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“It’s not that simple. I love him.” Book 4 Amaris - still editing if you see any contradictions please let me know. last year was the best year of Sams life. no one tried to kill her, what a plus. but now its time to move on and go to college. should she be the princess everyone wants her to be or the guard she really is. she is so scared she will destroy, She's trying her hardest to heal. with a secret relationship and discovering long hide secrets, its time to ask her people are they ready?

Fantasy / Adventure
Katy Rayne
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 - Sam

There comes a day when what is green turns red with blood, the Royal child will decide if there is to be a time of war and a world of darkness. Or the beginning of a better future and an era of harmony. Only the child can decide if she is to be the destroyer or the healer. It shall be then, when the darkness rises once more. That her choice will see the combining of 2 worlds into one. Only she can renew the Amaris’s humanity.

I looked out the window at the cars passing in a rush. We had been in the cars for a few days with a few stops. I was leaving my boarding school in Washington called Bennett Gaia, and was going to a college in the hottest state I could find. Well I wanted to avoid the rest of my kind and what was better than an Amaris’s version of hell. The more sun a place got the better chance not to run across someone who might work out who I am. Florida here we come. My black hair still dyed black fell over my eyes, I wasn’t bothering with contacts anymore neither was Sean. I thought of my boyfriend well ex now. We were constantly on off. We wanted to be together, don’t get me wrong I would love to be with King Derek. But that was the problem he was a king. With no other family members who could step up at take the throne for him. So we couldn’t be together. We knew that. So why was it that every time I thought of him my heart felt like it was
breaking? Last year had been the best year of my life. It had been so calm and uneventful. To most people it would have been boring. To me it was a rest. After a whole life of having to run and people trying to kill me, I was safe. Although I was shocked my roommates and I were still sane from our senior year and hadn’t killed each other. I had the best school year of my life. Soon I would be starting a human college. Okay I had done a bit of human school. I also knew how to act around them much better than my friends seemed to. I even had human friends in France. I can do this. Last summer I had said goodbye to my old worried life. It had been like a weight had lifted from me. That was when I and Derek actually hit it off, well we had at Christmas but we knew we couldn’t so had tried our hardest not to. We had just been friends until the summer. The fact was he knew who I was. We both knew even then that it couldn’t work. We shouldn’t have done it. But a few stolen kisses had led to more. Now it was breaking both our hearts to know we couldn’t be together. It was one reason I had chosen to be so far away from him. I needed to be. He had stuck to a college in Washington to stay close to me last year and our Saturdays had been dates with our guards all
in secret. I could have done that. I knew Judah would have preferred it if I had. They would have even housed us on school campus. But I wanted to mix with humans. I needed too, if I’m going to renew our humanity I needed to understand humans surely? “What you thinking?” Taylor asked me she was sat in the back of the car with me. Judah driving, Sean next to him with the map leading the parade of cars. Behind us in their own car was Erin and Kye then Jessie and lady Sepiah in a car behind them. With Guardian Kacie and 2 guards Dyna and Cyrus behind them. It seemed a bit much to take me to college. We had just got back from visiting my mother. Why hadn’t we just landed closer to college? Because we had left all our stuff at the school I remembered. I took the guilty pleasure in a few stolen moments with Derek before we left. He wanted to transfer. Should we just do it be together whilst we could. Where would the harm be? We hadn’t done it because I was meant to be Queen this year. I remembered. Thank god I had convinced my mother to give me longer. On the agreement I studied what she had chosen for me. It was originally planned for me to be Queen this year now I had longer. My world wasn’t at war. Humans still were none the wiser that we exist.
Well most humans aren’t a few select branches of the human police cops whatever they are called in that country knew, but that was about it. I am an Amaris. I may look like a human but I am a part of an ancient race, similar to vampires and witches. Amaris means ‘child of the moon’. I am not immortal although my life span is a lot longer than a humans. I drink blood, although I refuse to drink it from people. I drink it from blood bags. Yes it makes me weaker than I should be, but as I’m the strongest Amaris it is better for everyone I stay slightly weaker. It wouldn’t be fair to everyone if I was at my strongest. I didn’t even want to see me at my strongest. Although I tried to forget about it. I could destroy everything if I wanted to. The destroyer or the healer. I choose to be the healer. I had stopped a war before it started, well I hoped I had. Nobody had been killed or threated in 20 months. So here was the hope it was all over. Everybody calls me Sam it’s not who I really am but who cares. Even to me I am Sam, I may really be Her Royal Highness Princess Alysa Luna Amaris, Future Queen to all Amaris. But to my friends and the world now, I was Guardian Samira River Bae rank level Dragon 4. The levels start from 1-5 before they change names Dragon is the 2nd highest level you
can get. The highest is Royal Dragon 5, which I am proud to say my Fake twin brother Sean now holds. As do my Best friends Taylor and Erin. Although Taylor is a level 3 and Erin 2. Both girls are amazing. All my friends are amazing. Jessie is a Royal Dragon level 4 which he says is all down to Sean’s personal training. Kye and I being Dragons level 4 is still extremely impressive. Not many people graduate as high as we all did. In fact my little team of friends are lethal. We should come with health warnings. Judah actually joked that he needed to get the college special insurance to have us. This isn’t true we only burnt down one town and a restaurant. I would say no one was harmed but I would be lying.

Soon we arrived at college. I looked at my new Apartment and registered! It looked so different from my old dorm. No red. No uniform. “Is that a pool?” Erin asked coming towards us from her own car. Yes she owned it. Out of the 4 cars that had come with us today we got to keep 3 of them. A graduation present from my mother. Sean looked at us my ragtag team. Hey I had chosen my own guards no one was promising I did it for my safety. “We should go claim our rooms.”
he said holding up his keys. The 3 boys had a 4 bed apartment and the 4 girls had our own 4 bed apartment. No humans in the dorms each with their own kitchens we can store blood in the fridge with no problem. “Do I know how to pick a college or do I know how to pick.” “You know how to pick.” Kye said wrapping his arm around Erin. “I claim the biggest room.” Sep said running in to our apartment. We all laughed and separated to go into our own apartments, thanks to a bit of compulsion they were opposite each other. I laughed. “OMG THERES 2 BATHROOMS. LIKE ONE BETWEEN 2 OF US NOT 1 BETWEEN 5!” Sep shouted. I laughed. College was going to be brilliant. I ran in. Judah and Kacie going from one of our apartments to the other helping us unpack. Cyrus and Dyna had disappeared. They were becoming Campus security. Well at least that was taken care of. “Is that a gym?” Jessie asked coming into our living room and pointing at the building opposite. We had the doors open between. Well with them opposite it was perfect. Sep put what a girl wants on the CD player and we all laughed.

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