hall to the nonroyals. My people were very snobby obviously this needed to change. April smiled at me “Sam these are some of the girls from our dorm Sofia, Isabella, Taylor, Erin and Abi.” “Hi” I said with a nervous smile. Sofia and Isabella where obviously from Spanish or Mexican decent. Both with gorgeous long brown hair and chocolate eyes. They were both tall and skinny supermodel thin everything the Amaris stereotype seemed to imply. If they wanted to both girls would rock the modelling world, most of my kind liked to do this. Taylor and Abi where both blonde and chalky white skinned matching the vampire pale skin
stereotypes. Taylor looked like she was in guard training she had a tough ill beat anyone who looks at me funny aggressive kind of look and made me feel a bit unconfutable but I hoped she wasn’t as scary as she looked. Abi looked like she was a professional swimmer her blonde hair had the always in the pool green blonde chlorine look that was in a tight pony tail but seemed like it was still wet. Erin also looked like she was a guard but more friendly than Taylor she gave me a small smile she also looked my age.

They were all paying more attention to the 2 guys I had brought to the table. “This is my twin brother Sean.” I said pointing at Sean. “And Kye.” I said with a shrug. “They all know me been in classes with some of them since I was 5.” Kye told me with a smile he said it nicely. He really did seem nice just over the top flirty. If only he knew that dating really wasn’t going to happen. I picked at my dinner only eating my carrots. I found out Erin Taylor and Sofia where juniors like me. The others where all seniors except Kye. Talk was light it went onto the normal menu. I found myself trying to work out what days I would eat, I realised possibly only Saturdays when we could go out of school, I would stuff myself from a fast food shops.

That was if I was
allowed of campus I realised. Great I possibly was going to starve to death before anyone actually got the chance to try kill me. I wondered how hungry I would have to be before I finally caved in. I had lasted 3 months, so the chances were I could last till Christmas. We were about to go back to my dorm when Kye piped up to Sean “you’re in my dorm right?” “Yeah phoenix” said Sean in a voice that sounded like talking to Kye was the last thing he wanted to do, he was moving his peas around his plate. I rolled my eyes at him “go meet your dorm with Kye. I’m just going to hang with April and the other girls in the dorm.” I told him, I tried to keep a level voice even though it was a demand. He looked at me. “Je ne l’aime pas.” Sean said I thought he was being rude, as he had said I do not like him. I shot him a disappointed look and replied “Eh bien je fais.” Which means, well I do. Sean was about to reply when a shocking thing happened. “Vous ne réalisez. Il est impoli de parler des gens en face d’eux. Surtout quand ils ne comprennent pas ce que vous dites.” said Taylor the girl my age that looked like she would beat anyone up. It translated as you do realise. It is rude to talk about people in front of them. Especially when they do not understand what you’re saying.

We both looked
at her shocked French was no longer safe to chat with around her I realised. “Verstehst du mich” Sean said in German meaning do you understand me. “Ja das ist immer noch unhöflich” Taylor said which means yes this is still rude. Realising they would keep it up all day I asked in English “how many languages do you talk.” It was addressed pretty much too all of them. Not to my surprise Sofia and Isabella said Spanish? Kye admitted only English. April said “English and Spanish” she worked in a hotel as holiday work so she needed all the languages. I was surprised she didn’t know more. Taylor and Erin both admitted they spoke 7 languages but didn’t say what ones they were, but as Sean only spoke 4 I knew none would be safe around them. And Abi admitted she only spoke English. I smiled at them all “that’s so cool” I said trying not to sound disappointed. How would Sean and I be able to talk alone? “How many do you 2 speak” asked Taylor watching us “Sean speaks 4” I said. Sean was fluent in all 4 languages and spoke without any accent. No one would ever guess what country he actually was from. I only knew it was France because it was his favourite language to choose and the amount of swear words he knew. He knew a lot of swearwords, even in languages
he couldn’t talk.

It was something I quickly noticed when he finally started talking to me and being himself. That’s why Samira and Sean where again perfect for us as that’s where they had grew up. “How many do you speak” asked Taylor. I counted on my fingers, yes I know I wasn’t as good at languages as my tutor had wanted me to be but I spoke like a local. What I had travelled all around the world before my 16th birthday, including the little countries. Including really close to my parents. This had surprised me. But then where would you not expect someone on the run to hide. That’s right, next town over. English, French, German, Greek, ancient Greek, Arabic, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Latin, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish and Thai. Okay if you think about it, this was impressive. Especially for someone who had never been to school. But not impressive enough for my parents and tutors. After all there are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today. However, about 2,000 of those languages have fewer than 1,000 speakers.

Wow I really was full of useless knowledge no wonder there was no room in my brain to get me through other classes. I think all my people should just be forced to speak one of the languages I
could. Or we could make up our own language surely it couldn’t be too hard. We had been around just as long as humans why didn’t we have our own language. I stored that away to ask Marco. Actually I would ask Kayla she understood me better that way. I knew it was common for royals to speak at least 10 languages the common ones used in court. A lot favouring using ancient Greek, in meetings. But it wasn’t common for normal Amaris to be able to. I told the truth as I was in advanced language anyway. “16 fluently and a few basics in some of the others” I admitted blushing trying not to look to much a no it all. Believe me if they saw me in any other class they would realise how hopeless I am. “Sams a bit of a chatterbox” said Sean smiling at me realising how nervous I was. But everyone’s jaws where still on the floor. Seeing my uncomfortableness with my new black hair my blush was more visible than it had been before. Taylor said “wow!” wow was one word for it. “You could tutor some of the royals” said Kye obviously trying to flirt with me. Thankfully the conversation got dropped when a cleaner came to hurry us along. I told Sean “go back to your dorm ill text you.” It was almost a command and he took it as one and left.

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