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Chapter 10 - Sam

My alarm clock started beeping. First day of classes I was ready for this. Yes not what I wanted to study. I was never going to be a vet. I was going to be a queen. Time to start getting ready for it. I rolled straight out of bed. I used to fight the alarm clock on my night time routine for the last 2 years. But something about waking up in the sun felt right. Something about the sun always had felt right. The night was when the scary men had always been there. The day was our life, when I was older I realised this was to avoid our kind. I looked at the sun filling my bedroom with its rays. A girl could get used to this. Maybe I would try making all my people day people. Then we wouldn’t have to change our schedule so much, when we wanted to do things in the real world. I went to the shower before any of the girls could beat me to it. We might have 2 between the 4 of us now but we are all shower hogs. I was singing in the shower I admit it, I sometimes am
more of a weirdo than my friends can even joke. I had forgotten to lock the door I soon realised. When I heard someone sit on the toilet and start weeing. Lovely really we really had no boundary’s anymore. “Hey I’m in the shower.” I shouted at whoever it was. “Yeah when aren’t you.” Erin roughly told me. “Taylor locked the other one and I need a wee.” She said. “Could have bloody knocked.” I told her. “Like you would hear me over your singing.” She joked. “If your pooing I’m going to kill you.” I told her when she seemed to be sat there a while. “Eww ERIN.” I shouted 2 seconds later. “When you got to go you got to go.” Erin told me. I quickly climbed out the shower and ran out of there in my towel. I run straight in my room. Where Sepiah stood looking through my wardrobe. “Sit.” She told me. “I thought I was meant to be the one who was bossy?” I asked only half joking. “It’s your first day of college. I am choosing your outfit. What happened to that? Ah ha.” She said pulling out the white with green flowers skater type dress from the back of my wardrobe. “How am I meant to fight in that?” I asked her completely confused. “You’re not. This way you can’t kill Me.” she told me. “Why am I going to kill you?” I asked her confused. “Because I’m
putting you in a dress.” Sep said but she seemed to have a glint in her eye that said she had done something. “What have you done Sepiah?” I said using her name. “Nothing honest.” She said but I saw her fingers go behind her back. “If you’re trying to get me in a dress it must be something big.” I guessed. “Na you could still kill me in a dress.” She told me. That was true. She held the dress out to me, with a padded bra. “Have you set me up with a guy?” I asked her now completely wanting to kill her. “Of course not.” She told me sounding hurt. I sighed and took the dress from her. “If I wear this I’m not promising you I’m not going to kill you.” I told her. “That’s fine Jessie said he’s willing to fight you if you kill me.” Sep said shrugging. “DO THEY ALL KNOW YOU’RE PUTTING ME IN A DRESS?” I yelled at her. “Just put the bloody dress on.” Taylor said coming in the room in a cute owl t-shirt and denim shorts with her black guardian jacket swung around her hips. Her blonde hair in a loose side plait she looked gorgeous like always. “Can’t I wear what Taylors wearing?” I actually sulked. Sep looked Taylor up and down and gave her the thumbs up. “Only the ones I can’t trust did I choice there outfits.” Sep told me. Erin came in wearing a white vest top with bright
red shorts. Looking like she was ready to kill Sep herself. “Erin what have you done to your hair?” Taylor asked her laughing. “I hate day people.” Erin told us. We all laughed. Erin had always been the best at mornings when mornings started at 7pm. “sit down I’ll do your hair.” Taylor told her seriously pointing at the end of my bed and grapping hold of my brush and hairdryer. I looked at all the girl’s clothes. “I don’t have a choice do I?” “Not today. You’re lucky I’m letting you wear your black jacket and trainers.” She warned me. I nodded my understanding after all today everyone was going to assume I was Seps guard. I put everything on like the good Princess I am. Swearing every French swearword I knew at her. Taylor laughing, Erin very confused. Sepiah who spoke French ignoring me as best she could. “I am not going to let the future Queen have no fashion sense.” Sep finally snapped at me. Finally she seemed happy with me. She was worse than Kayla had been. My black hair was loose in ringlets, the white dress made me look really girlie for a change. When Sean sees me he’s going to think I had been abducted by aliens. I thought I had been abducted by aliens. “God no wonder all the guys drawl after you.” Erin told me seriously. We all had are blood and joked
about how if Sep didn’t want me to kill her, She would have to put me in high heels. The door Knocked and we had the boy’s blood waiting. I handed the 3 of them there blood. I mean tomato juice. We had purposely brought some Incase Spencer said he would try some. “Would you like some tomato juice?” Erin asked, trying to keep a straight face as she pulled it out the fridge. Sep couldn’t help laugh. “What have you done to Sam?” Sean asked the moment he saw me. “Help me.” I told him. “If you don’t watch it, I’ll choose your outfits to you all look like you need help.” Sep told him. Sean put his hands up in a defended expression. “You look really nice.” Spencer told me. “Thanks she’s only put me in a dress as she knows I hate them.” I told him.

10 minutes later we were walking into class. I saw them straight away. Well the guards anyway. There black jackets with the same tell-tale signs as my own. Really I was going to meet royal guards dressed in a dress. I was going to murder Sepiah. Sepiah rather than do what I wanted and go sit as far away from them as possible, went straight up to the girl sat with her guards looking lonely. We actually had Spencer with us. He was doing mainly the same lessons as me and
Sepiah. He waved to his friend sat near the front. “It’s okay if you want to go sit with your friends.” I told him. He took one look at the people we were walking over to and said “more boarding school friends?” “Kind of. Sepiah’s friends.” I told him shrugging. “You could join me if you wanted to.” he told me obvious seeing my delay in going up to the others. “It’s okay I can’t leave Sep.” I told him shrugging. He went over to his friends. I followed Sepiah. “Lady Sepiah” said the girl quietly. “Princess Leona” said Sep slightly bowing her head so no one else would know she was bowing. “No titles in the real world.” the princess reminded her. Princess Leona’s guards looked me up and down. Possibly judging me on my tiny size and the evil dress, Sepiah had put me in. “You only have the one guard?” Princess Leona asked worriedly. “No although the others are all doing their own courses.” Sep told her. “Really?” she asked as this confused her. “Don’t you talk to your friends and ask them there hopes and dreams?” Sep asked the princess looking disappointed. “I never really thought to ask.” she admitted. “Name and rank?” the male guard asked me when I was close enough for him to ask. “Guardian Samira. Dragon 4.” I told him. He looked shocked, well if he thought my
level was impressive he should meet the others. “Believe me I only need the one” Sep told Princess Leona with the biggest grin at me. She was more than proud of me. So why the hell had she put me in a dress? “Do you have a practise room yet?” I asked them quietly my black hair slipping over my face. “Yeah.” The male guard told me. “Good. Can we come and beat you up?” I asked I actually meant it exactly how it came out and I think they realised. “Yes Guardian Samira.” The female guard said this made me realise I was higher level to them. Sean and Judah had whipped me into shape and for that I was glad. As for the first month of school I never thought I would ever pass, let alone as high as I did. “Sam please and you both our?” “Guardian Peter and guardian Grace” they told me. I nodded I sat next to Sep and they both took seats. One close to Leona and one near the door. The male guard was the one close to her so I realised he must be the higher level. I looked at Sep as if to say this was usual but was ridiculous. She nodded her understanding. ”what are you doing for blood?” I heard the princess whisper to her. “Blood bags.” She told her, the princess looked disgusted at the thought. “Do you know if we are the only ones here?” Leona
asked Sep. she looked at me worriedly. “There are 5 royals and guards including you.” I told her. “6 royals with guards.” She told Leona. I wanted to work that out was she counting me as a royal? I shot her a confused look and she looked away from me quickly. What the hell had she done? “I heard King Derek is transferring here.” Leona told Sep. I was going to kill Sepiah and Derek. Now I knew why I was in a dress. “If he does I’m going to kill him then you.” I mumbled so only Sep heard but the princess did. Shot are better hearing. Guards don’t normally threaten to kill royalty. “Sam and king Derek kind of dated.” Sep told the princess. “He dated a guard?” the princess asked Sep in shock. The lecturer came in the room. Took one look at us and mumbled something under her breath. I caught only a few words of it. But the guard at the front seemed to catch more. “Bloody. Never. Work.” I looked at the others to see if they had heard but they didn’t seem to have even noticed. She wrote her name on the board Mrs Morton.

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