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Chapter 6

The alarm was beeping. April from her side of the room said “did you need to set the alarm this bloody early” I sat up rubbing my eyes it was 7pm lessons didn’t start till 9pm and I took it April was one of those girls with her tanned supermodel looks and brown hair that naturally seemed to full that didn’t need to put much efforts in the morning. I turned the alarm of and went to one of the dorms 4 bathrooms for a shower. I was in the middle of washing my hair when someone banged on the door “hurry up there’s 15 girls in this dorm all needing a shower.” It was Gina so I hurried washing my hair and came out in a towel and she went in. looking rushed. I went into my room where April was actually still asleep. We had stayed up most the night catching up in whispered voices on her bed, so no one would over hear us. I had told her all about what happened in Germany and in the court. To explain why I was now Sam. It was only 7.38pm how long would she actually
need. My hair from being washed was trying to go in its usual ringlets.

I could not let that happen, Sam had straight black hair. I blow dried my hair straight. This woke April who looked at the clock swore said “sorry for swearing.” Grabbed her towel and went to que for her turn in the bathroom I wondered how much hot water there was here. I looked at all my uniform hung up wondering what to wear strangely I had lockers in both the guard changing room and swimming rooms so all would be fine I just needed to go to the lockers and uniform would be waiting as long as I made sure I put them all in right washing baskets. I looked at my time table Monday 9pm languages. 10pm magic. 11pm geography. Midnight lunch break for an hour. 1am guard etiquette I laughed at that one wondering if it would be similar to princess lessons. 2am and 3am guard physical. I can do this. I reassured myself nervous but I can do it. I had coped in a human school. I had coped alone in the world. I could cope with school surely. If I couldn’t I was really going to be a rubbish queen. Another thing for my list. I had lost count of how long my list was.

If it was ever safe I would write it down. I put on my white polo shirt and some grey tights. Not too bad so far really. Now my choice was
skirt or pinafore. I chose the skirt the pinafore was just a bit too much tartan for my first day of school. I put on my red cardigan and was trying to work out how to tie the tie, whilst looking in the mirror at myself. My green eyes looked back at me. I hoped Gina hadn’t seen my eyes when I was in the bathroom as I had forgot to put the contacts in. I needed to remember to put them in first thing. When April walked back in the room I was putting my contacts in my tie untied around my neck. She quickly shut the door so no one would see. “Does that hurt?” she asked me. “No it was just unconfutable until I got used to doing it” I said. I looked at her now brown eyed. Blinked a few times so they sat right. What’s your first lesson? I asked wondering if we would have any lessons together. “Magic what’s yours?” April replied. “Languages do we have any lessons together” I said handing her my time table that I had colour coded last night. April looked it over “maybe vet school” she said with a smile handing it back. “You taught me how much I love dogs” I told her. She got herself dressed in her uniform she chose the tartan pinafore dress and shirt with grey tights. A red cardigan but didn’t put on a blazer.

“Do I not need the blazer?” I asked “only in winter and school trips”
she laughed. She came over to me and tied my tie for me. “Are you nervous?” she asked obviously she knew I was at war in my head with myself. “Define nervous?” I asked. She smiled at me. “You will do great Sam” she told me. Using Sam seemed so easy for her why couldn’t it be that easy for me. . I started to put makeup on “I didn’t realise you wore makeup” she said smiling at me. Putting her own makeup on. “Kayla insisted I learnt” I laughed. “You do realise you need to use titles here if they talk to you don’t you.” April asked looking worried that I might make a social mistake. “I understand.” “Sean does talk English doesn’t he?” she asked suddenly worried about Sean. “Fluently with no accent” I said. “So I take it he just didn’t like the girls?” she asked looking disappointed. “He doesn’t like Kye” I told her, he didn’t say if he had a problem with the girls but he defiantly showed he didn’t like Kye. We both went down quickly for breakfast as we didn’t have time this morning to talk. The kitchen was full of girls all in uniform. April pointed at girl after girl telling me there names and school year. I wasn’t the only new one in the dorm last year’s seniors where gone, replaced with new freshman but most of them had all been at school since they were 5.

So everyone pretty much knew each other. We quickly ate breakfast I was happy to see cereal, though Gina had provided a lot of healthy food on the side and blood bags. There were also jugs of tea and coffee. We both poured coffees and put blood in them. Downing the rest of the blood bags. We really quickly ate are breakfast then to my surprise April said to the 3 juniors I had meet yesterday Taylor, Sofia and Erin “has anyone got advanced languages first?” she asked the 3 of them not much of surprise Taylor did. She asked Taylor if she would mind taking me to my first class as it was my first day of classes she nodded and 10 minutes later we were running over to our first class. I had texted Sean that all was fine as we didn’t have languages together. We arrived with 2 minutes to spare. In the room where benches and long tables though I didn’t think Taylor liked me she pointed for me to sit next to her so I did. “Master Giles is a nightmare. I hope you’re as good at languages as you said.” said Taylor with a smile that seemed to say she’d like to see it. I tried not to get to much attention especially as there where royals in my class.

But whenever they said a word wrong I couldn’t help but squelch. Remembering how the vein of my languages
teacher at the palace used to throb when I mispronounced. Like she was about to kill me. After a while master Giles picked on me. I answered as clearly and calmly as I could. Switching languages with such ease that I wish I had managed in my private lessons. Maybe it was because I didn’t want to look silly in front of my fellow pupils. Or maybe it was the fact master Giles didn’t look like he was disappointed. In fact he was smiling at me so nicely when I didn’t make a single mistake. If only I could have done it this well at the palace. Taylor gave me a small smile I think I had a bit of her approval, which was nice as maybe in the future she might be spending a lot of time with me. It would be nice if we could be friends. Languages actually went faster than I thought it would. I think because the stuff we were doing was easier in a way and a lot less stressful than languages had ever been.

I walked into magic class alone Taylor wasn’t in this class as she was a fire element magic user. I wondered if I should have done fire as my main element, rather than water but then I wouldn’t have swimming as pe. I would have to do a different sport. The class was full to the brim of juniors all in friendship groups.

I wondered
who I should sit with, when Erin waved me over. Although she hadn’t saved me the seat next to her she had saved me one at her table. I sat next to a girl with auburn red hair who was actually reading a story book, rather than paying attention to the teacher or anyone else. The teacher who had been trying to get the classes attention for about 35 minutes suddenly throw a water ball at the wall. We all sat upright and paid attention the girl next to me dropping her book. “Hello class I am Mistress Ocean. Welcome to your junior year of magic.” “Hello Mistress Ocean.” Said the whole class. For the last 25 minutes of are class we were set to work making water freeze. I could do this easily and it wasn’t the kind of magic, I actually felt I needed but I did it. Though it soon became obvious that Mistress Ocean could not control the class the girl next to me even went back to reading her book. Pretty soon it was time for next class the girl next to me had managed to read 5 chapters in the lesson. I wondered how often she managed to read in class.

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