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Chapter 8 - Andrew POV

Today was the day we had been dreading. I looked at Kayla she was in a lovely dark blue dress already for dinner with the parents. Her small bump hidden she was at least 3 months now so we needed to admit to our parents. It wasn’t just us not being married having a baby it was the fact we were a prince and a princess that were not married having a baby. To top it off neither of us where willing to get married, until it was safe for Ally to be there.

Although I had proposed and Kayla had said yes. Neither of us had even mentioned it to our parents. I hadn’t even given her a ring yet. I tied my tie that matched Kayla’s dress. We were going to a very posh meal at the Amaris hotel near our house in California. Kayla stood up and came up to me undone my tie and redid it. I planted a kiss on her lips. “You ready to go be eaten by lions” Kayla asked only half joking. “Can’t we just emigrate to Timbuctoo” I replied trying to keep a serious face. She laughed and kissed
me. We started walking along the beach, it was very romantic really. I was dressed in a suit and tie, with a gorgeous girl in my arms. The moon full. I bent on one knee on the sand “Princess Kayla Lotus Philia” she looked shocked yes we were engaged yes I had already proposed. “Will you do me the honour of one day becoming Queen Kayla lotus Kyrios?” I held out a ring the best I could buy that wasn’t to flashy as Kayla although being a princess liked to be subtle.

“Yes you idiot!” Kayla said slipping the ring on her finger. We kissed I spun her around in a hug I felt like I was on cloud nine. The problem with being so happy, yeah people like to destroy happiness. When we arrived at the hotel the receptionist greeted us very politely, I personally felt this was to much as we were becoming too much of regulars here, it was like a second home. Until the kitchen was built this was our main sauce of food and blood. We came once a day for blood as Kayla needed better blood supply now than she had before. This was surprisingly the first time since Christmas our parents had visited us though and there standing as queens and kings made all the staff nervous especially Karla’s mum. Queen Alba had been known to get someone fired for just sneezing in her presence.

“I love
you” Kayla said squeezing my hand before we walked in. “Luke!” she shouted suddenly and I saw her brother walking across the lobby towards us. We both looked at him in a bit of shock we hadn’t heard from Luke since we went to his graduation. He had his arm round a girl’s shoulder that looked his age. “Hola” he said speaking Spanish and giving his sister a peck on both checks. We were both still in a bit of shock but ever polite Kayla greeted her brother and this girlfriend an Amaris that was obviously Spanish by her accent when she talked. “This is Vittoria” Luke said introducing the girl she curtsied to us. She was not a royal a way to displease his mum and dad I realised wondering if it would help us slightly. The only worse thing in Queen Alba’s eyes would be her children dating a human. So rarely done. “Pleasure to meet you” we both said. We got shown to our table and I was happy to see both sets of our parents we wouldn’t have to make this speech twice. I planted a kiss on my mother’s head “hello how was your flights?” I asked them all.

For the first time that I could remember Kayla’s mum didn’t moan about it. “Absolutely lovely” Queen Alba said. Kayla greeted her mother and father “what a beautiful ring Kayla dear” said my mum queen Lillian when
Kayla’s ring caught the light. Then reality dawned on our parents faces and suddenly there were smiles on every face and “congratulations” coming from all directions. Well that part was easy I thought. Kayla showed them all her ring. Well maybe we could escape the pregnancy part until later but her mums comments got rid of that idea “well you will have to slim down a bit to fit in a dress. You’re getting a bit chunky dear” Queen Alba said. Kayla and I caught each other’s eyes and my mum took in Kayla’s small bump “I don’t think that’s chubbiness Alba I think they have a lot more to tell us.” My mother said with not exactly shock or disappointment but like she was actually expecting something like this to happen. So Kayla and I holding hands told them all about her pregnancy and they suddenly started insisting we got married before baby was born both sides wanting us to move to the royal court. Where it was considered safer. How the court was considered safer I never did understand. We told them we were thinking of what we would like. We would inform them of our decisions but we did want to be married yet.

They wanted to know if we knew what we were having when we admitted we hadn’t made any appointments yet, my mother was quick to send us
to the lobby to book an Amaris doctor appointment with the hotel. None of them seemed cross or disappointed in fact they all seemed excited. As we left the hotel I smiled at Kayla. “That was too easy” I said. “That’s because they’ve wanted us to be together, since we were little” Kayla said smiling. “About the wedding what are we going to do” I asked “they want us to get married before baby comes but we can’t without Ally” she said “I was hoping you had an idea for that” I replied. “None you?” Kayla said looking worried. “We could always sneak her to the wedding” I said. “We don’t even know where she is. We haven’t heard from her in weeks” Kayla said sounding sad. “I hope she’s okay” she said worriedly. “We would know if she wasn’t.” I said she’ll find a way to contact us I thought. My phone rung 2 months later, it was 1pm and Kayla and I were actually asleep. “Hello.” I said groggily wondering who was on the phone as there was no number and the number came up blocked. “Hi” said Ally.

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