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Chapter 9

The first 2 months of school went really fast. With my extra support lessons with Sean and Judah, I soon was up to fighting my way with the others. Taylor, Erin and I had actually become quite close friends we had almost every lesson together. I watched as they went from strength to strength every day. None of the girls knew who I really was except April but they all accepted me for me. They even accepted that I needed the extra training, due to being injured for a year and being out of practise. My time table was quiet easy to remember. Mondays were languages, magic, geography, guard etiquette which surprisingly I was managing to still hold my tongue in. then guard physical training for 2 hours. Tuesday where math, physics, chemistry, swimming, vet school for 2 hours. Wednesday was language, magic, biology, guard magic, guard physical for 2 hours. Thursdays where magic, history, biology, swimming, vet school 2 hours. Fridays
where math, physic, language, guards magic, guard physical for 2 hours. Then every day after classes I had to train with Sean and Judah personally. Only the weekend we had off and we could leave campus but Sean still insisted on 3 hours training on these days so I never had. Sean had made a friendship group though we tried to stick together.

I didn’t want a shadow all the time. I enjoyed spending time with just Erin and Taylor. Once he had seen Taylor take on Judah and actually win he had really loosened up about leaving me. Sean also wasn’t taking it easy on me anymore. Believe me I could keep up with the others. Today was Friday and I was going into my 3rd lesson of the day languages with master Giles joking with Taylor about something that happened on TV last night. When I heard a bit of the royalty’s gossips we didn’t really mix. “And there having a baby in a few months” I heard one say. “I heard that queen Alba insisted they get married on the spot” said another. I knew who’s mum Queen Alba was she was Kayla’s mum. I also knew Kayla was pregnant but the rumours about them getting married where had they come from. “a royal wedding I do hope we get invited” said a princess that I had meet her father and knew she would be sat on my court when I was in charge but she seemed quite silly.

“Here’s hoping” said a lord. Taylor looked at me as we sat at are seats “you okay?” she asked. I realised I was paying more attention to the royals than I ever had. “Yeah just in a world of my own.” I told her with a smile. “Is Sam world nice? How much is it to visit?” she teased. “Well there’s pizza on the menu every day.” I told her. “I can’t believe we have been here 2 months and you still have barley eaten.” Taylor teased. “I’m just stubborn like that” I replied, laughing. “You girls still going to the mall tomorrow day?” I asked wonderingly. “Yeah?” she said I hadn’t been out with them since starting. “Mind if Sean and I join?” I asked. She smiled at me and said “I thought malls weren’t your thing or Sean’s?” “There not. But I need to get some things before Christmas break starts after next Friday and Sean likes to pretend, I can’t live without him. I’m sure my uncle would even tag along” I told her. We both were laughing when master Giles gave us a serious look; he mostly left us to get on with our work. After he worked out we were more advanced than the royals who actually needed this skill. To make it more a conversation he would be happy with we swopped to talking in a different language for the rest of class. Although all we arranged
was what we were one going to eat. Maybe even go cinema there was a lot to plan.

Lunch with the girls was fun we had lunch in the caf deciding on what to do after lessons maybe a 2 hour nap then go shopping. Guard magic went extremely fast I watched them use there fire magic and other elements and I only used water. When we were alone here I practised my other elements as well so watched everything. When guard training started I did my laps without a single problem I really was different from the girl who started here a few months back. Maybe I would actually pass my guard training next year. Today I got paired with Kye. Guardian Kacie was watching us closely and Kye wasn’t taking it easy on me he would make a brilliant guard when he graduates I thought. “So you’re going town later?” he asked as I ducked one of his punches.

And kicked his feet from under him “yeah I need a few bits” “do you fancy seeing a movie?” he asked as I gave him a hand up. “Will have to see what the girls fancy” I said. “I meant just the two of us” he said I landed a punch in his stomach knocking him backwards. I caught Judah’s eyes who was close enough to hear our conversation both he and Sean had
explained a lot of times about how I couldn’t date a guard. Not that I actually wanted to date. My dating history was scarce and unsuccessful in the past. Kye grabbed me into a tight hold and I struggled to get away like I had been trained to it only took seconds. “I’m not allowed to date” I said. He looked quiet sad about this. Sean was still taking it easy on the class but he was having absolutely no problem.

Erin and Taylor where close enough to me and both where fighting each other and holding back the giggles. “Yeah I suppose anyone who wanted to date you would have to face your father” he said looking worried. Everyone thought my father was the famous captain of the guards and was famous for his strength. “Yeah though I think my brother and uncle would kill you first.” I said as we watched Sean throw Jessie across the hall. I often wondered if there night-time movie season was beating each other up. Kye looked at Sean. “I still got a bruise from last week’s lesson.” He told me. I couldn’t help but laugh yes when we first started here Sean really hadn’t liked Kye. But when he realised he was actually nice just a bit of a flirt and I wasn’t falling for it. The two of them had actually started to get on. But Sean would never take it easy on Kye. He said he liked
him enough to give him the proper guard training treatment. “What about a group date?” asked Kye “I think that still counts as dating Kye” I told him keeping a straight face as I drunk a few sips of my water. We swopped over partners then and I was facing Erin. As I did a cartwheel away from her she was throwing fireballs though not hot enough to burn me. She said “He really isn’t getting the hints is he?” “Nope he’s nice but I can’t” I said. Soon the 2 hours was up and the rest of the class left and for a change I joined them “no extra today?” Taylor asked when we were getting dressed after are shower. “Nope they have a meeting” “that’s good your caught up hopefully you won’t need the extra much longer then we can do more at weekends” said Erin with a smile. “Sugar” I said pulling out my phone. “What’s up?” Erin asked looking worried. “I never told Sean about going shopping” I said sending Sean a text. I sent Sean a text rather than have an argument face to face. It was just easier.

Sam - Going mall with the girls you have no say. You either come or don’t.
Sean - It’s not safe. Why the hell do you want to go to a mall? It’s not for a bloody date? You surely have enough clothes.
Sam - I need to talk to m
Sean - Why do you need to talk m? Everything okay?
Sam – It’s important.
Sean – You okay?!
I sent a rolly eyed smiley face and walked back to the dorm with the girls. We all went for naps.

When my alarm went off at 11am I was shattered but I got changed into going out clothes. I put on jeans a tshirt my black hair in 2 French plaits. A pink hoody that said watch me I bite. I was sick of red. I went down stairs and Sean, Jessie, Kye and his roommate Adam. Where sat there waiting for us. Along with a lot of other Amaris boys. The whole dorm was a buzz. I don’t think I had ever woken up to even see this. “Wow this is a lot of you going today” said a very sleepy looking Gina. The swopping to days after being on nights was hard on us all but the teachers seemed to struggle more than us. We set of there was 30 of us alone leaving my dorm. We climbed on the school bus that was due to take us to the mall.

When we got there April and the rest of the seniors went one way the
others all spread of others in respectable groups Sofia went off with the royal and his friends and some of their friends. Leaving Taylor, Erin, Kye, Jessie, Adam Sean and I as a group. We walked around the mall getting odd envious looks from humans that past we all looked like models. The girls and I enjoyed shopping in loads of shops the boys literally carried are bags and looked bored out there skulls. “If you hate shopping that much why the hell did you all agree to come.” Erin finally asked as Jessie made another complaint. I knew the reason Sean had convinced them all to come knowing that 4 guards in training would be good. But even I could see the guards following us at a respectable distance. Blended in with the humans so no one would notice them. It was only because I knew they were did I. “I got to go.” I told my friends as we walked into a restaurant. I could smell the chips. It was so tempting to just stay and eat and eat and eat.

Did I mention I barley ate? “Where to?” Taylor asked, as though they would come. I looked at Sean. “Got to go do something with my brother. We will be back soon.” I told them. “Want us to wait for you?” Erin asked. “No that’s fine. I’m not sure how long it will take.” Sean said shrugging. We left them in the restaurant. Kye
looked disappointed. Jessie looked annoyed, after all Sean had convinced him to come and now was abandoning him. We caught a taxi to a house in a normal human nabourhood. An Amaris lady answered the door and we went in. “I need to use the phone” I told her. “It is untraceable?” Sean checked with her she nodded “yes of course is there a problem?” she asked worriedly “no I just need to make a call that I can’t risk someone tracing if there watching the line” they nodded. I dialled Drew’s number.
“Hello” said Drew in a really sleepy voice. His voice made me miss him more than I realised I had.

“Hi” I said. “Ally?” Drew said sounding suddenly awake and happy. “Hi Drew I haven’t got long” I said quickly. “Is Kayla there as well?” “Yeah I’ll wake her” I heard mumbles as he woke her and then I was switched onto loud speaker. “How much of the rumours are true?” I asked. They both actually laughed “we don’t hear from you in months and you ring to ask about rumours?” said Kayla. “Hey I might be behind on the gossip but I still hear it” I replied. “Are you safe? Is Marco” “I’m safe” I replied ignoring the Marco part. It was best for their sanity, if they didn’t realise Marco had left me with only 3 guards. They possible would kill him if they
found out. “Is Queen Alba making you get married but you refusing and she going to cut you off if you don’t?” I asked rushed it was one of the rumours I had heard that had made me adamant to make this call. Sean was shaking my head possibly not believing I was using the safety phone to find out about gossip. “Well she’s trying to rush the wedding but no she’s not going to cut us off” replied Drew laughing. “Sounds like you’re around a lot of Amaris?” Kayla said. “You can say that. If it comes to it just get married okay” I said. “Ally I meant it you are going to be at our wedding” said Kayla. “How much longer have you got till your due?” I asked Kayla. “I am due end of February so a good few months left” Kayla replied. “She’s just tired and grumpy and a missing princess is hard work on her” Drew piped up. “I’m not missing I’m in witness protection” I said trying to lighten the seriousness of his voice. “Do you know what you’re having?” I asked. “A baby I hope” said Drew I rolled my eyes Sean who was sat near me actually coughed to hide laughter. “A little boy” said Kayla.

“It’s almost Christmas, it’s almost been a year” said Kayla suddenly sounding sad. I thought about this time last year I was living in New York with Drew attending a human school. Though I
was in fear it was for a much different reason. The people after me now possible wished I had stayed in New York not knowing who I was. “Are you having another family Christmas?” I asked I knew it was a family tradition I kind of wished I could join them again. “Not with everything going on. They are pushing for a Christmas wedding.” Kayla said. “I wish there was a way for me to come. But I know there isn’t just get married” I said. “Marco can’t come as well. It’s not just you it will be 2 people we want there that can’t be” said Kayla sounding disappointed. I looked at Sean and I said “Marco can possibly come” I said. “He can’t leave you. He wouldn’t leave you.” Said Drew sounding like what I had said was out of the question. “I’ll tell him to contact you ill ring him and see if he can.” I said not really thinking what I said. Then the penny dropped their side as well as mine. “Is Marco not with you” Drew almost shouted. “Can you put Marco, Marianna or joe on the phone?” Kayla asked a bit calmer than Drew but not as calm as she had been. I wondered how big a hole I had dug. .

I looked at Sean he was looking at me like I had given away the crown jewels. I offered him the phone and he shook his head. “I’ll get them to ring you back.” I said. “Are any of them with you” Drew
shouted. “I have to go” I said. “I love you both bye” and I hung up. “That went well was there really need for it?” asked Sean looking like he could kill me. I smiled a forced smile at him “they know I want them to get married.” I said. I dialled the number for Marco.

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