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Chapter 7

When I went into geography, I was glad to see that Sean was in this class. So was Taylor. Sean was sat next to a guy I hadn’t met. But then as I hadn’t met most the school, I didn’t think that was strange. What was strange was Sean was chatting to him and they were actually joking about. Could this be his roommate? He was right he was better at this than I was. Again I sat next to Taylor but with Sean the other side of me with only a quick “hey” to both of them. I was truly surprised that it was Taylor who had saved me the seat and not Sean. She sat next to a guy Amaris, with the subtle uniform difference showing he was a royal.

She actually held his hand. Taylor seeing where I was looking said “her boyfriend’s royal I know it’s shocking but he’s only a viscount.” She said it looking as though it was a shock to her as well. Seeing Sofia with a royal wasn’t what shocked me the fact that I had thought Sofia the baby of the group of them was why it was
shocking. “People should date whoever they love.” I told Taylor not really thinking much of it. Luke had dated me when we didn’t know I was a royal, after all. “Defiantly.” Taylor said giving me a real smile. I thought to myself I was going to try my hardest to be friends with Taylor and Erin and all the girls in my dorm. “You are really good at languages if you’re as good as that in all lessons you’re going to be doing my homework” Taylor said to me with a smile that showed she was playing. “Believe me you will regret saying that when you see me in maths, and guard training.” I told her with a smile. She laughed the first time I had heard the scary serious girl laugh she had a nice one. I looked at Sean. Although he was aware of my presence and I knew he would jump to attention if needed, he was deep in conversation with the guy next to him. They were talking about a fight, which had happened in their last class. Really fighting already? I thought.

Maybe that’s how guys make friends. “And you separating them like that like there hitting didn’t even touch you was amazing” said the other guy Sean was just saying how it was nothing that there hits where weaker than a baby’s. I rolled my eyes and said “you broke up a fight?” I asked. “Did he ever. I’ve never seen anyone
accept a teacher break up a fight like that.” said the guy, Taylor nodded and looked at Sean with a glint in her eyes, I realised she had a crush on him. “You didn’t hit anyone did you Sean?” I asked even to my own ears I sounded tired, I should have slept better and not talked all night with April. “Of course not Sam” he said looking at me worriedly I knew he had heard the tiredness in my voice. The guy laughed “he didn’t have to. Neither guys punch even touched him.” I rolled my eyes trust guys to enjoy a fight. The guy looked at me suddenly realising we had never met “I am Jessie you?” Sean introduced me “this is my sister Sam. Sam this is my roommate Jessie.” “Hi Jessie.” I said and I meant it, the fact that Sean had made a friend was really good. Now if only I could make some. Geography went slow. It wasn’t a subject I struggled with.

I could name every country, even little ones you never hear about all current 196, well 197 if you classed are hidden country as one. I could even name where every royal family’s member of government was, as long as none of them had moved. But that wasn’t what I was being taught here I didn’t need to know that here. What I needed to know was just the basic atlas. I kept a low profile and just did my work book. Thankfully the teacher mistress
black seemed to only pick on the royals when she asked questions. Via passing notes with Sean we managed to catch up on our morning lessons. Geography seemed to last forever. Especially as I was really starting to need food, as well as blood.

Finally it finished and we went to lunch. Sean and Jessie where talking away still about the fight and when we got to the lunchroom, my fake brother had loads of admirers. So many girls and guys wanted to talk to him. I really was nervous around them all. Sean realising my nerves ever aware of how I felt, decided it would be best to eat away from me with his new fan club. Although he did give one of the guards in the room a respectable nod. I realised it was one of ours so he was passing on me being watched for lunch today.

I felt like a pass the parcel. Not that I have ever played it. But I used to watch kids sometimes growing up on the rare times it was safe for me to go around other kids. I went and ordered my food with Taylor. I had a cheese sandwich an apple a banana and a bag of chips this meal I would eat. It also came with a carton of blood. April waved us over to her table when we had are food. I again sat next to Taylor the 2 of us seemed
to have just decided to stick together. Had a made a friend without actually trying? Taylor started chatting away to Erin but both girls tried to include me in the conversation about what to watch tonight on TV, so far none of us had any homework. Apparently that would come in full vengeance next week. I couldn’t say I had done much work on my first day of school. We agreed on a movie with the girls and I dug into my lunch and drunk all the carton of blood, I had been given with lunch. By the time we had finished lunch we actually had half an hour left till next class. which was guard etiquette. “What do you think of guard etiquette?” I asked the girls as we sat on a bench outside. I had noticed the other guard who know who I was, was close by. They really were letting me have freedom but close enough if I needed them. It was surprising; they weren’t even close enough for anyone to raise an eyebrow. Kye had managed to find us. This had made Erin make a few comments about how the more I ignored him the more he would bother me, it would be best just to be nice to him and he would soon get bored. I was just the shiny new toy and because I was so tiny he possibly felt I needed protecting.

She was one to talk she was the same body shape as me small
petite but she had an attitude similar to Taylors, that if anyone messed with her they would never walk again. To be honest both girls were very similar to me. Kye didn’t bother me, why would it? Although I knew if Sean knew it would bother Sean. “Its fine guardian Dasia is lovely.” Taylor told me. I nodded it wasn’t actually what I asked but I wondered if it would be better not to reply with what I thought. The whole I don’t want guards to stand around silently, and not talk to me. Really wouldn’t go down very well I suppose. We went and got changed girls in girl locker room boys in boys. My training outfit was in my locker and I put it on knowing that all of these people could kick my ass and I was finally going to prove to Taylor that I wasn’t a know it all. I was possibly going to disappoint them all to. After all they had thought I was one of them. When they realised I could barely fight it would become obvious I wasn’t. I swore to myself I would get as good as I could. I would train not only the extra hour here but in the woods alone with Sean and the guards in the evenings.

We went into the etiquette classroom it was the room we had detention in yesterday. Sean managed to sit next to me again. Think he realised that sticking close to me in these
lessons would be best for me and for my safety to stay close to me in these lessons. Erin and Taylor sat the desk in front chatting until the teacher came in then the whole class went silent. It was my first class of the day with no royals. Guardian Dasia was lovely as the girls had said but I was practically biting my tongue the whole class. Sean seemed to realise this as occasionally I would see him stiffen a smile. When the guardian said something he knew I went against. It was all on how to stand nicely and not listen to the conversation of royals. Whilst still being aware of everything that went on. I wondered if the guards who had always ignored me, in the castle actually listened to what I said in the first place. No I kind of doubted it. Sean gave me an innocent smile at the end of lesson, he knew as well as I did how much I had to keep biting my tongue and how many of the things he was currently breaking.

When we went into the arena for guardian training, I was actually quiet frightened. they were going to kick my ass. Guardian Judah and guardian Kacie where are teachers in here, they separated us into 2 groups. I noticed that Judah had managed to get me and Sean in his group. I wondered what he was going to do with us
first. . First he actually set us doing laps he ran with us yelling at us to move faster. He really was acting like I was just a normal student. Sean was in my group so was Kye and Erin. Taylor was in guardian Kacie’s group and there group was in the middle doing press ups and sit ups. After a while we changed over. I was already exhausted but I pushed through knowing that I needed to do this if I wanted to be able to protect myself. Press ups and sit ups where fine and soon we meet back in the middle to be paired up. Sean got paired to fight me of course. Which although I knew Judah’s reasoning for, I didn’t think fair on Sean. Who needed to keep in shape as well as anyone else, but then he had years more experience than this class it wouldn’t be fair on the class going against him. This was physical not magic fighting and Sean was going way too easy on me. I wasn’t sure if anyone could see as they were all busy in their own fights, but I did tell him of as he let me get a hit in, I knew that I shouldn’t have managed. “You can’t take it easy on me.” I told him for what felt like the millionth time. Judah came over after he had corrected a few others moves. “Sean you can’t go that easy on her. Or I’ll have to pair you both with someone else. Everyone can tell you’re taking it easy, especially after
what you did earlier.” he told Sean who reluctantly nodded and slightly went harder on me. but not much harder. Unfortunately for both of us guardian Kacie realised as well how easy he was going on me.

“You swap with him please” she said telling Sean to swap with Kye which he reluctantly did. Although Kye obviously didn’t want to hurt me either, he was more aggressive with me than Sean was. Soon had me on the floor although I had managed to get quite a few punches and kicks in. once he had won the fight he offered me his hand to pull me up I took it with a smile. “Thanks” I said actually meaning it Sean always went easy on me if I could ever win a fight against them being there strong self’s I would actually be proud of myself. “Um you’re welcome?” Kye said confused, after all he had knocked me on my butt. I was dripping with sweat by the time lesson was over. I knew I had an hour extra with Judah when everyone left so when the class started to leave I waited behind with Sean. “You coming?” asked Erin looking like she could do with a relaxing bath and sleep more than the movie night she had planned. “I’ll meet you at the dorm later. Got to spend time with my uncle.” I told her indicating Judah she raised an eyebrow. “Okay Sam” she said. I
suddenly thought that I shouldn’t have mentioned the teacher was my uncle. But then I was going to spending a lot of extra time with him so at least it just sounded like I was spending time with my family. She left without even a shrug.

I drunk from my water bottle sat cross legged on the floor. When everyone was gone, Judah said “I told you not to be too obvious you were taking it easy.” he said to Sean who looked like he was regretting coming here already. “It was even obvious you were taking it easy on Adam.” He told Sean looking frustrated. “Are you hurt?” Sean asked me worriedly, I knew if I ever said yes this would all be over. He would insist I pulled straight out of guard training. “I’m fine” I said to both of them. “I don’t want you to take it easy on me” I told them both. Judah and Sean had a fight while I sat on the floor cross legged. What better way to get over their anger and frustration than a fight I suppose. As the 2 of them punched and kicked and throw each other I watched in amazement. Yes I had seen Sean fight, in a real fight but that was using weapons this was different this was pure body fight. This was pure strength and agility. “What is going on?” said a voice
we all turned to look and guardian Kacie was back obviously been fetched by the noise. Using the distraction Sean managed to get Judah pinned on the floor. He laughed good naturally as Sean pulled him up. “Just bonding with my niece and nephew.” He said to guardian Kacie. “Where was that fight in class” she demanded of Sean. “Uh I didn’t want to show off” said Sean. “Is that the same for you?

Or are you really that weak?” she said to me I knew it was just a question but it did sting. Judah actually came to my defence with an excuse “Samira here has actually been very ill for the past few months and hasn’t got her strength back yet. Remember I told you my niece was poorly at the end of last school year. That they might be coming here this year.” Judah said, I knew he hadn’t said anything of the sort but from Kacie’s expression she was embarrassed to have forgotten it. “She will for end of year exams we got 2 years to get her ready for service.” Judah said with a smile. “They are both up to extra lessons with their favourite uncle.” He told Kacie. “Yeah favourite” Sean said rubbing what looked like a nasty bruise developing on his eye. “if she’s so ill why is she doing guard training a different job would be better.” Kacie said. I looked at Judah pleadingly, I could compel my
way out of this but he said “her father’s Sawyer River Bae she is not allowed to fail guard training” Kacie loosened up with this she looked like she felt sorry for me. “A lot of pressure to put on kids” she said with a sad smile. “Yes it is, but these 2 have what it takes. To follow their parent’s reputations” Judah said I wondered if he meant what he said or was just saying it. I would love to meet the real Sam one day. I knew she was going to be one of my actual guards. Did she really have a lot of pressure on her? Was guarding me what she wanted to do with her life? I highly doubted it. “The new princess needs the best bless her soul” said Kacie. Sean caught my eye. “I won’t take it as easy on her next time” said Sean with a smile to Kacie. She looked him up and down “you took it easy on all the class” she said indicating the growing bruise of Judah’s face. Judah pulled me into a standing passion. And Kacie moved closer into the room. Realising he wasn’t getting rid of her Judah said to her “can you practise with Sean I’m going to run a few self-defence techniques with Sam” she nodded and her and Sean started fighting then and there I was amazed at her speed and skill. While they were busy Judah started working with me he showed me a few ways to get
myself out of being grabbed from behind. How to escape from being grabbed from the front I had been taught it by Sean but unlike Sean who would never put force into it, he did. He wasn’t willing to let go without a fight. When I finally managed to get away from him I felt ecstatic I had done it without him taking it easy on me.

Once Judah was happy I could escape him grabbing me he decided to call it quits for the day. Our extra hour had turned into 2. “Same time tomorrow” he told us we both nodded Sean looked like he could still run miles I felt like I would keel over at any second. It was evening meal time in a minute so we quickly went and showered and got changed in are respectable changing rooms. When we met up outside the building I said to Sean “how did you think that went” “okay” he told me but he seemed a bit annoyed. “What’s up?” I asked wondering what had pissed him of now. “Too many people seem to suspect we are not right” he said this shocked me. “Who thinks that?” I asked. He went silent I rolled my eyes I was ready for bed but decided against it. We separated when we walked into the cafeteria. I went to the girls and he went to his fan club. The rest of the night went by fast I think because every one of us was shattered from our
first day of school. The girls and I went back to the dorm to watch DVDs and eat popcorn and Sean went back to his. The only unconfutable conversation was Erin teasing Taylor on a crush with my brother. Which I couldn’t help but tease her on to. “Were you ever going to spill your uncles the teacher?” Erin asked with a smile. I shrugged, “it’s no big deal. It’s not like he takes it any easier on us. In fact he’s more uptight with us.” I said. It was true Judah had even told us he would be.

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